Review ~ Inside Broken by Ana W. Fawkes



Fresh out of prison, Talon wants his club back. Losing the President’s patch has left a scar deeper than any bullet or knife is capable of.
To get it back, he’ll have to endure a war, battling both himself and someone he once considered as close as a brother.
And in the midst is a beautiful woman looking for a chance at survival…


Get ready to be introduced to a new volume of raw and sexy all wrapped up in this new series by the author.  It is based on Talons and Everly!  Talon is finally set free after a few setbacks, but his club isnt the way it was when he went to jail. I liked Talon, you could see that prison did a number on his mental state throughout the book. He struggles with regaining control of his club. I loved that the author didnt hide both side of himself (harder and soft). Of course there was that one part of the book I really wanted to slap him because he did it on purpose!  There is only one thing that can keep him calm possibly and that is Everly.  Everly has been through a lot and even though she wishes to be claimed, something has kept the one person who has watched over her from doing it. I have yet to figure out why but may have an idea and hope to find out in the next Volume.  At the same time though Layne plays a major role in the series too. He is who has kept the MC above water while Talon has been gone. And it has been a struggle. Trust me the twist you find out about between these two is definitely a kicker. I am really anxious to see more into his world because he is like a lost puppy I want to heal at this point. Both men are sexy and Everly has a connection to both but only can be claimed by one what will happen as the story leads on? While one is a rough shoot first ask questions later, the other is a think to long type of man. I am afraid of what the future may hold when Talon and Layne may battle it out to hold up the MC, will they be able to hold the family together or will it tear it apart? Brotherhood or Love, is it possible to have both. There was a couple of spot where the scenes may have been a little rushed but overall it definitely did not take away from the novel as a whole.  I recommend this for anyone who loves MC Novels and trust me you won’t have to wait long for the next installment!!!


Ana W. Fawkes is the author of several bestselling series including:
• The billionaire erotic romance serial – BY HIS COMMAND
• The paranormal romance series featuring bikers who are werewolves – FULL MOON MERCY
• The edgy and gritty erotic romance series – WITH THE ROCKSTAR
• The intense and wild MC romance – DEVIL CALL MC

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