Granted Wishes by Tanya Vought

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TITLE  Granted Wishes

SERIES  The Granted Series

AUTHOR  Tanya Vought

GENRE  Contemporary Romance


LENGTH (Pages/# Words)  234

PUBLISHER  Booktrope




A decision that will change her life forever.

After the loss of her husband, Gracelynn Calhoun has struggled with her life and career. Forced to take a four week vacation or be fired from her job, she surprises everyone including herself and agrees to the vacation.

The owner of Antonetti Suites, Giovanni works hard and doesn’t have time for relationships or love. That is until he literally crashes into Gracelynn. She brings back all the feelings he thought he would never feel again.

With the odds stacked against them in every way possible, will they forge ahead together or will this be the end of the road for their newfound love? Will the whispers from above bring them together or will misunderstandings ruin what could be an amazing second chance at love?

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Wow. You’re a vision, you know that? He practically drools all over. She wears a pair of blue jeans and a low cut green sweater with a white scarf wrapped around her neck. Her hair is up, and she wears light make up.

She chuckles. Like what you see? She smirks at him, daunting him. The little vixen can come out and play when she wants and he is enjoying this side of the sexy Gracelynn.

He decides to play dirty himself. Want to see how happy I am to see you? He smirks back at her. Let’s make a wager, shall we? he asks competitively.

She grins at him. She intently twirls a strand of her hair that she left down by her face between her fingers, licks her lips and stares at him. She looks him up and down, making him even more drawn to her.

He gulps. The damn vixen knows how to play dirty.

Well, what is the wager? Because if it is staring at each other all night, I could do that and then some.

Copyright  Tanya Vought. All rights reserved.


This novel will make your heart weep for the characters!  It is a sweet and sensual novel that I did not want to put down. The author had me immediately drawn in from the beginning to the end with the never ending roller coaster of emotions.  The plot was borderline of sweet, made me want to cry, and joy for a second chance at love possibly!  Her characters had been through a lot of hurt in their lives and just barely going through the emotions!  The author shows her passion through the writing of the characters and portrays it outward to the readers. Do you believe in faith and the unbelievable because Gracelynn didn’t until she was forced by her best friends and another loved one on a much needed vacation.  Little did she know a suprises of her life was awaiting her there.  I loved her character because even through her downs she still tries her hardest not to show how she really feels on the inside which is broken down. Gio is about to get his world turned upside down after all these years thinks he is going crazy. These two definitely made each other go bat crazy around each other, one minute they are joking then it gets serious followed by sexual attraction! It will have you aww then laugh the next moment. I do want a Gio in my life he is super sweet and caring for those he cares about.  However,  I loved every part of it. This is one of those that you can pick up and read anytime because it is a feel good and sweetly romantic read.

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Tanya Vought is a hopeless romantic. She loves reading, writing, singing and doing crafts with her children. What started as a lifelong dream became reality. She’s overjoyed that readers will get to read her debut, Granted Wishes. She loves her characters sexy and sassy. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two amazing and imaginative children.




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2 thoughts on “Granted Wishes by Tanya Vought

  1. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    Thank you for the wonderful review and for participating in the Tour. Victoria at My Family’s Heart


  2. Tanya says:

    Thank you so much for your post and for your fabulous review! I love it!!!! Thank you so much! ❤

    Tanya Vought 🙂


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