Breaking Rossi’s Rules by Kait Gamble



Introducing the Totally Five Star Monaco

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Totally Five Star Monaco
MC 98000 Monaco
Principauté de Monaco


Can a blackmailing billionaire thaw the heart of an ice princess?

Searching for an escape from her life, heiress Anika De Winter takes up her friend’s offer to get her into the exclusive Totally Five Star hotel in Monaco. It isn’t until she arrives that she finds her friend’s intentions, although likely good, thrust her right into the autocratic hands of billionaire venture capitalist Luca Rossi.

In need of a diversion, Luca had planned to spend the weekend with ‘a friend’ but finds she’s been replaced with icy Anika. He’s never been quite as intrigued by a woman before. So he proposes a deal. She spends time with him and he doesn’t say a word about how she got the room.

Trapped, Anika shouldn’t feel so attracted to devilishly handsome Luca. But the chemistry between them is explosive and it doesn’t take long for them to succumb to passion.

But will it burn out when their time in Monaco ends?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of spanking and food play.

General Release Date: 11th August 20


Breaking Rossi’s Rules:

Anika stared out over the water, her second—or was it her third—espresso in hand, as she watched the sun creep over the horizon. Just like the sunset the night before, it was awe-inspiring. The bands of pink slowly warmed into orange and gold until fingers of sunlight stretched up and turned the sky the blazing blue that captivated her. How did anyone who lived here get anything done? She would probably waste the daylight hours staring out at the harbor and the nights gazing up at the mesmerizing sparkle of the stars. What was it about this place that made even the most mundane thing seem extraordinary?

Over her restless night, she had come to the conclusion that Monaco wove a spell on her that made her think that everything was more magical—including a kiss from a man she didn’t know. She’d even spent part of the night searching the Internet for information to prove herself right about him. The only thing she had to go on was business sites that touted him as the best thing to ever venture into capitalism and trashy scandal sheets that had him painted as a rake and scandalous playboy.

Anika knew just how much faith to put into those reports. They were on the same pages that showed her ‘traumatized’ from Joshua’s abandonment. He seemed to be another favorite topic for Pink Poison. The very same blogger that loved to hound Anika. And she knew just how much ‘research’ that woman did for her stories. She had put the phone down not knowing if she was more disgusted by the life he was supposed to lead or the woman who penned all the awful stories.

They wandered through the sleepy hotel like a couple in love. No rush. No real destination. Just two people enjoying their time together. Their meandering stroll took them along a different path through the building. As difficult as it was to tear her attention away from Luca, she couldn’t help but notice the opulence of the hotel. They ended up farther in the building at a crossroads of sorts. Discreet signs pointed to archways leading to the spa, the pool and so on. But Anika couldn’t stop staring at the magnificent fountain that misted the air from its dominant space at the centre of the room.

The glass dome overhead filtered the moonlight as it played with the water, turning the droplets into diamonds cascading over the marble. The construct itself was quite plain compared to the other fountains she’d seen in the city, but it didn’t need any augmentation to make it any more magical.

A silvery glint from the water at the base caught her eye. Anika stepped closer, although she knew the mist would play havoc with her hair and makeup. She gasped with delight at the silvery fish rushing to and fro in the shallow pool. Beneath them, she spied the shine of coins.

“Would you like to make a wish?” Luca held up a coin.

Smiling, Anika shrugged. “I wouldn’t know what to wish for. I have just about everything any woman could want in life. Asking for more just seems greedy.”

He chuckled. “I know the feeling. Though, the ancients believed that water from fountains was a gift from the gods for which they demanded a token of gratitude in return.” He lowered his voice conspiratorially and leaned in close to whisper, “We wouldn’t want to offend the gods now, would we?”

He stepped back far too soon for her liking. Luca’s gaze held hers as he pressed the coin gently to her lips, then his, before tossing it over his shoulder into the water.

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Another amazing addition to the Totally Five Star series. Each of them can be read alone and hold their own heat. In this lovely hotel Gem we fly to Monaco. The storyline is filled with a lot of amazing and juicy details while still keeping it a little on the naughty side.  The writing is flawless and I have fallen in love with the surroundings of how the author brings it to life. When you are introduced to the characters she leaves nothing unturned. What more could you ask for in a romantic getaway but a sexy billionaire and gorgeous heiress! When the sparks fly between these two, they really create a sizzling storm. However will Anicka past experience come back to her mind? Pick up this deliciously hot hit in your next search you will not regret it!




About Kait Gamble:

Kait was born and raised in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest and started writing to entertain herself during the long winters as a child. Insatiably curious with a love of learning new things, she’s picked up many random skills including three languages and two martial arts. After travelling three continents (the other four are on her bucket list), she settled in England with her family where she spends most of her time cultivating her daughter’s love of reading and writing, scribbling ideas on every available scrap of paper, and trying out dialogue on her cat.

You can find Kait on Facebook and Twitter



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