Coming August 2nd! Dark Carousel ~ Christine Feehan ~ Review!

cover-1In the new Carpathian novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan, a woman falls prey to the seductive allure of the past—and a vampire warrior’s intoxicating embrace…

The moment Charlotte Vintage walks into his club, Tariq Asenguard’s blood is set on fire. The ancient Carpathian had given up hope of finding his lifemate, but now he will do anything to make Charlotte his own. What Tariq doesn’t know is that Charlotte is using herself and her best friend as bait—to try to draw out the bloodthirsty killers who have already murdered Charlotte’s brother and mentor.

Charlotte is familiar with Tariq. Not only is he one of the richest and most eligible bachelors in the city, but he’s also a renowned collector of old carousel horses, which Charlotte restores. Their shared passion opens Charlotte up to trusting him with her life and with the desire she can no longer control. But it also makes her vulnerable to a centuries-old curse that will unite her and Tariq in a war against the enemies of humans and Carpathians alike…



As always another great installment to the thrilling and enchanting Carpathian World! The Dark Series just keeps getting better! I love how Ms. Feehan is keeping the series fresh and modern but still swirled with the old world Carpathian men we all know and love!

Sexy, powerful, collector of ancient carousel horses Tariq Asenguard is well known for his nightclubs all over the world in which he hopes to draw in his lifemate. He is dark, dangerous, and deadly but has never given up hope of finding her. He has also devoted his long life to battling the vampires that seek to destroy anything that is good in the world.  Tariq is different from the other Carpathians, by embracing life among humans and realizing that his race has to learn to adapt because their enemies becoming more cunning by the day.
Charlotte Vintage is on the run and desperately trying to survive with enemies at every turn. When her brother is murdered she is left to raise her young niece. Charlie and her best friend are drawn back to the states and want nothing more than to find the enemies stalking them so they can have their lives back. Finding Tariq was more than she could ever hope for in life. For the first time she feels safe and that she has a home.
As Tariq’s emotions are returned he can truly feel the fatherly love and devotion for the orphaned  children in his care. He finally has his family and he will stop at nothing to see all the threats against them are gone. The same vampire that tortured his children in the past, are the same ones hunting his lifemate. He will do everything in his power to destroy the evil that is stalking his family.

Charlotte not only has the love of a lifetime, she has found the children of her heart. She wants nothing more than to cherish, love and help heal their tortured souls.
The vampires have grown even more powerful, vile, and cruel. They will stop at nothing to get their hands on Charlie and her children. The ancient hunters must come together to keep them safe. Things are changing for the Carpathian people. No one is safe. Not even humans, both men and women with psychic abilities are hunted. An ancient curse is seeking to destroy and fuel an evil the likes they have never seen. The future is ever changing and if they don’t defeat this new threat the world will never be the same again.

I’m absolutely ecstatic and can barely stand the wait until we get to see one of the ancients from the monastery find his lifemate!! That will for sure be a sight to see!



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caufy7e9-72dpi-5x7-sm#1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan has over 40 novels published, including four series. Each of her four series has hit #1 on the NY Times. Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature for 1999. Since then she has been published by Leisure Books, Pocket Books, and currently is writing for Berkley/Jove. She also has earned 7 more PEARL awards.

She is pleased to have made numerous bestseller lists including the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, Bookscan, B. Daltons, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Waldenbooks, Ingrams, Borders, Rhapsody Book Club, Washington Post, and Walmart. She has received numerous honors throughout her career including being a nominee for the RWA’s RITA. She has received a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times and the Borders 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award.

She has been published in multiple languages and in many formats, including large print, palm pilot, e-book, and hardcover. In October of 2007 her first manga comic, Dark Hunger was released in stores. This was the first ever manga comic released by Berkley Publishing and it made #11 on Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller’s List. Her ground-breaking book trailer commercials have been shown on TV and in the movie theaters. She has been featured on local TV, appeared on the The Montel Williams Show, and her book Dark Legend was featured on the cover of Romantic Times Magazine.

Christine Feehan has also appeared at numerous writers’ conventions and book signings including: Romantic Times Convention, Get Caught Reading at Sea Cruise, Celebrate Romance Conference, Emerald City Conference, and numerous Romance Writers of America Conferences.








✴🔥✴Happy Release day ~ Wickedly Twisted: Fairy Tales for Adults ✴🔥✴

Wickedly Twisted: Fairy Tales for Adults

By: Cassidy K. O’Connor, Author ⋆ Author Gracen Miller ⋆ Louisa Bacio ⋆ A. D. Roland, author ⋆ Sheri Lyn Author ⋆ Author Lia Davis

Releases July 26, 2016

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A collection of six wickedly twisted tales from classic fairy tales by six of today’s hottest authors.

To Steal a Prince’s Heart by Cassidy K. O’Connor is a twist on the fairy tale Robin Hood.

No self-respecting girl starts out wanting to be a thief but that’s what happens when war takes the King and all able bodied men off to war. Robin Hood and her merry band of women steal to feed their village, she never expected the Prince to steal her heart. When her true identity is revealed will the Prince stand by her or will she be forced to rescue herself? 

“Remember ladies, er, gentlemen, as soon as the job is done, you scatter to the rendezvous point then we’ll head home together as heroes. Any last words, fearless leader?” Will Scarlet looks to me as she jumps down from the rock she was standing on to address the group. I jump up and look out to a sea of scared but determined faces. “If anything should happen to any of us, know that I am proud of what we have accomplished so far. We were a scared bunch of girls on the brink of starvation. We learned to hunt, to fight and starting now we will not be slaves to anyone else’s generosity. Tonight we take back our rights as humans.” Tears burn my eyes, we are risking everything but it’s worth it to feed our village. I have helped comfort the last starving child in our village; held the last child while they begged for food. One of the younger boys whistles, gaining our attention. “That’s our cue, riders are coming.” I jump down from the rock I was standing on and silently pat myself on the back for having the idea to let them be scouts. “This is it, gentlemen, tonight we feast.” My palms sweaty, I rub them vigorously against my trousers. I didn’t expect to be so nervous.

Celia’s Connection by Gracen Miller is a twist on the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Celia Goldilocks just wants to live her life in peace, but when her past comes calling, her life is upended. With a bounty on her head, she escapes to a cabin owned by three bear shifters. Unfortunately, they’re her father’s biggest enemy, but can they be her salvation instead? 

Curled up on his bed, buried beneath his covers, with her head resting on his pillow, lay the missing Goldilocks heiress. “Goldilocks and the three bears.” Dex’s amusement teased a grin from both Simon and Nick. “The fairytale comes to life.” Nick stared at her. “Ironic.” The fairytale of it all is that she’s our mate. His bear reacted with a violent lurch forward, while the sizzle along his twin flame mark alerted him to the greatest truth of them all… “She’s our twin flame.” Simon walked straight to the bed and swiped a black lock of hair off her cheek. In person, she appeared younger than on the wanted headshot. Pink streaks feathered throughout her hair, a color that hadn’t been in her photo on the news. A rebel judging by her hair and the tattoo sleeve on her right arm. Our kind of girl. Celia jolted awake. “Oh, shit.” Sitting straight up, she rubbed her thumb along her wrist as she gaped wide-eyed at them. “Please don’t eat me.” Simon grinned, and Nick chuckled. Dex’s bear glowed in his eyes, verifying to Simon that his brother recognized her significance to them too. Deadpan, Dex said, “We’re damn sure gonna eat you, sweetheart. You smell too sweet not to devour.


The Brothers Ménage by Louisa Bacio is a twist on the fairy tale Two Brothers

Who says all fairytale princesses are cursed? 

As time runs out, the brothers from the wrong side of the tracks must weigh if a lifetime with Daphne is worth sharing their own secret, and if it’ll make a difference. 

Never had he been so close to a nude woman. Never had he seen one as beautiful and alluring as this one. He lived isolated in a cottage, deep in the woods with his brother and foster father, the man who’d taken them in and protected them. Danger lurked outside the forest. For one moment, his thoughts flew to his twin Jacob. They shared everything together. To share this experience—a first touch, a first kiss, whatever was to come next. He’d been around animals his entire life. He knew the ways of relations. He’d just never experienced it. He felt it, being on the precipice of something grand.

Bearskin by A. D. Roland is a twist on the fairy tale Bearskin
A dirty hobo who claims he’s wearing the Devil’s magic jacket befriends a slightly skeptical nurse. Can he convince her he’s telling the truth in time for her to break the curse? 

Val seemed more human every night he showed up at the little park with Zinnia. She caught him up on TV shows, movies, books, and whatever celebrity gossip she deemed important, even though it was obvious he had no idea who half the people she talked about were. She told him about her friends, her job, and her struggle to put herself through nursing school without having to take out student loans or ask her dad for help. Every night, she fell a little more in love with him. She tried to talk herself out of it. He was homeless. He had the insane idea that he couldn’t change his situation— despite his apparently magic money jacket—until seven years were up. This was a guy who would have another breakdown as the date approached and find a new curse, a new excuse to remain as he was. She’d seen enough patients do the same thing when deadlines approached. On her nights off, they spent hours on the playground, shuffling back and forth in the swings or sitting on the waist-high platform under the big wooden play structure. “What are you going to do when the seven years are up?” she asked. They were stretched out on the grass near the back of the playground, staring up at the stars. The neighborhood was far enough from the main part of town that the streetlights didn’t obscure the sky. He shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve got more money saved up than I know what to do with. Maybe I’ll buy a house out in the country somewhere. Write a book about my experiences.” He chuckled softly. “I’ll have to market it as fiction, I think.” “I’d buy it,” Zinnia said. You should make it a romance, she thought. And at the end, you shed this skin and we run into each other’s arms and live happily ever after


Pan’s Curse by Sheri Lyn is a twist on the fairy tale Peter Pan

The race is on. A jealous fairy has put a curse on Peter Pan, and it’s up to Captain James Hook and his crew to follow the clues and save him before time runs out, or he’ll be gone for good. If she can’t have him, no one will. Can James and Peter have their Happily Ever After?

“Yes, James, it’s true. I really am here. Open your eyes and talk to me. Hear what I have to say. Let me explain, give me a chance to ask your forgiveness.” A bitter laugh rolled out of James at those words. “Forgive you? You really ask for the impossible with that request.” “You think it hasn’t been hard on me to be away? I left my whole life, my existence, and the man I was falling in love with. There wasn’t a day that went by I didn’t question my reasons for leaving. Thankfully, my love was stronger than my weakness. I toughed it out, because I knew in the end my reward would justify the years.” “Hard on you?” Hook bellowed as he slammed his hand on table. Bottles shook and fell, some crashing with a clatter of breaking glass. “I woke to the news you had left with that shrew and her brothers, never to be seen again. I waited day after day for some sign of you returning. Eventually I had to face it, I was alone in this hell. Everything was gone, my will, my desire and my heart.” James looked into Peter’s eyes and could see the boy he once knew in the stunningly beautiful man before him. Wavy brown hair that wouldn’t stay tamed and fell slightly over one bright blue eye. A mouth that begged to be kissed and taken. James could feel his body instantly betray him at the sight of the ruggedly handsome man. He ached to run his fingers over the stubble upon his Peter’s face.

His Big Bad Wolf by Lia Davis is a twist on the fairy tale The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Neal turns to Shannon for help to track down the rogue wolf, but working together stirs emotions neither of them expected, and a fiery passion that makes it impossible for them to stay away from each other. But is Neal ready to learn all of Shannon’s secrets?

Shannon stopped in his trek across the living room. He studied Neal with a raised brow. The rush from his earlier shift had his wolf on edge. Ron being in the area didn’t help. Then Shannon had run into Neal in the forest. His scent alone drove both the man and the beast wild.

Hence the cold shower moments before the ranger had showed up at his door. Aroused.

It was all Shannon could do to keep from dragging the other man to his bed. So for the moment, Shannon would plant his ass on the sofa and enjoy the view. “Would dinner be before or after the hunting party?”

A light shade of blush colored Neal’s cheeks as he stuck his hands into his jeans pockets and glanced around the room. “I…um…before, I guess.”

The corners of Shannon’s lips tugged into a smile. Damn, the man was hot. His short brown hair had streaks of golden blond, most likely a result of the ranger being outside all the time. Shannon didn’t think Neal wore a hat. At least, he hadn’t noticed him wearing one in the time Shannon had been in town.

When Neal lifted his grey eyes to lock gazes with him, something unfurled inside Shannon. Unable to stop himself, he rose to his feet and closed the distance between them.

The first time Shannon had seen Neal was the day he arrived in town. They’d met outside the realtor’s office where Shannon had gone to rent his house. Neal had worn his ranger shirt tucked into a black pair of jeans that fit perfectly, giving Shannon a great view of the man’s ass. Using the man’s employment as an icebreaker, Shannon had told him he used to be a ranger. Shannon left out the reason why he’d had to quit—he’d been bitten by a werewolf. An instant connection had formed, and Shannon’s wolf clawed at him, wanting out to meet the ranger. However, Shannon couldn’t let the beast out. Introducing the wolf to the man he wanted to pursue wasn’t an option. At least, not until he was sure Neal wouldn’t run or shoot him.

Shannon wanted to seduce the male, and thankfully, it appeared Neal had the same plan.

Stopping inches from Neal, Shannon cupped his head and kissed him.


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✴🔥✴THE DEVIL’S BEAUTY by Airicka Phoenix✴🔥✴

The Devil’s Beauty is an Adult Contemporary Dark Romance

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Dimitri Tasarov has never had a choice in what he was. From infancy, he had been raised with the knowledge that he was a monster, an unlovable creature without a soul, until a single act of kindness threw his entire world into a tailspin.

Ava Emerson had always led a reluctantly sheltered existence. Friendship was a luxury that came with questions she couldn’t afford to answer.

They were an unlikely pair. He lived behind his mask and his roses, and she lived behind her secrets, yet they shared a bond that could get them killed if anyone ever found out.

Times were changing. The city was in turmoil. The weak were unprotected and someone needed to make a stand. But Dimitri wasn’t the only one with eyes on the north, or Ava, and they will stop at nothing to claim them both.

Can Dimitri keep Ava safe, or will the devil fall?


When two same yet different worlds come crashing together you have a work of art in a book. The author has managed to keep me entertained throughout the whole book by dangling pieces of the story so you are informed of what may be happening but it could take a different turn. I didn’t want it to end I will say that for sure because she sucked me into the story from the beginning.  In this powerful story you have action, deceit, suspense,  love, heartache and scenes that will make you feel like your right there in the room with details. The writing style is flawless and smooth even when you are taken back in time or present so you are let into the author’s web as it unravels.  


There was no stones left unturned and she definitely didn’t keep anything back while telling this story between the crazy and hectic world of Ava and Dimitri. These two along with secondary main characters go through some changes that will wow you, trust me it is a nonstop emotional roller coaster from beginning to the end. Ava sees the world through her eyes and refuses to let it be deterred even as the world is crumbling around. She is forced to endure hell every day but not as one should from such as young age. Will this make her a stronger woman when she is thrown in a sticky situation.  Dimitri, I loved his character the most. I wanted to cry for him because of everything he went through and still does. However, that is what made him who he is. He tends to act like he is uncaring and fierce without a cause to live for in my opinion, he is only loyal to one person.  Ava and Dimitri are very different yet so similar and those two chemical balances is what may tear them apart.


The cover peaked my interest to read this novel! This is a key interest of mine is what or how a cover relates to a novel.  I love how they took and actually related from the story and did not just throw a picture on the cover. Especially after you read this by the edge of your seat book you will see how perfect the cover was. It is dark yet shows some kind of redemptions that could possibly come out of it. Grab this you will not be disappointed!!!!!

Airicka Phoenix is a romance junkie with an incurable addiction to chocolate. She is also a prolific author of several novels written for young adult and new adult romance addicts who love bad boys, hot kisses and a gritty plot. Airicka prides herself in producing quality material her readers can fall in love with again and again.

When she’s not hard at work bleeding words onto paper, Airicka can be found cuddling with her family, reading, watching TV shows, or just finding excuses not to do chores.

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Twitter: (@AirickaPhoenix)






New Release ~ Holding His Forever ~ Alexa Riley ~ Sexy Summer Read!


    HHF_Ecover_LoRes (1).jpg


Holding His Forever. I need more of these kinds of books in my life! A sweet & sexy fireman!! I mean who doesn’t love a man in uniform! Phoenix has dedicated his life to being a fireman. After losing some of his teammates, his world has been stuck in limbo but that all changes when he lays eyes on Fia. He knows what he wants and he won’t take no for an answer! Fia has had a hard go of life but refuses to quit. She has worked her butt off to finish up her degree but when tragedy hits Phoenix not only saves her life, they save each other. This is insta-love at its best! I really loved this one and I can’t wait to see what Alexa Riley comes up with next!!


AP new - buy the book.jpg

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Derek aka Phoenix is a New York City firefighter and has dedicated his life to saving people. When he loses two of his men in the line of duty, he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to see the light again.


However, when an angel in the form of a woman named Fia appears before him, his world as he knows it is turned upside down.


Fia has been working hard to make money so she can finish her last semester of school. A fire in her building sets her back to square one, but the fireman who saves her turns out to be more than she ever expected.


Once he gets his arms around her, there’s no letting go. Because when you’ve got your forever in your arms, nothing else matters.


Warning: This is hot and fast insta-love that ignites the pages. It’s burning heat that combusts into an inferno of lava. Okay, that’s all the fire words I could come up with. Now insert a pun about a big hose. It’s quick, dirty, and ridiculously over the top.


AP new - excerpt.jpg

Chapter 1 *Fia*

“You finish your shit, Fia?”

Sam’s gravelly voice from years of smoking barks from behind me as I hang up the phone in his back office. A mixture of annoyance and relief fills me. I really didn’t want to have to cover Kim’s shift at the women’s shelter tonight and was thankful she was able to make it in. I would have done it if they needed me; I’d do anything for that place. But I’m dead on my feet as it is. I’ve been on my feet for the past twelve hours and haven’t slept in over twenty-four, and it would be my luck that if I went back to the shelter, it would be a busy night.

“Already clocked out.” I turn to look at Sam, whose eyes are trained on my ass. He slowly pulls them up to my face as a smirk plays at his lips, showing off his yellow-tinted teeth, not a care that he’s openly running his eyes over my body. Sadly, I’ve become used to it. It still creeps me out, but he’s never tried anything.

Or maybe my luck is about to change, I think, as he shuts the door to his office, trapping me in. The door is always open. The waitresses here at Moe’s always keep our stuff stored back here, where we clock in and out for our shifts.

“You think about my offer?” He cocks his head to the side like he’s giving me the world, not a management position at the diner. I’d stay later after waiting tables and help with paperwork and orders and get a raise, but I think Sam has a few more strings he wants to add to the position things I want no part of. I’ve turned down the offer twice now, but he keeps telling me to think on it.

Normally I just mumble a, “no, thanks,” on my way out the door, but now it’s closed and I’m trapped. Trapped with a man twice my age, maybe even pushing three times my age. It’s hard to tell with his shaved head. He’s double my size, and I don’t mean in muscle or height. No, there’s a lot of gut on old Sam.

“I really don’t have the time.” I tell him the same thing I’ve said every time it’s been brought up. At least, not without giving up my shifts at the shelter, and that’s not something I’m willing to do, even if the pay is way worse over there. I love that shelter. I owe them so much after what they did for my mother and me. I’m just thankful they pay me at all, because I would do it for free. I hope that one day I can do it for free, but at the moment that just isn’t possible if I want to keep a roof over my head and food on my plate.

“We’ll cut your serving time,” he suggests, taking a step towards me. I try to match his in retreat but only hit the desk. I don’t want to cut my serving hours only to spend more time with him in his cramped little office alone. Hell, I’ve been in here for two minutes and I feel like I’m having a panic attack. I can feel my heartbeat pick up speed. My anxiety grows with each pull of my breath. I know all too well how men act when they don’t get the responses they want. I’ve seen it for years with my own father and how he treated my mother.

I just shake my head again, trying to push the words past my lips. “I really” My words are cut short when Tracy throws open the door.

“Who in the hell put the” She stops abruptly when she sees us both standing in the tiny office. Her eyes narrow, going back and forth between us. Tracy has been working at the diner for years. She trained me a few months back, and many might even think she owns the place by how she pushes everyone around. And I’m pretty sure she and Sam have a thing. I stay out of her way. I want my tables and tips and nothing more from this place. It’s a means to an end. A slow means, but I’m getting there, dollar by dollar, and this place has the best tips I’ve come across so far, so I put up with it.

“I’m having a meeting.” Sam turns to look at her. Tracy purses her lips at him, clearly not liking what he’s saying.

“No, it’s fine. I really should be going. I’ll miss the bus,” I lie. I always walk home. I grab my purse and coat and don’t even bother to put them on. I just hold them close to my body over my cheap polyester uniform that fits a little too snuggly on me. “Maybe Tracy would like the manager position,” I throw out.

“What!” Tracy half-screams, her face scrunching up. I steal the moment to slip past them both as fast as I can and out the side door of the diner, into the chilled night. The street is empty now that it’s almost midnight on a Tuesday.

I slip my coat on and make the half-mile walk to my apartment, which sits over an old laundromat. Locking the door behind me, I waste no time pulling my uniform from my body and tossing my tips from tonight on the table before jumping into the shower. I have to get the smell of grease off my hair and body. I let the warm water run over me, relaxing my muscles as I wash away the day’s work.

When I’m done I grab a shirt and a pair of panties and pull them on. I sit at the small fold-out table in my half kitchen, if you can call it that. It doesn’t even have a full refrigerator, just one of those tiny ones you find in a hotel, which is probably where it came from. There’s a small sink and microwave, and that’s about it. My exhaustion outweighs my hunger as I count my tips. A hundred dollars on a double shift for a Tuesday isn’t too bad. Every dollar counts at this point. I’m so close to being able to pay for my last semester of college. Twelve more credits and I’m done, I remind myself. I can do this.

I grab the money and place it carefully, along with yesterday’s money, between the pages of a book I keep on the table. I still need to go to the bank and deposit it. After that, I walk the few feet to my bed in the corner of the room and fall face first into the cushioned surface.

“I miss you, Mom,” I whisper into the pillow before sleep takes me.














Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.

They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!

Author Links

Twitter  Facebook Website  Goodreads  Amazon Page  Instagram



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