🔥🔥 Awakening Fire by Larissa Emerald 🔥🔥

Awakening Fire

by Larissa Emerald

Series: The Divine Tree Guardians

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cover Designer: Robin Ludwig

Publisher: Castle Oak Publishing LLC

Release Date: March 5, 2015

The return of sculptor Emma Grant to her Georgia home town sparks the return of the visions she tries to deny and rekindles a centuries-old feud between shape shifters Venn Hearst, guardian of the Divine Tree (The Tree Of Knowledge) and his nemesis. Emma is determined to place and dedicate the statue honoring her beloved grandmother despite Venn’s opposition; despite the fact she is in love with Venn, despite his sacred duty not to permit it. Will she overcome a test of evil or shatter Venn’s world?

This is a story about good vs evil in the paranormal world. I loved how the author takes the concept of having guardians for a divine tree. The plot is filled with excellent backstory of the story and characters along with enough description to let the readers understand the scenery and situations! Emma, has understand that she is unique but fears this and ran away from everything that surrounds this uniqueness. However, when she comes back only time will tell how she handle the strength of the powers. Venn is the sexy guardian that is appointed to watch over the divine tree. He’s exceptional at his job but when he sees Emma she is his kryptonite. And vice versa! When evil shows their face how will these two handle the mission? I felt in love with the characters yes even though Emma ran, I would have been scared too so I don’t blame her. I enjoyed the continued fast pace and flawlessness of the story as it weaved into each other. It was non stop action, suspense, and a touch of romance. The twists in the book threw me off but the author did an amazing job rounding off as the story concluded. I will definitely keep my eye open for the next one in the series and recommend this one to anyone with this genre preferences.

Larissa Emerald writes paranormal, futuristic and contemporary romances. She is a Romance Writers of America 2013 Golden Heart Finalist for her romantic suspense, RAMPANT PERFECTION which will be available in the fall of 2015.

A combination of her love of reading and her vivid imagination―plus a strong desire to rewrite the endings of movies that just didn’t end right―lead Larissa into the world of writing.

Larissa has lived in Florida for her entire life. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching baton twirling and dance, traveling with her husband of 41 years, baking and cooking―usually altering the recipe―and playing dress up with the brightest lights in her life, her four grandchildren.

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