Cover Reveal ~ The Phantasy House by Izzy Szyn







To avoid having to move back home with her parents, Heather White arrives in Los Angeles for the chance to audition for the network show Fantasy House. The prize? 750,000 dollars and a brand new house.

But Heather somehow ends up at the wrong auditiion and ends up at the adult cable version Phantasy House. In Phantasy House the cash prize is much larger, but there is  a twist.  In Phantasy House the ultimate goal is for a couple to become a triad.

She meets couple Colton and Sydney McBride. The attraction is immediate. But there are people inside the house that will do whatever they can to win.

Phantasy House contains FFM, FF, MMFF scenes.




“Why did you want to do Fantasy House if you don’t mind my asking?” said Alex.

“Not at all. I just got divorced. I got nothing in the divorce and was told by Michael that I had to be out of the house in sixty days. I didn’t want to go back to my family’s house. They were not happy that I got divorced to begin with. They were already throwing single men at me to get married again.”

“I see.” Penelope said. “What made you think you could win Fantasy House? Did you have any plans in case you didn’t win?”

“Yes I did. I really just hoped to be in the house long enough to earn money from the stipend each week to use as a down payment for an apartment until I could find a job.”

“May I suggest something?” Liz asked.

“Certainly,” Alex answered.

“Heather certainly is hot enough to do our show. We have not found the final person to cast for Phantasy House and production is due to start soon. What if she were to do our show instead?”

“Do your show? Until five minutes ago I had no idea there was a show called Phantasy House. What exactly is it?” Heather replied.

“Our show is a bit different. In Phantasy House a couple is looking for what some people would call a third. For four months the person that we select would live with a couple as their lover. They not only will have sex with you but will share you with others. There are four different couples. There is a lot of sex obviously, not just between men and women but ménages in all forms.  Each month that you last you will be awarded fifty thousand dollars. At the end the viewers of our network will chose their favorite. The winning triad will receive an additional million or the option to continue to be a triad. Some have even gone on to work for Smexy but remain a triad.” Explained Alex.

Heather was intrigued to say the least. A show that explores all of the fantasies she had ever had? She wondered if she could find clips on You Tube or something.


“I have a feeling Heather is not exactly freaked out by the idea.” Penelope observed.  




Izzy Szyn




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