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Just when Star Johnson thinks her life is starting to move forward and she can finally put the hell of her past behind her, in walk a bear shifter and a wizard who turn her world upside-down. She fights her attraction to both men with all her might, but some things are just impossible to ignore. To make things even more complicated, she discovers that she, along with her sister and brother, are part of a magical trio known as the Powerful Three.

Jansen Vega and Banks Cohen are members of the Unit. They’re smart, strong, and very opinionated. They aren’t used to resistance, so when their destined mate, Star, refuses their attentions, they’re determined to change her mind and have things their way. As the three wind their way on an emotional, passion-filled journey, they find themselves fighting for their lives. An evil vampire is after the Powerful Three, and he is determined to find them at any cost. Jansen, Banks, and Star must find a way to come together despite their differences, if they hope to protect those that they love.

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“She sure is hitting that bag hard.”  Ashland Wilder glanced over at River with a questioning look on her face.  They sat in one of the workout rooms at the lodge, watching as Star worked out her frustrations on the bag.  “She looks mad.”


“Yep,” River agreed with her best friend.  “I wish Star would just have sex with Banks and Jansen; maybe that would help her with the anger she’s built up.  It sure helps me when I need to release some stress.”  She snickered, then looked back at her sister pounding the bag.  She was proud of Star.  Her sister had come a long way since the day they met.  She worked out all the time, and she’d started putting on some muscle.  It wasn’t enough to make you stop and stare, unless you were a man.  Her curves were curvier, and her attitude had changed as well.  She liked the way she looked and it showed with her work-out clothes.  When she first met her sister, she wouldn’t have dared to wear skimpy shorts and sports bras, but she did now and she looked great in them.


“For some reason that just makes me laugh.  It’s true, but it’s funny,” Ash giggled.


“Hey, what are you two laughing at?”  Star Johnson stopped punching the bag and looked over at her sister and their friend.


River just waved her sister’s question away and pushed Ash over until they both lay on the floor, laughing until they cried.  Once they started laughing they just couldn’t seem to stop, and the more Star pounded on that bag the louder they got.


Star walked over and just stared at the women.  “What’s so damn funny?”


“Nothing.” River tried getting up, but fell back down on the floor, still giggling.


Star shook her head, walked back over to the bag and started punching it harder.


“Okay, okay.  Please stop.”  Ash took a deep breath and lay flat on her back, trying to calm down.


“Uh Oh.”  Ash snorted.  Both the girls rose up quickly when they heard Banks walk in the room and head straight for Star.  “You need to look at what you’re hitting or you’re going to hurt your hand.”


They both watched as Star stopped hitting the bag and tilted her head sideways at him. “What did you just say?”


River watched as Star’s voice became very calm, which should have scared Banks, but he just continued to stare at her. Then he really messed up and moved in closer, invading Star’s space. Banks Cohen was really a good man, but he was like most Alpha males, very bossy.  When the call went out to all paranormal groups asking for their best to join a specialized unit, Banks was chosen and sent to Freedom, Colorado to be part of it.  He was a six feet, seven inches tall and built like a mountain.  It was like watching a movie play out, where the much smaller female decided to stand her ground and face off with the big bad grizzly bear like she wasn’t scared at all. Unfortunately, this movie was playing out right in front of them. To make matters worse, Banks repeated in a patronizing voice, “If you don’t look at what you’re hitting, you’re going to hurt your hand.”


River shook her head and started to get up to intervene.  She cringed when Star narrowed her eyes at him, her fists balled up at her sides.   Before River could warn him, her sister jumped up and punched Banks in the face.  He fell backwards against the table, blood pouring from his nose.  He shook his head in confusion.


“You mean like that?”  Star bellowed, then quickly walked out of the room.


Ash and River jumped up and hurried over to Banks, who was cussing.  He held his nose as the blood poured between his fingers, splattering over his nice blue shirt and the floor.  River put her hand on his shoulder.  “Are you okay?”


“What the hell is Star’s problem?  I only told her she needed to look at what she was hitting or she’d hurt herself, and then she punched me in the damn nose.”


“Yeah, we saw that.  I guess you could say she was looking at what she was hitting when her fist connected with your nose.”  River nudged Ash, who snickered.


“Sorry, Banks,” River added, but she had to purse her lips so she didn’t smile, or she was going to laugh in his face. The bear shifter looked mad enough already.


When he looked at most people, his intense blue eyes sparkled.  When he looked at Star, everyone could see the sparks that flared up between them.  But Star fought Banks and Jansen at every opportunity.



FREAKING AMAZING! LOVED IT FROM BEGINNING TO END!! If you have not picked up a novel by this author you are missing out.  This is the third one I have read and each keep getting better. One thing I love is how different her triad composure is. Like in this instance you may have one type of shifter (bear), wizard, and the stubborn and crazy feisty woman. Others are made of other variables. However each have never been the same!! As I said her plots are fresh, unique,  and each will take your breath away! The characters in this novel have a hard time especially when they have to make Star believe she is their mate! Star is a firecrackers,  but thats because she has something special about herself and plays a big role in the world.  She has a hard time with trust so these two men will definitely have a hard road proving their truth.  Jansen and Banks does something that causes her to go backwards which made me want to slap them but trust me they are not all rocks in the head. When these two put their minds together they truly did make swoon. Watch out because you are on the course for one heck of a roller coaster when you read this author.  I loved how it takes off immediately from book two and left no black hole. If your looking for an amazing menage that is unlike others I recommend reading this series it is incredibly written! I couldn’t put it down.

Other Books in The Love of a Shifter Series

Healing Their Mate ~ Book 2

Healing Their Mate


River Channing is on the run from Vampire Paddock Reed. Finding out that Vampires exist makes River doubt everything she knows in life. In order to stay one step ahead of the vampires, River must travel from one job to another to survive. Driving from state to state, River finds her way to Freedom, Colorado and gets a job at the Meadowland Lodge where she befriends the owners mate Ash Wilder. Being the Detective she is, Ash digs into River’s past and finds out that she is on the run from someone. Finding a newspaper clipping in River’s pocketbook, Ash learns that women have been murdered and drained of all their blood. Ash calls in some help from her Uncle, Vampire Reece Ramsey, and Alpha of the new shifter Unit Jonas Glenn.


One sniff of her scent and the Alpha’s know that River is their mate. When River finds out that the Lodge is owned and operated by the Wilder Pack, she wants to run again. Together they learn that River isn’t just human, but a Healer with magic that can cure the sick and heal the injured. But can her Mates and new friends keep River safe from the vampires who want her blood or will she have to run to save them all.






Once Forgotten Twice Loved ~ Book 1


Love of a Shifter 1Ashland Peters is a Detective with the New York Police Department. She is sent to a training class at the Meadowland Lodge in Colorado where her childhood friend Werewolf Nash Porters lives and works along with his pack. They’ve been friends since they were six years old and sent to the same orphanage. When they were old enough to leave on their own, Nash received what he had wanted his whole life and Ashland went to follow a dream. Separated for years by distance they finally get the chance to see each other when she is sent to Colorado for training.


Once Ash arrives, she meets sexy werewolf Alpha Larken Wilder who owns the Meadowland Lodge. From the moment Larken sees Ash, he knows she is his mate. However, problems seem to follow Ash and it turns out no different in Colorado, when the Sheriff has a problem with his brother’s mate. It’s the Alpha’s only chance for happiness, but Ash doesn’t know if she is right for the man, she doesn’t want to come between him and his brother.


When young girls are kidnapped from the neighboring packs, Ash’s help is needed. Ash finds herself working with not one Alpha but with a team of them, if they are to save the young girls from a Rogue wolf and his pack. As they solve the mystery, Ash finds answers to questions she’s had her whole life.

bryceAuthor Bio


Bryce is a mother, a writer, and a wife who loves to escape to the world she built-in the Ashland Pack. She burst onto the publishing scene with a hit in The Trinity. I’m always writing and talking to people who have the same tastes as I do.


I’m a wife to a great hubby and mother to three beautiful children. I love to read books and write about places that come together in my head. I try to write about what I know and usually you will find some law enforcement in my books.


I make strong characters that I want to see succeed in life. I always write a happy ending. I have to guys. I put a lot of tragedy in my books and then give them the much-needed break they need to be successful.

I would love to hear from you. Contact me at: or on Twitter: Bryce__Evans or on Facebook:

Cover Reveal ~ Thrust by Victoria Ashley


Thrust CRRelease Date: April 6th

Release Date Party:

Cover Designer:



tag172 brothers… 1 girl…

I never expected to be that girl. The one desiring the touch of two brothers and being thrust into a world of intense pleasure. Not in reality anyway.


Both of these brothers are out to please and they both have the equipment to do it. The Wilder brothers have proved that.


Kyan Wilder fucks like no other man I’ve ever experienced. He’s rough, creative and still willing to be gentle when you need it. He’s every single woman’s desire brought to life and he’s not willing to let me go until he’s done pleasing me in every possible way he can.


Hunter Wilder is a loose cannon. He likes to party, get wild and then show you a good time in the bedroom. He keeps me pleased and reminds me that I’m still young and not everything in life needs to be so serious.


We’re all fine with sharing. Things are going smoothly. It saves the brothers from having to commit and it ensures that I’ll always get the sexual satisfaction that I desire. I mean what girl doesn’t dream of having sex with the two most sinfully sexiest brothers to walk this earth?


Well I didn’t… Until I got a taste.


But then I remembered that nothing this good lasts forever… GR Logo


Thrust (HD teaser- Kyan 3.5)tag19Kyan is watching me with a lazy smirk as I look down at my camera. “I guess the next spot is in my bedroom. Not many girls get invited in there.” He tugs on the end of my ponytail as his eyes roam over my body. “Good thing you dressed comfortably. You need to be flexible for this part.”


I watch the way his ass and back muscles move as he exits the room. “Holy shit,” I say to myself. I pull my shirt away from my chest as I get an instant rush of heat through my body. He does this on purpose; uses the perfect words to make a girl sweat bullets. He’s sexy, smooth, and successful; the perfect blend of trouble.


I stop in his doorway and watch him as he undoes his jeans and tugs at his zipper. His eyes meet mine and stay there, as he drops his jeans and kicks them aside. I can’t help but to take notice of his thick thighs and how they flex whenever he moves.


Drool… don’t expose yourself now.


He walks over to stand in front of me and reaches for my camera, setting it down on the foot of his bed. It sinks into the thick, white blanket and we both watch it before locking eyes again.


“Show me how you want my boxers.” Grabbing my arms, he places my hands on the top of his briefs.


“Excuse me?”


He takes my fingers and hooks them into the front of his black briefs. “Pull them down to where you want them. Show me.”


This is too much power. Too much power is never a good thing. I gently tug them down a bit, exposing the top of his hipbones.


He laughs. “Are you uncomfortable with me being in my boxers?” He pulls me toward him. “Let’s fix that.”


Before I know it he’s on his knees, tugging my shorts down my legs.


I instantly get embarrassed. “What are you doing?” He grabs my hips and lifts me as he kicks his foot out and pushes my shorts across the floor.


“There. Now we’re both in our underwear. Better?”


I look down at my black, lacy panties, before looking up to see that he’s biting his bottom lip. Again, he always seems to do that when he shows interest.


I feel silly so I start to laugh. “Are you serious?”


He reaches for my hands again and practically shoves them into the top of his briefs. “Dead serious.” He flashes his dimples. “Now take control and show me how you want my boxers.”


The power behind his demand feeds me and I find myself tugging his black briefs down until the top of his thick shaft is exposed, along with the top part of his muscular ass.


He looks down and lifts an eyebrow. “Better.” He hands me my camera before he walks around the side of the bed and tugs the huge blanket off, leaving nothing but a black, silk sheet.


I feel oddly confident standing here in my underwear about to photograph America’s sexiest bachelor. I’m not sure if this is a temporary confidence, but it feels good. I’m having fun. I find myself kicking my shoes aside and jumping onto his bed while trying to balance my camera.


He smiles up at me as he lies down on his back and adjusts the sheet so that it’s between his legs. Without my direction, he places one hand behind his head and waits for me to start snapping pictures. It seems with each click of the button that his briefs start to get lower and lower, exposing more of his body.


Playing it smooth, he flips over onto his stomach. He lowers his briefs until the top half of his ass is exposed. His ass is so round and firm that all I want to do is bite it. My breathing picks up as he slides one arm under his pillow and looks up with a seductive look in his eyes.


He must notice my change in breathing, because his eyes meet mine and suddenly he sits up and gets on his knees below me. I’m standing on his bed and he’s just looking up at me with the sexiest face I’ve ever seen.


His question surprises me. “Have you ever thought about fucking me?”


My saliva thick, I swallow, and let out a nervous laugh. “What?”


He reaches for my camera and pulls it out of my hand, before tossing it beside him. Then he grips onto my hips and looks up at me. “Have. You. Ever. Thought. About. Fucking. Me?” He grips my hips harder when I don’t answer him. “Tell me the truth. Please don’t ever lie to me.”Thrust (HD teaser- Hunter .5)


tag15Victoria Ashley grew up in Rockford, IL and has had a passion for reading for as long as she can remember. After finding a reading app where it allowed readers to upload their own stories, she gave it a shot and writing became her passion.


She lives for a good romance book with tattooed bad boys that are just highly misunderstood and is not afraid to be caught crying during a good read. When she’s not reading or writing about bad boys, you can find her watching her favorites shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter and True Blood.


She is the author of Wake Up Call, This Regret, Slade, Hemy, and Get Off on the Pain. Victoria is currently working on more releases for 2015.

Victoria on Twitter: @VictoriaAAuthor

Victoria’s Facebook Page: Fullphoto (22)




RELEASE BLITZ~ Forbidden Lust (The Forbidden Trilogy Book 1) by Aimee Shaye

Title: Forbidden Lust

Series: The Forbidden Trilogy Book #1

Author: Aimee Shaye

Release Date:  March 25, 2015


From author, Aimee Shaye.

Business magnate William Stonewell has everything a man could want: a thriving business, loads of money, and cars that are the envy of his friends. The only thing that’s missing is a woman to share his life with. Someone he can love. The only problem is that he’s just not very good at approaching women.

Alexandra Tyler is a bit of a free spirit. She loves her life and lives every day to the fullest; however, she finds herself longing to be loved and to love someone in return. Her co-workers laugh at the fact that she is still a virgin, but she doesn’t care. She knows that she will only give it up to the man she will marry someday, and not before.

One night out on the town changes the course of their lives. William never imagined that meeting someone in a bar could result in such temptation, but there is just something about Alexandra that gets to him. With sparks flying all around them, William is intrigued to see where this could go. Stepping out of his comfort zone, he pursues Alexandra ruthlessly. In his quest for love he realizes that she is one of his employees, and that is a line he has never crossed before. But he wants to cross it now. Badly. Will William and Alexandra give in to their forbidden lust? Or will that lust turn fatal?

(¯`’·.¸()¸.·’´¯)  RELEASE DAY PARTY (¯`’·.¸()¸.·’´¯)


“You are so beautiful.” He breathed against her lips. “I want to be inside of you. Yet at the same time I want to push all your buttons and savor the sweet taste of your body.”

Alexandra moaned at the way his voice became a devilish British purr, giving away the heat that he felt inside of him. Smiling slyly, Alexandra pushed his shirt off of his shoulders and slowly slid her hand down his chest and torso, stopping at his waist. Giving him a chaste kiss on his lips, she started to toy with his belt buckle. Opening the belt, she slowly unbuttoned and unzipped William’s jeans, making him groan.

As she slid his jeans down, William was able to feel her hot breath against the part of his cock that was bare due to the hole of his boxers. Sucking in a breath to control himself, William watched as Alexandra slowly released him.



 Aimee Shaye is a twenty-one year old self-published author, who published with Amazon and their partner CreateSpace. Aimee writes Paranormal/Fantasy Romance and Erotica. Her debut novel, “Destroyed,” was released in September 2014 and is the first novel in a series titled, “The Chronicles of the Seven Sons.” “The Chronicles of the Seven Sons (CSS)” is a novel about seven men who are each the first of their kind and must fulfill an ancient prophecy set by the Greek Fate goddesses. Each book in the CSS series will focus on each of the seven men and their lives. The second installment of the CSS series is titled “86” and will be released on December 17, 2015.

Aimee’s second novel, “Forbidden Lust” releases on March 25, 2015 and is the first book in a trilogy titled “The Forbidden Trilogy.” Each book will be able to stand alone and tells the individual erotic love stories of three best friends: William Stonewell, Derrick White, and Jacob Schmidt.

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