Lords by Stacy Von Haegert

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London 1830
Anastasia Lintel never wanted for more than a simple existence, arranging flowers in her father’s shop, catering to the soft-palmed elite. However, when tragedy strikes, taking with it the only family she has ever known, Anastasia must adapt to an unexpected new life.

Decreed missive in hand, Nathaniel Fitzpatrick, Duke of Avondale, descends on Anastasia’s flower shop like an invading storm, removing her from her ordinary world with little explanation and thrusting her into his extravagant life.

Anastasia quickly realizes the Duke is the least of her troubles when she meets his four scandalous brothers. Each sibling is rivaling in intensity, physical prowess, and the unrelenting quest to see her gone, but none is as dangerous as their leader, Clinton Fitzpatrick.

Anastasia’s litany of questions regarding The Duke’s guardianship over her will have to wait while she tries to figure out how to manage her new role and the tormenting Lords that come with it.

With their wealth, power and mystery, these Lords set a stage that is far from ordinary. Will Anastasia be able to survive them until she turns one-and-twenty, or gets married, whichever comes first? Or will she lose herself in their glittering world that is anything but what it seems…

The cover is basic but delivers a message and secret about what you may read. When I read the blurb I knew it would be an adventure I wanted to be in. Before you even finish with the first chapter the author has entangled you in her historical romance. The writing style was smooth and fluent so as a reader you wouldn’t be bored or confused on what was happening with the story. You can tell as you progress through the novel the author has taken great pride and did her research because it fits perfectly within the time period that the story happened. In honesty there were times where the author fed you breadcrumbs in the middle at the perfect time so you questioned what was going on but still may not have figured it out. As the story unfolds so does secrets well kept. The authors description of not just the characters but also of the people were described so if you closed your eyes you knew what, where, and who at any given time. I loved Anastasia because she was feisty and not one to kneel down when put to the test. Her force is one to be reckoned with by any man or in this case a houseful of them. As much as I just want to go into detail about everything I will not ruin it for others.

I will definitely want to read more from this author especially if all her other work pulls you in to continue reading such as this one did. I will close with this if you have not picked this gem up you need to grab it now. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Stacy Von Haegert is the international best-selling author of three genres: Historical romance (The White Rose Trilogy), dark fantasy (The Forged Series), and historical fiction (Lords). Stacy grew up in Nashville TN, daughter of a singer-songwriter and an equestrian enthusiast. When she was not tagging along with her father into music city staples like the Blue Bird or riding her mother’s Arabians at breakneck speeds over the Tennessee countryside she was writing short stories and poems. Her passion for words grew and in 2013 Stacy released her first book, Under his Protection, that raced up Amazon’s charts landing at #2 in the US and #1 in the UK. Stacy currently lives in historic downtown Franklin TN with her husband, son, two unruly cats, and Belgian Tervuren puppy. She writes by day and teaches ballroom dance in the evenings. Stacy is obsessed with old houses, good literature, and every sport her son plays.

Website: stacyvonhaegert.com


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