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There is life after death, unfortunately for them, it’s the same one…

Brett Perkins was a soldier, until the Project killed him. Now he’s finding that life after death isn’t so hot. With the Project base destroyed, he and his team have been tasked with running down and destroying a group of rogue Bloods. Unfortunately the vampires always seem to be one step ahead. Then they start kidnapping women…

Thanks to her soon-to-be ex-husband, Julia Collier is despised and reviled in the small town of Greenwood. His stories have painted her as everything from an air-headed gold-digger to a nymphomaniac serial killer. She can’t even shop in the local store without suffering abuse from her fellow townsfolk, and that’s before the late night calls or her ex’s bully-boys following her.

When her home is broken into, Julia assumes it’s her husband making good on his threats to ‘deal with her for good’. She never dreams that it will lead a descent into another, terrifying world. One inhabited by werewolves, vampires…and zombies. Or that zombies could be so damn hot. Espeically one certain example who makes her heart pound and all her common sense disappear over the horizon. After all, what woman in her right mind would fall for the undead?

Unless the undead aren’t dead at all, but something more than human, from a world she’ll need all her wits and new abilities to survive the battle between the undead…and the dead.

Project Rebellion: They’re not heroes, they’re something else… They’re SARAs and they’re about to kick ass.

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Brett Perkins had always believed in life after death. He’d just never thought it would be the same one.

It was a question he’d thought about a lot. Occupational hazard. Up to a few months ago he and the three others in the room with him had been soldiers. An assignment to a base in the ass-end of beyond had seemed like a dead-end move for his career. Until he’d realized that he’d been sent to a top-secret project. One so classified that he’d been told most of the higher-ups didn’t even know about it. That knowledge had puffed his chest out until he’d figured out the truth. The Project was top-secret for a reason. Genetic experiments on soldiers didn’t go down so well with anyone who had a conscience.

Trouble was, no one left the Project. Not alive. Definitely not human.

Now he was neither human nor alive.

And life after death sucked hairy-ass donkey balls. Gigantic ones.

“Would you hold still?” he demanded. He squinted, trying to match up the torn flesh on the arm of the man sitting in front of him so he could staple it shut.

“Sorry. How’s this?” Evan Fredericks, their section leader, altered his position so Brett had better access. For some reason Brett had found himself designated the team medic. Which, given their newly dead-but-not-dead state, meant he got to get busy with the office supplies.

“Perfect, thanks.”

Ignoring the white of the bone deep in the wound, if he could even call it a wound since it didn’t bother Fredericks at all, Brett pulled the ragged edges together and pressed down quickly with the stapler. Stolen from the desk behind him, it was bright pink, with a happy face and some chick’s name on it. Sophie. He grunted. Nice name.

Wrapping a length of stretchy bandage around his handiwork, he tapped Fredericks on the shoulder. “Okay, good to go,” he said. “But you’re gonna need to eat something soon, to seal that up.”

A grimace crossed Fredericks face momentarily. Brett ignored it as he moved to root through the drawer of a nearby desk for more staples. Some elements of their new natures were taking more time to adjust to than others, but the need to eat was one Brett suspected none of them would ever get used to.

Because they weren’t talking about hitting up the local diner and chowing down on a burger. In fact, just the thought of cooked meat made his stomach churn, even if his brain told him he wanted it.

No, their new bodies needed something else to power and repair them. To stop their dead flesh falling into rot and decay.

Warm meat. Hot blood. Something that only moments before had a heartbeat. Something with a heartbeat if the need got bad enough. Either way, they only had a small window of opportunity. As soon as the flesh cooled, their bodies rejected it and they couldn’t eat.

In a sick twist of irony, their dead bodies needed food nearer to alive than they were. And they couldn’t avoid the need. If they refused to eat, wounds didn’t close, and their flesh began to look wrong. Like they were starting to decay. None of them wanted that.

Dying wasn’t the worst of it. Decaying in your own dead body with no way to end it all? That was a nightmare Brett didn’t want to contemplate. With the Project always on their tails, looking to recover their wayward creations, they had enough problems without adding to the burden.

Methodically, he searched the small office they’d holed up in for anything useful. They’d torch the place before they left to cover their tracks and remove any genetic material, just in case, but he had to do something to occupy his hands. Keep busy. Anything to avoid thinking.

He cast a surreptitious glance around the room. Dominic Fletcher sat at a desk by the door, and Kelwood was across the room, rocking to himself. Brett caught Fletcher’s eye and shared a look of worry. Jared had been that way since they’d been infected, his only conversation about his wife and child. A wife and child he wouldn’t be able to see again. He was dead to them now; he had to be dead to them. There was no way back to their old life. Not with what they were now.

Fredericks stood by the window, rolling his shoulder as he tested the range of motion in the injured limb. Despite the fact that the cut had opened his arm to the bone, no pain registered in his expression. Wounds didn’t bother them. No physical damage did.

Brett looked down, opening and closing his hand. He could still feel…touch, sense. But it was like their pain responses had been turned off the instant the Project had pumped whatever crap they had into their veins.

He didn’t remember their infection. All he remembered was being brought in injured and wondering if the pitted ceiling of the temporary med-bay would be the last thing he’d ever see. Then he’d woken up in a cage with the others, and it had all gone downhill from there.

The project had thrown everything it had to offer at them. Bloods, Lycans…even Reanimates. Brett shivered at the memory. Zombies powered by nothing more than the need to eat, their dead,

empty eyes had always given him the creeps. And they’d killed them all. Nothing thrown into the cage stood a chance. Bloods, Lycans, Reanimates… Nothing stood a chance against what they were.


The initials hung in his mind like a shimmering jewel. Self-Aware Re-Animate.


This author knows how to give a book hangover!  In this new series you see a fresh look on vampires (Bloods), zombies (Re-animate),  and a small bit on Lycans. Let’s just say I will never look at those genres again the same. A secret project gone wrong has set the world on its axis and unleashed some things that go bump in the night.  Re-animates are on the prowl to eliminate their enemy (the bloods) when they find out that there is another new twist to the story. I loved the plot! You were kept reading from the beginning to the end and even on the edge of your seat. At some of the times she added just the right amount of hot scenes to fire up your blood. While other times you were kept involved with the action in the story. Trust me there was never a dull moment in this novel!!! The characters where well thought and fresh! It was definitely original and one of a kind because the author took it beyond your regular paranormal characters that we read about normally,  she added her own touch to them. The author is one of those that can adds her passion into her novels! I highly recommend her novels and this is one that is at the top of my favorites!!!!

They’d turned him into a fucking zombie.

Author Bio:

Mina was born and raised in the East Farthing of Middle Earth (otherwise known as the Midlands, England) and spend her childhood learning all the sorts of things generally required of a professional adventurer. Able to ride, box, shoot, make and read maps, make chainmail and use a broadsword (with varying degrees of efficiency) she was disgusted to find that adventuring is not considered a suitable occupation these days.

So, instead of slaying dragons and hunting vampires and the like, Mina spends her days writing about hot shifters, government conspiracies and vampire lords with more than their fair share of RAWR. Turns out wanna-be adventurers have quite the turn of imagination after all…

(But she keeps that sword sharp, just in case the writing career is just a dream and she really *is* an adventurer.)

The boring part: A full time author and cover artist, Mina can usually be found hunched over a keyboard or graphics tablet, frantically trying to get the images and words in her head out and onto the screen before they drive her mad. She’s addicted to coffee and would like to be addicted to chocolate, but unfortunately chocolate dislikes her.


Blog Tour ~ Fatal Fourty-eight by Kassandra Lamb

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SERIES – The Kate Huntington Mysteries #7

AUTHOR – Kassandra Lamb

GENRE – Mystery/Thriller

PUBLICATION DATE – Nov. 12, 2014

LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 272 pages

PUBLISHER – Misterio press LLC

COVER ARTIST – Melinda VanLone, Book Cover Corner



Fatal Fourty-Eight - Book Cover




Celebration turns to nightmare when psychotherapist Kate Huntington’s guest of honor disappears en route to her own retirement party. Kate’s former boss, Sally Ford, has been kidnapped by a serial killer who holds his victims exactly forty-eight hours before killing them.

With time ticking away, the police allow Kate and her P.I. husband to help with the investigation. The FBI agents involved in the case have mixed reactions to the “civilian consultants.” The senior agent welcomes Kate’s assistance as he fine-tunes his psychological profile. His voluptuous, young partner is more by the book. She locks horns out in the field with Kate’s husband, while back at headquarters, misunderstandings abound.

But they can ill afford these distractions. Sally’s time is about to expire.







“Charles,” she said into the phone, “I’m sorry, but I have to–”

“No, baby, that’s not the issue. I don’t care about going out to dinner, but that wasn’t really where we were going tonight.”

“What do you mean?”

Charles blew out air on the other end of the line.

Dear lord, even his sighs are sexy!

“You’ve got to promise you won’t let on that I told you.”

“Told me what?”

“I was charged with getting you to your surprise retirement party tonight.”

It took a second for Sally to digest that. “So we’ve got to show up at the restaurant then.”

“Yeah, that was the tricky part, how to get you to where we’re really going,” Charles said. “The party’s at a former employee’s house. A lady named Kate…can’t remember her last name.”


“No that isn’t it.”

“Oh, right, Canfield. She’s remarried since she left the center.”

Sally glanced at her watch. Five o’clock. “Charles, I’ve gotta go. I have this client waiting. What time’s the party?”

“Seven was when I was supposed to get you there.”

“Why don’t you swing by and pick me up at quarter of. We’ll come back for my car later.”

“Okay,” Charles said, “but you’ve got to act surprised or Pauline is going to skin me alive.”

“Pauline? She’s been retired six years now!”

“You seem to inspire loyalty in even your former employees, baby.”

“Humph. See you at six forty-five.”

Sally hung up her desk phone and stood up. She tugged on the bottom of her tailored jacket. At least she was wearing something she would be comfortable in all evening. The pale peach suit was one of her favorite outfits, partly because it complemented her chocolate brown skin but mainly because it fit her so well, without any binding or pinching. Too often, in her opinion, women’s clothing was too much about the latest style and not enough about practicality and comfort.

She went out to the waiting area of the center, an apology on her lips for keeping this new client waiting.

But he never gave her a chance to verbalize it.

The short, inconsequential-looking man stood up quickly. “Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Ms. Ford. I’m thrilled to make your acquaintance.”

Thrilled to make my acquaintance? What an odd choice of words.

Sally extended her hand. As the man shook it, he placed his other hand on her arm.

A sharp zing. Her arm reflexively jerked away.

The man jumped back a little. “Oh my, I’m sorry. Static electricity.” His embarrassed laughter sounded almost feminine. “It’s such a nuisance this time of year.”

“No problem, Mr. Johnson,” Sally said. “Come on in to my office.”

He followed her down the short hallway and through the door, closing it behind him.

Sally stumbled a little as she walked to the sitting area in the corner of the room, where she talked to clients. She was even more exhausted than she’d realized. Hopefully they would be able to beg off from the party after an hour or two. She gestured toward the loveseat and lowered herself into her own chair.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Ford, for keeping you here this evening. I see that your staff has all gone home.”

Sally shook her head, then wished she hadn’t when the room spun for a brief moment. “I was planning to work late anyway.” After she’d heard the poor man’s story over the phone earlier, and his comments that had hinted of severe depression and suicidal ideation, she wasn’t about to make him wait until Monday.

She just hoped she could stay alert enough to be helpful. Fatigue was making her limbs heavy, and she realized her mind was wandering. Mr. Johnson was talking and she had no idea what he had just said. She shook her head again. Her vision blurred but her mind cleared enough for his words to partially register.

“What time is Mr. Tolliver picking you up, Ms. Ford?”

Sally tried to push herself up straighter in her chair. She wondered vaguely how this man knew about Charles. “What did you say?” Her voice sounded slurred, as if she’d been drinking.

“I need to know exactly when Mr. Tolliver was supposed to pick you up, Ms. Ford,” Johnson said more firmly.

Was supposed to, not is picking me up!

Panic shot through her system. Her brain told her body to jump up and run, but her limbs didn’t respond. They felt like they were made of lead.

“Why…” Sally’s head fell back against the chair, her neck no longer able to support its weight.

“Because that is when the clock starts,” the man said.

But Sally didn’t hear him. She had already sunk into darkness.


Kate Huntington-Canfield:

Born Kathleen O’Donnell, Kate has the Black-Irish coloring of dark curls and sky-blue eyes. At five-eight and with a decent figure–thanks to a good metabolism and tri-weekly aikido classes–she considers herself reasonably attractive. But occasionally another woman comes on to her hunky second husband, an uncomfortable reminder that she’s not quite in his league looks-wise.

Kate’s known for her voracious appetite, her inability to cook much of anything that’s edible, her warmth and intelligence, and an insatiable curiosity about what makes people tick. Her greatest passion, after her husband, is her work as a psychotherapist specializing in helping people recover from the traumatic events in their lives.

Trauma entered her own life a few years ago, when she was widowed at the hands of a killer with a murderous grudge against her and her close friend, lawyer Rob Franklin (Book 1 in the series).

Kate gets a second chance at love with private detective, Skip Canfield, but their respective professions sometimes bring murder and mayhem into their lives. Kate can’t help but worry that someday she will lose another husband to violence.

Reginald William “Skip” Canfield, III:

Skip Canfield is six-five and drop-dead gorgeous. Gold flecks dance in his hazel eyes and his straight, brown hair has an annoying habit of flopping down over his forehead. But he wasn’t always tall, broad-shouldered and buff. The short, scrawny teenager who was bullied because of his goofy nickname still lives inside of him.

One can hear a touch of his Texan origins in his speech now and again, even though he’s lived in Maryland a couple decades now. Sometimes he let’s that Texas drawl creep in on purpose, when he wants to charm the ladies.

He was a confirmed bachelor, until he reconnected with a former client during a case several years ago. That summer, he fell for Kate Huntington and fell hard. But she was still grieving for her murdered husband (Book 2).

Skip is nothing if not patient, and eventually his patience paid off (Book 3). His laid-back personality serves him well in his work as a bodyguard and private investigator. There’s only one thing that can cause him to lose his cool–a threat to his wife or kids.

He and Kate have built a good life together. He adores his sometimes intense, occasionally a tad jealous, but always delightful and delectable wife.


Are you looking for a mystery suspenseful thriller novel all rolled into one? Then get ready because you will find it in Fatal Fourty-eight! The author immediately pulls you into the novel by starting it with one of the main characters being kidnapped and the clock ticking.  As her friends try to find clues on who and why your slowly linked into the psychological aspect of the killer and their reasoning behind the timeline and victims that is chosen. Will her friends find her before the time is up? Or will she be another sacrifice in the mind of this serial killer? As the time starts dwindling down more people are called into action to find that missing link. You will see how close a group of friends can become and resources they can pull together to save the one they love.  How the author has the capability of writing it so descriptive makes me wonder at how much research she has done because it is very believable.  The plot the author created was one that will have you praying they find her because the author gives you breadcrumbs to clues. Even though this is a series trust me you can read them out of order and not feel like your missing out, I do recommend reading the others because they each have their own story to tell. 

Cruel Capers - Author Photo




Writing and psychology have always vied for number one on Kassandra Lamb’s Greatest Passions list. In her youth, she had to make a decision between writing and paying the bills. Partial to electricity and food, she studied psychology. Now retired from a career as a psychotherapist and college professor, she spends most of her time in an alternate universe with her characters. The portal to this universe (aka her computer) is located in Florida where her husband and dog catch occasional glimpses of her. She and her husband also spend part of each summer in her native Maryland, where the Kate Huntington mysteries are set.





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