💥💥Review ~ Pandora’s Soldiers by T.L. Trinity💥💥

Pandora’s Soldiers

by T.L. Trinity


Pandora's Soldiers ebook by T.L. Trinity






USMC Major James Kennedy and Major Roger Dawson, along with their Lieutenant, Colonel Carter Banks, and Gunnery Sergeant, Riley Mason, are on a mission to find Samantha and Sophia after they vanished without a trace. Their investigation leads back to their dark past of being Elite members of the Force Recon Company. They soon discover the team is being slaughtered one by one. Along with dangerous close calls that could cost them their lives, come the dangerous and lustful desires of the marines who fight to protect the women they love.


When you open up a book to read you are hoping to have something new, refreshing, and not something that has the same story line. THIS IS THAT NEW!!! I usually find something that I did not enjoy in a book but I can’t tell of one part that I did not absolutely LOVE. It is written with enough detail to keep the audience interested. The flow is at a perfect pace, not too fast and not to slow. The characters are your everyday people in specific situations that can actually happen. You feel like you are living through them and all the emotions included. You will have sadness, shock, action, laughter, love, and a touch of hotness all rolled into this out of the world must read book. The author literally has covered all bases in this one to show what an amazing gem of a book should look like.
I honestly have not read a book that was this empowered and sucked me into the story. She has opened up Pandora’s Box for sure. As the story starts to unfold she holds you by a string to where you can’t put it down, you will honestly become one with the book. I started to read this late at night and refused to put it down because I wanted to know what the next page would hold. I cannot tell you how many times I had the sitting on the edge of my seat factor while trying to figure out what was going on. You will seriously not know the details and situations until the author wants you to and even then it’s questionable what will happen. As soon as I thought I had everything figured out she threw another wrench into my opinion. Talk about an amazing rollercoaster ride. The details are laid out perfectly to keep an audience holding the end of the rope. This author is an evil genius by far and I can’t wait until the next book comes out. The bar is set high for the next one. This is one of my favorite books out there and I will be re-reading this one again and again.


Do what you love, love who you want, it’s your life, love it and live it.

My personal quote ~Without creativity, there is no passion and without passion there is no creativity~



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