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Revealed Cover v4Synopsis

Tortured beyond Endurance…

Kelly Wachowski has no memory of her life before she was five. Despite being one of the ‘found’ children and her uncanny ability to assimilate languages, she’s managed to live a normal life for twenty years until the day she was kidnapped. Tortured beyond endurance she prayed for death while she dreamed of a boy long forgotten-Noah.

A Hero with a Secret…

Samson Noah Kukailimoku is another ‘found’ child. His existence was kept secret by the Polynesian family who adopted him. Now he’s a highly decorated naval officer, and part of an elite unit whose mission is to rescue children like Kelly. The closer he gets to finding her the more he connects to her and shares the pain of her torture and the dreams of their shared past.


A Love That Is More than a Dream…

After her rescue, Kelly is convinced she’s losing her mind as she experiences Noah’s life in a waking dream. Knowing she’s in danger, Noah must save Kelly from herself and those tracking her, moving Heaven and Earth to protect her. Linked by their past, danger and deception follow them everywhere. Together they discover a love and passion surpassing all of their dreams, but before they can have a future together they have to solve the mystery of their past.


The mission was a success, it had gone like clockwork.  Then Noah got back to the room, and found Sarah with Sierra and Kali.  Kali still had some blood in her hair, and even though the women explained what happened he lost his mind.  Literally lost his mind.

Noah didn’t care what the others thought as he dragged Kali out of the room down the hall to a private room he had booked.  

“Take off your clothes.”


“Now.”  His boots hit the floor, then the knife, gun, and jacket.  She stood there, her blonde hair still in disarray, some strands still showing red.  When he was down to his jeans he grabbed her around the waist and yanked her against him.

“Don’t you ever put yourself in harm’s way again.  Ever.  I would die if something were to happen to you!”  Noah jerked the T-shirt over her head and had the bra off her before she had time to react.

“Noah, Sierra was with me.  We were in a public place.  We were perfectly fine…”  His tongue thrust into her mouth and the sense of panic began to slowly dissipate.  God, the taste of her, the heat of her.  Just her, just Kali, how could he have gone through the last twenty years not remembering her?  He tipped them onto the bed, frantically pulling at her khakis.  Thank God all of her clothes were loose, so he could easily remove them.  He skipped trying to unbutton or unzip anything, and pulled them off her.  He saw the plain white cotton panties she was wearing and smiled.  Only Kali could make those look good.

“Quit ogling my sexy lingerie and strip Kukailimoku.  I want to see the goods.”  

He ignored her, and slowly pulled down her panties.  Kali’s light blonde curls were already damp.  He watched in fascination as the lean muscles of her thighs tightened as she went to clamp them together, but he was having none of that.

“Open Kali.  Spread your legs for me.”  He looked into those blue depths and saw her hesitation, but he also felt her curiosity, and he could definitely see and smell her desire.  They hadn’t played these games in the bedroom, and now they were at a point where it wasn’t a game.  She had put herself in harm’s way, and Noah had a deep seated need to exert his dominance over his woman.  He didn’t want to, nor would he ever hurt or humiliate Kali, but this?

“Kali, part your legs.”  He watched as the plump white lips of her pussy slowly opened, showing him the slick essence of her arousal.  She trembled and he stroked the glistening pink folds.  “Wider.”  He watched her with steady eyes, as she struggled with his command, but her knees drifted outwards, allowing him to push and twist two fingers into her hot, tight channel.  Her whimper was music to his ears.


“You are mine.  This body is mine.  You are mine to care for.  You will not take risks with what is mine.”  

Her eyes turned a deep navy, their wills clashing as her hips arched into his caress.  “I knew what…hmmm”

He rubbed circles on a spot inside her, his thumb teasing her engorged clit, and was rewarded with a burst of honey.  

“Noah, more.”  She pressed into his hand.

“No.  Not until you agree that when it comes to your safety I am in charge.”  Her eyes were at half-mast.  He felt her confusion, her anger, but underneath it all, he felt her understanding.  He wasn’t above using that.

“Please baby, I need this,” he said as he continued stroking in and out, his eyes leaving her face to see the beauty of her sex splayed before him.  “I need to know you’re protected.”


He delved deeper, and Kali arched higher, so close he felt the burn.

“If I feel you’re in danger, I’m not focused, and I might make mistakes.”  Her hips dropped onto the bed with a thud.

“Oh no.”  He was right.  “Noah, I wasn’t thinking.  I forgot how connected we are.”  

“We still are Kali.”  He licked along the folds of her sex, around his fingers, tasting all of the honey he had been dying to sample.


He felt her explode, and it was amazing.  He actually experienced her orgasm, and had to exert all of his control not to come.  There was no way he was going to deny himself the pleasure of coming inside this woman’s body.  Stripping out of his jeans, it took him moments longer to put on the condom than it should have.

Looking at Kali lying in front of him, he realized he had everything he could ever want.  Somehow his life had come into complete focus.  He was blessed, and he was going to die if he didn’t get inside her.



Kali realized Noah had used sex to manipulate her into agreeing.  She resented it, but she couldn’t blame him when she had felt his anguish.  She reached out and grabbed hold of him, he was her everything, and she needed him inside her.  He started slow, he always did, like she was some kind of delicate thing.  This time she was having none of his nonsense.  She wrapped her legs around his hips and took him inside her in one fast plunge, rejoicing in the feel of him.

“Kali!”  He looked at her, his eyes filled with concern and censure.  She smiled beaming with contentment.

“You feel so good, and I needed you.  Now move.  Fuck me, Noah.”  He hesitated for all of a second and then pulled out and thrust deep and hard.  God it felt good.  “Again, and again, and again.”  They grinned in perfect accord.  Kali looked into his eyes, as they turned from brown to black and filled her vision, filled her world.  She saw her blue eyes through his, for just a moment, and they glowed like sapphires.  Then both colors splintered into the night sky, and she flew with Noah.

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Ok I have to first say I love Kali’s actual name! The author has taken the ability to create more than just another romance novel with this one; you are encased into a world that is opened to mystery and also possibly fantasy/sci-fi!  Trust me you do get plenty of hot erotic and romance scenes to balance it out. However,  as I read the author gave only bits and pieces of what was to come and what truly was going on. I extremely enjoyed reading this novel because it kept my attention at all times and trust me there are plenty of twists added! When I say that authors have a uniquely written novel well Revealed is at the top; however, the author has outdone herself because it is AMAZING!   The characters are amazingly written and I loved all of them. Yes there were portions of Noah that I did possibly want to slap him but I do have to say he did earn my love again.  Lol. Kali, I couldn’t find any fault at all. When these two get together there is an explosion of chemistry and your able to feel it through the passion and each emotions that they go through.  You also get a peak at some of the other characters that are considered ‘found’. What are they, well read this pandora box novel and see! The overall novel was fantastic and one I would reread! I can’t wait to see what’s next in this series. If you love a mixture of genres that fit together like a puzzle but in the form of words I strongly recommend Revealed!

Author Bio

10899986_1537995699804922_570479309709522933_oI was born in Seattle Washington, but soon moved to a small town North of there, which is where I grew up. I’m the oldest of five children, so it was a lively household, and reading became my way to block out the noise. I am an avid reader. I love every genre, but romance and happily ever afters have always been my favorite books. I remember in middle school my biology teacher taking a Rosemary Rogers book away from me; I didn’t understand why-she was certainly teaching me aspects of biology!


As I grew up, I would write stories to entertain myself and my younger siblings. I often wrote their book reports for them. My brothers were only one year apart in age. I wrote a report for the oldest his senior year, he turned it in and got a B+. The next year John turned in the same report to the same teacher and got an A-, the year after that the youngest turned it in to the same teacher and got an A. The teacher liked it better each time he read it!


I’ve worked in corporate America for most of my life, where a lot of creative writing takes place (and if you don’t believe me, you really don’t know corporate America). I blogged to all my employees when I spent six weeks in India-they considered me quite the smartass. My corporate life has allowed me to live in Washington, Texas, Belgium and California.


I have been with the same man for seventeen years. He was born and raised in Texas, and twelve years ago I whisked him, kicking and screaming, to Southern California. Luckily he loves me and wants to be where I am, but he’s still a Texan at heart (although he doesn’t miss Texas summers). I’m a very lucky woman who enjoys swimming, traveling, babysitting her nieces and nephews and doing lots of “research” with her husband for upcoming books.


After being such a fan of romance all my life, I was reading Sophie Oak’s Bliss and Siren in the City series last year, and they weren’t coming out fast enough. I started thinking about a place up in the Northwest, and characters started spinning in my head. Then came Chance. Once he was there, he demanded to be put down on paper. I don’t really write the stories. For real, the stories just come out of my fingers onto the computer screen. Half the time I’m surprised by what ends up being typed!

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Chapter One

 “Tell me where you came from.”


It always started this way.  First the question, then the excruciating pain as the electric paddles were held against her temples.  The smell of her burning flesh.  Then they would take the rubber bit from her mouth and ask another question.  Another question she couldn’t answer.


“How many of you are there?”


She prayed to all the saints her mother taught her that this time she would pass out.  It was the only thing to ever stop the questions.  Stop the pain.


“I don’t know!” she wailed, as the bit was shoved into her mouth. She squeezed her eyes so tight she saw stars before the shocking red flames took over her very being.


“Where did you come from?  Where are the rest of you now?”  They yanked the bit from her mouth, making her lip bleed.


“Just tell me what you want me to say…” her voice didn’t sound like her own.  For hours or months, she wasn’t sure how long she begged them to tell her what they wanted her to answer.  The paddles were again placed on her temples.  Fire exploded behind her eyes and her teeth actually tore into the rubber bit.


She wasn’t strapped down.  She stretched and it felt wonderful, until the pins and needles started.  Where was she?  She wanted to see if they noticed they forgot to buckle the straps. She tried to look around.  She couldn’t.  She was blind.  They’d blinded her, the shock therapy had blinded her.  Oh God.  She trembled in horror for long moments before realizing it was her eyelids, they were swollen shut.  She tried to touch them to make sure it was the only thing wrong but pain seared her arm.


Moving slowly to restore some circulation to her limbs, she realized she was lying on something soft.  Rolling just a little so she wasn’t lying on her arm, she fell on to a hard cement floor.  It hurt, it was cold, but at least she could move.  Trying to stand up, she used the cot as leverage, but her legs wouldn’t support her.


She crawled and bumped her head against a wall.  Using it as a guide she followed it around the small room with cement walls, basically a cell.  Mostly empty except for the cot and the toilet, there was a tray with something that felt and smelled like bread and cheese.  She wolfed down some of the food, but there wasn’t anything to drink.  Crawling over to the toilet she flushed it, then greedily drank handfuls of water.


“Good to see you’re back with us Kelly.”  She hadn’t heard any door open or anything else to indicate she wasn’t alone.


“Who are you?  What do you want from me?”  Cringing at the desperate edge in her voice, she clamped her lips tight.  God, how she wanted to beg for water that didn’t come from a toilet, for food, or a blanket, or to go home.


“Who are we?  You don’t get to ask the questions, we do.  We want to know who all of you are.  We know about you and the four others.  You all showed up twenty years ago.  Why did you come here?  Where did you come from?”  The woman’s voice was calm and soothing.  It was like they were having a polite conversation, but Kelly knew the horror awaiting her at the woman’s command.


“I told you, I don’t remember anything before waking up in Dad’s police car.”  Kelly’s voice was raspy from all the screams, but at least it was even.


“But Kelly, Mike Wachowski isn’t really your father now is he?”  Again the woman’s speech was calm and soothing.  “You appeared out of thin air twenty years ago and were adopted into his family, isn’t that right?”


It wasn’t a question, and Kelly didn’t reply, but suddenly realized what was coming next.  She’d forgotten.  This wasn’t the first time she’d woken up in this room and drank from the toilet bowl.  Doubted it was even the tenth time.  It had to be the shock treatments.  They were messing with her memory.  She didn’t remember when she’d been kidnapped, but it had to have been well over a month, oh God, could it have been a year?


She sat there, turning her head away from the direction of the voice.  She waited, and then heard more people entering the cell, knowing what came next.  Holding up her arms she didn’t have long to wait, they were there, grabbing and dragging her out.




“Shove the bit in again.  I don’t want her biting through her tongue.  Hopefully this new dosage will break down the damn barrier.”


Whatever chemicals they gave her burned as they made their way into her system.  She moaned around the rubber bit and struggled with the restraints as the paddles were placed against her temples.  Maybe they’d finally kill her and her suffering would end.


First black, then white, and then the red of fire and pain.  Coursing through her like molten fire, through every molecule, forcing her to lose control of her bodily functions.


The colors burst in front of her, yellows, purples, pinks and blues.  Ripping the head off one wildflower she pushed it against her nose and inhaled the fragrance, and then threw back her head and laughed.  The sun was up and warm against her bare shoulders.  Charging forward, she giggled as the flowers brushed legs, the soft grass squishy between her toes.  She soared over the log in her path, and then she saw him.  


Noah was her best friend.  She knew he wanted to be alone, but he needed her.  Tiptoeing behind him, she jumped up to surprise him as he turned around.  He gave her a dark look but she smiled at him and flung her arms wide, watching as his face suffused with laughter.  He scooped her up and twirled her around.  He was nine and she was five, but their age difference didn’t matter, they were best friends.  Grabbing his silky black hair as he twirled her, she hugged his neck, and Kali was content.  Nothing was better in her world than loving Noah, he belonged to her.


“Don’t be sad anymore, Noah.”


“I’m not sad, Kali.”


“Don’t lie.”


“I’m leaving with the others.”  She’d known.  But she didn’t want him to leave.  “Kalani, you need to understand, let me show you.”  He touched their foreheads together.


“No, I don’t want to see.”


“Open up Kali, you need to see.  Let me show you.”  


Kali relaxed and let him share the other universe needing their help.  He revealed everything.  So many things didn’t make sense, but the pain and suffering was easy to comprehend, and more, she could see what it was Noah and the others were supposed to do.  It was simple, they were to be themselves and just help a little.


He was right, he had to go, it was important.  Kali started to cry.  She knew it meant she would have to leave everything she loved, her Nana, the meadow, and everything else, because there was no way Noah was leaving without her.


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