❇️Review: The Borrowed Wife by Yoyo Opoku ❇️

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An agreement. An unhappy wife. A YouTube video. And a car accident that will change everything. Vida Frimpong hates and loves Mensah. Her marriage has its secrets and melancholy, but awesome sex. Living on the other side of the country was supposed to last six months, but after a YouTube video surfaces, Mensah becomes more distant as Vida waits for some sort of resolution. Her close-knit Ghanaian community provides her with love and laughter in New York, where she tries to balance the needs of her family and her desires for a more fulfilling life. But a late night car accident with a mysterious stranger suddenly gives Vida the opportunity to reexamine her future. Julius Gallo, no ordinary billionaire, offers new views to Vida’s cultural beliefs—and an unconventional agreement. Does Julius have all the answers? Can he provide Vida with the happiness she is longing for? Will Vida uphold her vows to Mensah, or take a chance and explore her passions elsewhere? The Borrowed Wife is an unforgettable novel that will keep you entertained as you discover the intricacies of Vida’s family life and the cultural pressures she faces to maintain her marriage no matter the cost. Funny, sexy, and filled with a compelling cast of characters, you’ll laugh and empathize with this amazing woman’s emotional journey.

Not very often can a writer keep me entertained when a novel is 400+ pages. However, The Borrowed Wife did exactly that. The author has a style of writing that will keep you reading until the very end. Her characters are filled with distinguished characteristics that is filling to each one and also one of the reasons it is a fun and entertaining read.

Vida is caring, full of fun energy and believes that family and staying strong is most important. She is married to a man that was supposed to only be gone for a short while. When time takes a toll she has started to question everything that she believes. When faith drops in billionaire Julius, he becomes intrigued with Vida. They both show each other part of their lives.

The author makes sure that not only does is this a fun read but also gives you a sight into what ifs. She shows what a distant marriage weaknesses are. Read this novel that is filled with humor and laughs. I recommend this jewel to anyone that is looking for something new, family, friendship, and romance all in one.

Yoyo Opoku is a writer and at times thinks of herself as a world-class chef. She is the author of The Borrowed Wife and Husbands On Hold series. When she is not penning books, she enjoys shoe gazing and entertaining friends on social media under the platform, Stilettos N crayons. Her testosterone clan, also known as her family, in Westchester, New York keeps her amused and disputing the title of Empress of the house.

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