Under his Guidance, book two in the White Rose Trilogy by the international best selling author, Stacy Von Haegert. This series is a fast paced historical romance, action adventure series. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TSU8IRA

King Henry Vll died believing he eliminated his archenemy’s bloodline completely. He died believing that the Plantagenet’s reign was nothing more than a dot on the walls of history… He was wrong…
London 1839. Present day.

Edward Kingston lives by a strict moral code; indulge in pleasure. As the second son of the infamous Richard Kingston, The Duke of York is advisor to the Queen and descendant of one of the greatest bloodlines to ever rule England, he knows the importance of the role he has to play. His focus is centered on taking the title of ¨Overall Rake¨ to encompassing new heights rather than owning up to his own title as The Earl of Wellington. Never would he have thought that his father would call upon him to instruct another on proper etiquette, let alone a stunning new debutante.

Morgan Sinclair has more than a few secrets she wishes to stay hidden. When her mother suggests a Season getaway to fashionable London, she is more than happy to oblige. She knows her aunt, the duchess, has plenty of lessons in store to prepare her for her grand debut. The only lesson for which there is no adequate preparation is how to manage the charismatic Earl of Wellington.

A cloud of mystery and suspense wraps around the two as the Kingston’s turbulent past rises up to challenge the notorious family and ruffle the feathers of London’s elite haute-ton.


Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_gBXpV33Ik



Author Stacy Von Haegert is a professional ballroom dancer and instructor of 17 years. She also holds two degrees from Nashville, Tennessee’s Watkins College of Art, Design & Film–one for directing and one for cinematography. Stacy grew up riding her mother’s prize-winning Arabian horses and following her musician father through the doors of every music studio in Music City. She now lives in historic Franklin with her husband, young son, two unruly cats and a 100-pound collie (by far, the best behaved of the house).

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