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Reputable fine art broker Sophie Graystone has a knack for acquiring one-of-a-kind artifacts.  A seasoned professional, she marches to the beat of her own drum and takes direction from no one.


Lt. Dagan “Rebel” Caldwell, ex-Army Ranger and investigator for Alpha Four, is driven by an iron will to succeed and is talented in the ability to convince others to conform. He soon learns that he has met his match in one certain female.


Assigned to investigate several attempted thefts of Sophie’s paintings, Rebel’s skill and talent are sorely tested when Sophie challenges him at every turn, aggravating and arousing him in the process.  Desperate to get his man, Rebel uses her rebellion as a secret weapon, hoping to win her heart in the process.


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Guest Post

Greetings from the hot and humid state of Oklahoma!  My name is Mia Dymond and I write sexy contemporary romance novels with a twist of sass. I currently have fourteen novels available on retailers including iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, and Smashwords.




My most recent release is Treasure Me, Book in the Alpha Four series.  Alpha Four is a tough, no-nonsense group of ex-Army Rangers with muscles of stone and hearts of gold.  Book one is the story of Lt. Dagan “Rebel” Caldwell and Sophie Graystone, a couple who clashes at every turn with the need for control.  I hope you’ll enjoy the rocky journey they travel to fall in love.  Please enjoy an excerpt:


Once Rebel held two steaming cups of coffee, he headed back to the table and sat beside her.  Much to his relief, she wasted no time in touching him.  She wrapped one hand around her cup, and wrapped the other around his forearm, her fingers drawing lazy circles against his skin.  

“I’m curious,” she said as her fingers taunted the nerves beneath his skin, “how did you get your nickname?”

He chuckled low under his breath.  Curiosity was a good start.

“Curious, huh?”

She nodded.

“I’ve never been one to follow protocol.”

“In the Army?”

“In life.  I enlisted in an act of rebellion.”

“Is that a decision you regret?”

“Not in the least.  Thunder, Chaos, and Ace made it all worthwhile.”

“You guys are close.”


“I take it there are several stories behind those nicknames too.”

He nodded without elaboration.  

“So,” she prompted, “tell me about your team.”

“Can’t do that.”


“Confidential.  I’d have to silence you if I told you and I’m not sure that’s possible.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’m confident you’d find a way to challenge my methods.”

“You’d be disappointed if I didn’t.”

He snickered, aroused as hell by the fact that she didn’t hesitate before she fired right back at him.  No doubt, she’d challenge him alright and she was absolutely correct when she responded – disappointed didn’t begin to describe his feelings.
“Thunder assembled Alpha Four when he retired from the Army. It only took three phone calls to build a team.”

“The four of you are very loyal.”

He nodded.  “There’s just something about fighting evil that brings a team together.”

“Do you think about it often?”

He hesitated, weighing the decision to answer her.  He’d seen a whole lot of evil during his military tours, things that he’d never share with her.  Yet, thanks to Uncle Sam and Thunder, he’d learned to file it so far away that even memory couldn’t find it.

He glanced down at her fingers, still rubbing circles on his forearm and distracting him from answering her question.  Her soft, gentle touch caused the nerves under his skin to quiver with excitement.  What in the hell had she asked?



“I can’t concentrate when you do that.”

Her brow furrowed.  “Do what?”

He glanced down at her fingers.  “That.  You’re driving me crazy.”

“Oh, really?”

Before he could stop himself, he nodded.  Oh. Hell. So much for never let them see you sweat.  He’d pretty much just handed her a whole locker of ammunition.

“Well, then.”  She blinked those deep, dark eyelashes several times as her fingers continued their assault.  “Perhaps you should answer my question.”



“I mean, no I don’t think about the evils in my past often.  Alpha Four gives me plenty to think about.”

“Are you in danger?”

“Not always.  Sometimes our assignments are as mundane as installing a security system.”

“Other times you put your life on the line for someone else.”


“Like me.”

“Well, no one’s tried to kill you …. yet.”  He gave her hand a slight squeeze, buying a second of courage for his next comment.  “But I’d put my life on the line for you without a second thought.”

I hope you’ll enjoy Treasure Me!  Happy Reading!!!


Do you enjoy a quick read that is filled with attraction at first site, romance, suspense, and one that will keep your attention from beginning to end the pick Treasure Me!! This is a first time read by this author for me and I was not mislead by the sypnosis.  I loved that it dealt with artifacts and had romance all into one great refreshing read.  With a strong heroine and hero characters this book had plenty of twists to keep you wondering what was in store next. The author wrote both characters to be pleasant and I enjoyed the interaction between these two. Yes you have this ex military man but he also showed that he is equal to Sophie, which i loved!!! Sophie is a hard worker but loves to get into trouble or does it find her? When her father calls in the security team we see tension form as they try to see who is behind trying to go after Sophie. Of course this novel leads to a whole new level. I enjoyed the plot and loved the characters! ! Is there room for another book coming I do believe so with what we saw. I would definitely pick this author up again and read this and other novels by her.

About The Author


Mia Dymond


I write contemporary romance novels with sexy, alpha males and females with attitude to boot. I live in a zoo,hold down a full time job, and am trying to coax my creative muse from her cage. So BEWARE, the madness may rub off on you! ~ Facebook




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