Love’s Patient Fury ( Deverell Series Book #3) by Susan Ward 









***The final book of the Deverell Series, An Amazon top 100 Bestselling Regency Romance Series***


At last home in England and now the Duchess of Windmere, Lady Meredith Ann Merrick is trapped in the most dangerous fiction of all: as Varian Deverell’s new bride. Submerged in her feelings of hurt and betrayal for the man who stole her heart, she fights to maintain her independence as a woman desperately navigating the warring factions of her family, and the aristocratic society who despises her husband.


Varian Deverell sets into motion his patiently constructed revenge against the men responsible for the death of his first wife, Ann. From the Merrick household he lets loose a scandal across England to destroy a band of noble conspirators who cost him immeasurable grief in their quest to destroy the British Government.


Embroiled in intrigue, danger, and passion, Varian and Meredith fight to reclaim their love and the restoration of Varian Deverell’s good name as they prove him innocent of the crimes that haunt him.


Can England and Meredith survive a patient man’s fury?

The last book of the exciting Deverell Series, Love’s Patient Fury is the climatic conclusion of two people who risk all for love.


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This is one of those novels that is not standalone and you have to read the other two in order to mostly understand where we are in this story. Even though there were a couple of points where I think could have had a little more details or backstory for the readers to understand; however,  overall the story was one that was easily followed.  You had your suspense, mystery,  and romance!  The author had a way of keeping your interest throughout the whole novel. While I did like both characters I think I loved Varian more! Varian has this darkness about him, he seeks revenge but also at the same time he wants to keep Merry safe. Especially since what happened with his first wife! Merry is still independent; however, as the story progress you can see her start to shine. Of course part of this i blame her family because they aren’t very helpful in the matter at hand between Merry and Varian. Throughout everything that happens between these two will they finally be able to overcome all the struggles or will it all be for naught? The characters are well formed, and the plot will have you wondering what will happen to these two. While I did enjoy the story I do hope there will be more to follow from some of the other characters! If your looking for a historical romance with a fresh look then this is one for you to pick up!

About Author

I’ve written 26 books in 25 years. I write contemporary romance novels about messed up rich girls with perfect looking lives & naughty little souls and the hot mercurial men they take captive…and on occasion messed up rich girls from exciting periods in US and British history, and the poor Lords and Pirates they hold under their spell.

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