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Title: All I Want

Series: Alabama Summer #2

Author: J Daniels

 Release Date: November 24, 2014




Luke Evans is a heartbreaker.

I didn’t want to give mine to him. Not when he kept

me out.

He gave me enough, just enough to make me fall in

love with him. I say this to convince myself. But I know the truth.

I would’ve fallen in love with him at a distance.

Handing my heart over to Luke was the easiest thing

I’ve ever done. I was naive when I wished for more, when I hoped he wanted the

same things I did.

I try to hate him. I try to forget him.

But it’s not that easy. 

Love is a ruthless bitch, and I’m her latest victim.



Tessa Kelly is a man-eater.

When she sets her sights on you, she doesn’t just

consume your heart, she goes for your soul.

What we had was perfect, real, and all I would ever


But she destroyed it.

She destroyed us.

I try to hate her. I try to forget her.

But it’s not that easy.

Love is for people who have hope, and I have none.


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#1 Where I Belong




months ago




Jesus. Fuck, no.

There are absolutely zero good-looking men

at this thing. Besides Reed, who disappeared an hour ago with some giggly

brunette, and the man I refuse to acknowledge. Weddings are supposed to be a

breeding ground for nameless hook-ups, and I’m shit out of luck at this one. So

instead of getting drilled in a concealed corner somewhere, my dress bunched

around my waist as a stranger becomes familiar with my sounds, I’m having to

find other ways to pass the time.

Eat cake.

Hit up the open bar.

Eat more cake.

Dance with Nolan.

Get cake with Nolan.

Steal Mia away from Ben.

Watch Mia get carried off by Ben.

And now this.

Sitting at an empty table, watching as Ben,

Mia, and Nolan all slow dance together. Nolan’s in between them, rubbing Mia’s

growing baby bump, while Ben can’t seem to keep his eyes off his new wife. I’m

crazy happy for them, but right now, I can’t watch them share another perfect

family moment in front of me. I need a break from this. Just a few minutes to

get some air.

I step out of the tent and head across the

lawn toward the Estate House. I’m walking aimlessly, not having any destination

in mind. I just need to get away from all the love for a second. Love is great

when you’re with someone. It’s better when it’s reciprocated. But it fucking

sucks when that shit is one-sided.

And that’s the only way I’ve known it.

I walk down the side of the building and

turn right to go around the back. As soon as I round the corner, I see him.

He’s leaning against the building behind

some shrubs, head back, eyes closed, lips slightly parted. His sandy-brown hair

is cut shorter than normal, almost buzzed completely, and it does really

annoying things to his face. Like show it off more. Those ridiculously gorgeous

features of his are on display for my eyes right now, and I don’t have to avert

my gaze because he doesn’t know I’m watching. He has no idea I’m staring at his

sharp, angular cheekbones, the fullness of his mouth, or the bump at the bridge

of his nose that I see as this perfect imperfection.

God, I fucking love that bump.

His face tenses as his arms move to the

front of his body, and I let my eyes roam to the reason for this change.

The blonde I recognize from the wedding is

on her knees with his cock lodged in her mouth, deep throating it until she

gags. His hands are in her hair, encouraging her, pulling her closer until she

practically swallows him whole. I lift my eyes to that face I was just secretly

admiring seconds ago. It’s no longer tempting me to keep my presence unknown.

Because there’s no way in hell I’m going to let this shit happen right now.

Fuck him, and his face.

I step in front of the bush and make a

fist, clearing my throat into it. Luke’s eyes shoot open and he grabs the

blonde’s head, sliding her off his cock. She releases it with a pop and a grunt

of disappointment. Apparently, she isn’t finished. But she looks pretty fucking

finished to me.

Luke tucks himself away quickly. “What the

fuck, Tessa? What are you doing?”

I look from him to the blonde. “Oh,

sweetie. You might want to go disinfect. He’s got the herp.”

Slutty blonde parts her lips as if she’s

waiting for another cock. She stands and wipes her mouth with the back of her

hand, glaring in Luke’s direction. “Oh my God. Are you serious? You have


Luke’s wide eyes train on mine. “What? No I


“He’s really sweet about it though,” I say,

looking sympathetically at the blonde. “He pays for my Valtrex every month.” I

turn my eyes to Luke, letting out a swooning sigh. “So romantic.”

Blonde shoves against Luke’s chest. “You’re


“I don’t have fucking herpes!” Luke

adamantly vows as he tightens his belt.

I watch, basking in my victory as blonde

trudges through the grass, getting her heel caught in the process. She stumbles

a bit, glares at Luke over her shoulder, and disappears around the corner.

“I can’t fucking believe you just did

that,” Luke says, prompting me to whip my head around to look at him. He

buttons his suit jacket up and steps closer. “What the hell is wrong with you?”


What happened between us.


the fact that you’ve obviously moved on without any difficulty.

I close the gap and he freezes, his hand

flattening against his jacket. My gaze flicks from his crotch to his face, and

I mask all the hurt of seeing this asshole with another woman behind the fakest

smile I’ve ever worn.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with me.

You, on the other hand, might want to go to the clinic. If you didn’t have an

STD before that whore touched you, I’m sure you have one now.”



turn and storm away before he can give me a comeback. But more importantly,

before he can see the smile fading from my lips.

Author Bio


J. Daniels was born and raised in Maryland.

After putting her kids to bed, she escapes into her cheeky world where some of her characters kiss, and some of them do a lot more than kiss.

She is an avid reader and enjoys everything from unconventional romance to fantasy novels.



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Blog Tour ~The Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall by Lauren Smith


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Title: The Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall  

Series: Dark Seductions # 1  

Author: Lauren Smith  

Audience: Adult  

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Modern Gothic Romance  

Formats: E-book and Paperback  

Publisher: Entangled Publishing  

Cover by: Heather Howland  

Editor: Tracy Montoya  

Pages: 253 pages  

ISBN: 978-1-63375-104-0  

ASIN: B00NE06UI4  

Date Published: 29 September 2014  


To defeat a dark evil, they must face his family’s past…  

Bastian Carlisle, the Earl of Weymouth, doesn’t believe in ghosts. Even though tragedy and mysterious hauntings have driven his family away from his ancestral home, Stormclyffe Hall, he is determined to restore the castle to its former glory. His plans are disrupted when a stubborn American shows up on his doorstep hoping to pry into his family’s tragic history.  

Jane Seyton, an American graduate student, is convinced there’s more to the tragedy of Stormclyffe Hall than history claims. Ever the scholar, she is determined to discover the truth, even if it means putting up with the arrogant, yet sexy, Bastian.  

Although Bastian wants nothing to do with the pushy American, it soon becomes clear that something evil is in the house—and that something is targeting both Jane and Bastian. The two must join forces to purge the ghosts of Stormclyffe Hall once and for all—even as they try to fight a physical attraction between them that grows more and more impossible to deny.  

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Weymouth, England, 1811  

The crash of thunder woke Richard, Earl of Weymouth. The fire in the hearth was low, the embers no longer crackling, and a cold draft pressed in around him as a storm raged outside. Pulling a loose sheet around his hips, he reached across the bed for his wife, who was still weak from bearing him a healthy son a month ago. His hands stopped short as he encountered nothing but the twisted sheets where her body had lain.  

An icy tendril of fear churned in his stomach. She never left their bed when it rained. Storms frightened her. Isabelle usually curled into his side, burying her face against his throat for comfort.  

Heavy rain whipped against the windows, the fierce staccato a warning to stay inside. Wind whistled through the room, teasing tapestries out, then back against the walls as though bodies moved behind them. A rumble of thunder seemed to shake the stones of his ancestral home, Stormclyffe Hall.  

“Isabelle?” he called out. “Love?”  

Only the crash of thunder answered.  

Lightning streaked past the window and illuminated his son’s cradle.  

A sharp cry split the air.  

Richard leaped out of bed, the icy floor stinging his bare feet as he rushed to the cradle. Murmuring soft, sweet words, he lifted his son, Edward, tucking him in the crook of one arm, relieved the babe was safe. He never thought he would be the paternal sort, but Isabelle and their babe brought out the tenderness in him.  

The town viewed his marriage as a disgrace. Earls didn’t marry the daughters of innkeepers. But Richard hadn’t cared. He loved her and would do anything to have her in his life.  

A frown tugged down the corners of his lips. “Where is your mother, Edward?”  

Thunder once again rocked the hall. October storms thrashed the castle and nearby cliffs with a wicked vengeance. Trees were split in half by lightning; the edges of the cliff decayed inward, inching ever closer to the castle. Although the storm this night was no different, something felt wrong. A bite to the air, a sense of dread digging into his spine.  

As the baby’s long eyelashes drowsily settled back down on his plump cheeks, Richard assured himself that the baby’s linens were dry and Edward was content. He brushed his lips over his son’s forehead and set him back in the cradle.  

When he stepped back, glancing out the window that overlooked the sea, his blood froze. A feminine silhouette clambered through the rock outcroppings by the cliff’s edge.  

Even from a distance, he knew with a horrifying certainty it was Isabelle.  

It was madness to be outside, alone by the cliffs. She knew the dangers, knew the soft dirt around the cliffs crumbled into the sea. Only the year before, a boy from the village had fallen to his death when the ground by the edge gave way.  

“Isabelle!” he gasped, the single intake of air burning his chest as though fire had erupted within.  

Before he had time to move, the sky blackened, his vision robbed of light.  

When lightning again bathed the rocks, Isabelle was gone.  

His stomach clenched with a fear so profound, it flayed open his chest with poison-tipped claws.  

Shouting for his cloak and boots, he raced from the room. The nurse emerged from down the hall, her white cap askew, and gray hair frizzing out from under the edges.  

“Take charge of the baby!” he yelled as he ran past her.  

She nodded and hurried to his room.  

His valet, followed by several footmen, raced to his aid, carrying clothes. He snatched them and dressed as he ran, his men right behind him dashing through the deluge.  

When they reached the cliffs, there was no sign of Isabelle.  

“My lord!” a footman by the edge shouted.  

Afraid to look, yet unable to tear his eyes away, Richard stared down to where the man’s finger pointed. The black shadow of Isabelle’s cloak caught on a razor-thin piece of rock, fluttering madly like a bat’s wing. Lightning slashed above them, its terrible light revealing a dark smear beneath the cloak’s erratic movements.  

Blood. Isabelle’s blood. Had she jumped to her death?  

“No!” A crash of thunder swallowed his roar of despair.  

He dove for the edge, wanting to follow her into the frothing gray seas. A cloak smeared with blood. All that remained of his wife.  

He’d fought too hard to win her love, her trust. They’d suffered through too much together, to be divided now. He couldn’t raise Edward alone.  

“No…please, no.” The pleading came from the bottom of his soul, torn from his heart.  

She was gone.  

Strong arms hauled Richard back from the ledge, pinning him to the earth.  

“It is too late, my lord. She’s gone.”  

She was his Isabelle, his heart…  

Why had she jumped? Had she been unhappy? It couldn’t be that. He would have known, and he would have done anything in his power to make her happy.  

“We must find her,” he told the men standing around him.  

An older man, Richard’s head gardener, shook his head. “We can’t search in this weather, and her body will be gone by the time the storm ends. But we’ll try to find what we can on the morrow, if you wish.”  

“I do,” Richard growled. Despair was replaced with vengeance.  

He faced Stormclyffe. Lightning laced the skies behind it in a white, delicate pattern. The centuries-old castle loomed out of the darkness, a defensive wolf with the battlements as its bared teeth.  

It didn’t matter that his infant son waited in a lonely cradle, eager for the loving touch of his remaining parent.  

Richard was lost.  

He wanted nothing to do with the life he’d had, the riches, the earldom. He despised it all. Every blessed memory he ever had that reminded him of Isabelle made him furious. She was gone from his life forever. He could not bring himself to dwell on his son; it only cleaved his chest in two. His love, his heart, was being battered against the rocks below.  


Chapter 1  

Weymouth, England, Present Day  

Blood splashed against white porcelain, the ruby-red liquid spreading outward in a chaotic pattern.  

Jane Seyton hissed, clutching her leg. The cut burned like the devil. She slapped a palm over the sliced flesh, but crimson liquid seeped through her fingers. She set down her razor and reached for the shower nozzle, aiming it at the red streaks, washing them down the drain. A thin trail of red still trickled down the tub’s edge, and she blasted with the nozzle again, desperately trying to erase the unsettling sight of her own blood.  

She hobbled out of the shower, rummaging through her makeup bag until she found a Band-Aid.  

Her room in the tiny inn was quiet, the silence thick and a little unsettling. She hummed to break up the suffocating lack of noise.  

It had been a tiring journey from Cambridge to the small, desolate coast near Weymouth in southern England. The White Lady Inn had an almost macabre wooden sign, a silhouetted woman in white standing at the edge of a vast cliffside, her dress billowing out to sea in a cloud of smokelike swirls. It swung above the door and creaked with the slightest breeze. Despite the inn being situated between a lively pub and a quaint grocery store, there seemed to be a zone of quiet within the inn itself. Her room was a drab little place, with a narrow bed and whitewashed walls.  

The same family had owned this inn for over two hundred years, passing it down from generation to generation. It was only natural that the place had seen better days and could use a little work. Yet, the awful silence made her skin tingle. She’d hardly slept last night, jumping at every small creak and groan. Taking herself to task, she’d consciously reminded herself that older places made such noises as the wood and stone settled into place.  

Today she was driving up to the old castle-like manor house, Stormclyffe Hall, where she was going to meet the owner, the ninth Earl of Weymouth. After several emails back and forth, he’d reluctantly given her permission to tour the grounds along with other visitors but made no mention of getting access to the house’s historical papers. Her dissertation was on the tragic stories of some of Britain’s ancient castles and manor houses, with a particular emphasis on Stormclyffe and its effect on Weymouth. Her committee chair, Dr. Blackwell, had given her two weeks to find sources to supplement her theories on Stormclyffe Hall. Since the last four years of research footwork had been done on this one particular castle, she couldn’t switch the focus easily to another location. If she couldn’t get what she needed, she wouldn’t get Blackwell’s approval and she’d have to start her dissertation, for a PhD in history, over completely.  

In order to complete her research, she had to find out what actually happened to the current earl’s ancestors, Richard and his wife, Isabelle, who’d both died under mysterious circumstances. Rumor had it Isabelle had committed suicide. People claimed to have seen her ghost walking the cliffs. Richard had been found one foggy morning shortly thereafter sprawled in his study, a broken brandy glass next to his body. He had apparently drunk himself to an early grave a year after his wife’s passing. The locals claimed the earl’s spirit was trapped within the walls of his castle, restlessly searching for his dead wife, his mournful cries piercing the air on windless nights.  

What Jane hadn’t told the current earl or anyone else was the more personal reason for her focus on Stormclyffe Hall. Ever since she’d seen an old photo of it, she felt an almost mystical pull. Lately she couldn’t seem to focus on anything else.  

The hall whispered to her on the darkest of nights, with soft murmurs and teasing visions just as she began to fall asleep. Before dawn, she’d awaken, hands trembling with the feel of heavy stones against her palms, her heart racing and lips drawn back in a scream as though she’d fallen from the cliffs herself. What she felt, however, in each and every dream she had lately were hands shoving at her lower back, pushing her over the edge against her will.  

The obsession with Stormclyffe had cost her so much already. The months of work on her dissertation were now at risk of being set aside if she couldn’t find primary sources. It would be back to square one if she had to pick another castle and start all of her initial research over again, but that wasn’t the worst of it. Her fiancé Tim had broken off their engagement and ended their two-year relationship, telling her he found her obsession with the castle “creepy” and that he worried she was mentally unstable.  

But Jane’s dreams made her wonder if the young countess hadn’t jumped but been pushed by…someone. And that was the root of her obsession. The nightmares were slowly driving her mad, and she knew she had to get to the bottom of what happened to Isabelle if she ever hoped to find peace. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could stand waking up every night gasping for breath and her bones aching as though they’d been smashed upon saltwater-covered rocks. The last few months she and Tim had been together, her dreams had grown increasingly vivid and terrifying, and they’d woken him up as well.  

The beginning of the end.  

She would never forget the look on his face, the tightness to his eyes and the way his lips pursed as he’d held out his hand and asked for his engagement ring back. His bags were packed and sitting by the door, and he’d left within minutes of destroying her life and all of her hopes for the future. Their future.  

With a little sigh, she smoothed her left thumb over the base of her naked fourth finger. Even after four months, she still felt bare without it. A splinter of pain shot through her chest, and she clenched her fist, avoiding looking at her hand anymore. She rubbed a towel through her hair before blow-drying it. She could have used a flat iron to tame the mess of dark waves, but she’d fried that when she first arrived in England and plugged it into the wall socket with a converter that hadn’t worked properly. She’d never gotten around to buying another one.  

Not that it mattered. Given that her academic pursuits tended to involve panels of older, balding male professors in tweed jackets, she rarely bothered with her looks. Her current mission, though, required a more professional touch to her hair and wardrobe. She figured if she looked fashionable and presentable, it might help further her research goals. Easier said than done. She was fully aware she wasn’t the sort of woman men fawned over, but her dissertation depended on access to the earl’s family archives, and she’d get dolled up if it would help make sure he didn’t change his mind about letting her pry into his papers.  

The current earl had proved initially reluctant to allow her access to his family history, but when she’d persisted through a deluge of emails and letters, he’d reluctantly said she’d be welcome to tour the grounds along with other tourists once the remodeling was over. That had been four months ago. Stormclyffe didn’t have a website to clue her in on whether the grounds were open to tourists or not, but the remodeling had to be done by now. She couldn’t wait any longer. And she wasn’t going to take no for an answer on getting into those original sources from the current earl.  

A smile tugged at her lips.  

Sebastian Carlisle, the ninth Earl of Weymouth. A rich playboy with the world at his fingertips. Of course he was tall, with gorgeous, dark blond hair like melted gold and eyes the shade of cinnamon. By all reports, his life consisted of fast cars, leggy models with perfect hair, and wealth beyond imagining. The man was definitely not her type, but she needed to impress him if she was to stay at the castle and work.  

Her internet searches also revealed a fair amount about him, aside from his romantic entanglements, and she’d been impressed. With a PhD in history from Cambridge and degrees in numerous foreign languages, he showed a surprising amount of scholarship. Despite his flashy lifestyle, he’d helped push for preservation of historical landmarks throughout Britain and was a member of the Royal Historical Society.  

His town house in London was rumored to have one of the country’s best library collections, second only to other collections in aristocratic homes like Althorp, home to the ninth Earl Spencer. Even she had to admit that despite Carlisle’s reputation as the most seductive man in all of England, and he might also be one of the smartest.  

She slipped into her favorite pair of jeans and a comfortable pair of black boots before donning a thick, gray, cable-knit sweater. Back home in Charleston, the weather would be light and warm, but the English coast was always cold in late October. Sea spray drifted far into town, sinking into her bones through the walls of the White Lady Inn.  

Though it was still early afternoon, the sky outside her room dimmed as the low-hanging clouds drifted off the sea, dragging their vast looming shapes through the town and blocking out the sun’s illumination. A chill seeped through the glass of the window, frosting the edges with dew that pebbled around the panes.  

A sudden knot gathered at the base of her skull, the tiny hairs on the back of her neck rising. The air inside was now as cold as outside. Her breath exhaled in a cottony puff, and her skin tingled with a strange sensation. Her muscles tensed in response as though her body expected something to happen. If she hadn’t known without a doubt that she was alone, she would have sworn someone was watching her.  



In this novel you receive the perfect blend of paranormal mixed with romance and mystery as you become pulled into the story! I have to say that the author knows how to immediately capture her audience and keep them wanting to read because as I was going through this I didn’t realize how much time had passed before I put it down. And trust me this novel did not leave my hands but on a couple of occasions!  You have a mixture of cultural characters such as Jane and the handsome earl Bastian! Jane is an American Graduate who wants to know more about the castle amd the earls family for her PhD. however she may have taken on too much when the truth starts becoming uncovered!  Bastian, I loved how his true nature eventually started to peek out. At the beginning he was arrogant and selfish blame him afterall his family could be conisdered cursed. The author did an exceptional job writing the plot. That and the characters were flawless and you had enough entertainment that this is one of those books I will be coming back to read again. Are you ready to read a novel that will have your blood flowing,  then pick this one up because you will have this and other emotions all at the same time! I can’t wait to see what  will happen with this series!


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about the author


 Lauren Smith is an attorney by day, author by night, who pens adventurous and edgy romance stories by the light of her smart phone flashlight app. She’s a native Oklahoman who lives with her three pets—a feisty chinchilla, sophisticated cat and dapper little schnauzer. She’s won multiple awards in several romance subgenres including being an Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist and a Semi-Finalist for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award.  

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***HAPPY RELEASE DAY*** RACE TO THE MOON BY Michelle Cornewll-Jordan

Race for the Moon - Banner




TITLE  Race For The Moon

SERIES  Trilogy

AUTHOR  Michelle Cornewll-Jordan

GENRE  Young Teens (13-16)

PUBLICATION DATE  November 27, 2014


COVER ARTIST  Amy Rooney  CV Writer Designs




Race for the Moon - Cover




When Ten year old Ivee falls asleep one night, she awakens to a strange new world; one without Adults. She and those like her left behind discovers that anyone twenty-one years old or older had vanished, including her parents. Along with the disappearances of loved ones; every modern convenienceelectricity, computers, phoneshad been taken away as well.So Ivee discovers herself in a strange new world and with the realization that she is responsible not only for her survival, but that of her sister Celia.

Seven years later, Seventeen-year-old Ivee is happy with her life; feeling safe behind the gates of the Northlander’s camp in the Northern Division of Athol. Things were good until her sister gets kidnapped by another factionthe Downenders. Ivee receives a map and a message; she has a week, which is the next full moon, to make her way to the southern end of the city, to save her sister. As she sets out on her journey; Ivee discovers how different everything has truly become outside the gates of her home. She witnessesPhantom Airships, Manbots and Ghostly Wolvesas just a few of the surprise encounters during her quest. She is not alone; one of her campmates joins her mission, and she also meets a handsome and mysterious boy, called the Savior. He teams up for their journey, only saying he has unfinished business with the Downies.

Many truths arise during the adventure, the biggest truth Ivee discovers is that she will do whatever it takes to persevere, against the terrors of the dark new land.

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan Author pic


Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a New Adult/Young Adult-Paranormal Author. Her titles include a YA Novella series Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy- (SchoolNightz) and novel Chrysalis.

She is also the producer of the online radio segment IndieReview Behind The Scenes, where she and her co-host Jamie B

Musings interviews Indie Authors and Musicians.

Michelle has been married for 19 years and has a 16 year old daughter. A book lover, her favorite genre has always been paranormal adventures.

Another love is writing. Michelle has been writing about as long as she has been a bibliophile! Losing herself in a fantasy world that she is creating on paper is how she loves spending her spare time.



Website /Blog /Face Book /Face Book-IndieReview Behind The Scenes on Face Book /

Face Book-IndieWritersReview YA Blog on Face Book /Pinterest /

Istagram /IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio



Race For The Moon Prize Packet

– 1 Signed Copy of Race For The Moon

-$10 Amazon Gift Card

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TITLE  Before Time

SERIES  The Time Series

AUTHOR  Xunaira J.

GENRE  New Adult / Tragic Romance

PUBLICATION DATE  22nd November 2014




His eyes told her what his tongue could not.

Nineteen-year-old Onaiza Shahid is a loner and a dreamer, bookish and socially isolated. A chance ramble into a chatting software changes everything. The words of a stranger compel her. Addicted and falling fast, their secret love changes her life. But will the idealistic teenager get her happily ever after?

Before Time - Book Cover






Before Time - Author Photo



As a thirteen year old teenager, Xunaira J. aspired to be an author someday. From short stories to novellas, she has written them all but as an adult now, she has published two short stories and is now aiming to publish her first Novel, Before Time, scheduled for November release. Xunaira resides in Islamabad, Pakistan and enjoys a hot cup of cappuccino, a good romance novel and her favorite music from the 80’s. Apart from that, when she’s not working on her current literary project, she loves developing mobile applications and studies as a software engineer.






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Blog Tour~ Avenge Her Highland Warrior by Samantha Holt

To Avenge - Tour Banner



TITLE  To Avenge Her Highland Warrior

SERIES  Highland Fae Chronicles #3

AUTHOR  Samantha Holt

GENRE  Historical Romance


LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 60000



Lorna lost everything to war. Her home, her wealth… her lover. And now she wants revenge.

When her hasty plan throws her at the mercy of her enemy’s men, she holds little hope of returning to her kin and fears death is around the corner. But could her salvation lie in the arms of her dark captor?

Logan has little time to be dealing with a stubborn noble woman. His orders are to prepare for war. His lairdthe man he owes his life tointends to join forces with the Norse and bring a battle to Scotland that will see the fate of the country forever changed. Scarred, and with no memory of his past, Logan is determined to forge a new future for himself as well as prove his loyalty to the laird.

But the beautiful lass has him questioning his previous life and his goals. When she starts claiming he once loved her, he knows he’s being manipulated and she’s taking advantage of his memory loss. So why is it so hard to resist the idea of having once been her lover?

With the threat of impending wara battle that promises to bring slaughter to her familycan Lorna persuade Logan to believe her, and is the bitter man he’s become even worth saving?

Whatever the outcome of the battle, a certain interfering faery is resolved to see fate back on its correct path. And that means forcing Lorna and Logan togetherno matter their differences.

To Avenge - Book Cover







Logan clenched his jaw and the roar of the storm sounded closer. He had to leave yet his feet refused to move. Why stay? Why torture himself further? His heart pounded against his chest. In the next flash, he was close once more. Within touching distance. He saw her features more clearly now. The distress in her eyes, the golden strands of hair curling around her pointed chin. The fan of her lashes lowered and lifted in one slow sweep until her gaze locked onto his.

Logan, she whispered, voice tremulous, but he did not know if that was a plea for him to leave or come closer.

Logan, she tried again.

The shaky quality of her voice pulled at his gut. His gaze traced the curl that flowed over one shoulder and down, caressing her gentle curves like a loverlike he once had apparently. His palms tingled with the need to feel the soft give of her flesh beneath him.

The next flash highlighted her trembling form. The fragile hollow of her neck fluttered with her pulse and his mouth grew dry with the need to press his lips to it.

Damn her. Like a siren, she lured him in.

He almost backed away. How long they had been standing like that he knew not. It may have been momentsa mere few flashes of lighteningbut the thickening of the air between them seemed to slow time.

The tremble of her lips gripped his heart, squeezed it hard and painfully. An aggravating need to take care of her ate into him, softened him to her.

Logan closed the gap. The next rumble lined up with him gripping her upper arms and pushing her back against the wall. She gasped, the sound clear to him even as the skies crashed about them. Hot anger mingled with need. It burned through him and set his nerve endings alight. How dare she have such a hold over him, how dare she make him want her?

Soft, delicate breasts pressed against him. Slim thighs quaked against his. With a hiss of breath, he lowered his mouth to hers as she stared up at him. Before his lips met hers, her eyes flashed with a plea, but was she begging him to kiss her or leave her be? He couldn’t decide what he wanted either, but she left him with little choice.

The first touch made him wonder if he had not indeed been struck by lightning. Frissons shot through him, curled into his blood and fired his fury and lust. Lorna released a tiny sound and he pressed his lips hard to hers this time. She whimpered. Her lips felt hot beneath his. Her taste threatened to drown him.

Satisfaction settled in his gut when she arched into him. He kept hold of her arms, allowing little movement but that up thrust of breasts and hips into him made him hiss and press harder. He coaxed her lips apart, and she gasped when he invaded the heated recesses of her mouth. Logan kissed her deeply, with little apology. He needed this, needed her.

I heard about these characters slightly in the last novel and was excited when I found out the author was for sure writing about Lorna and Logan. The author creates a master piece with each of these novels with a little help from the Fae side. If you are looking for a novel that is a historical romantic Highlander with a touch of the fae magic and humor then this is one for you try. I loved the characters in this one. Lorna is one of those headstrong, ambitious, and always thinks of others before herself. Of course that could be why she got herself stuck in this sticky situation! Logan has woken up from a near death experience with no memory. I couldn’t even imagine the pain and suffering he went through! ! His old self is no longer there. My heart was literally hurting from this story and the author had me in for a scare. The hearts of two past lovers stand in the hands of a mischievous fairy who likes to drink when she is stressed. This is what the author does an excellent job at is playing with her readers so they are entertained and not sure which way the story may go until the end. I am really sad to see this series end! Yes everyone of these are a standalone! However, I recommend reading them all!


Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls and husband who is a trained bodyguard and ex-soldier. She enjoys writing historical romance involving chivalrous knights, hot highlanders and cravatted men, but sometimes gets lured away by bad boy bikers, soldiers and other heroic modern men.





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Hunt For Snow Tour Banner

The Hunt For Snow

by S.E. Babin

Fairytale League #1

Publication Date: October 20, 2014

Genres: Urban Fantasy


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The Hunt for Snow Cover


Fairytales with a twist! Snow has successfully avoided her past for years … until now. With an evil queen bent on her destruction and a hunter bent on her seduction, she has no choice but to run. Who will find her first? S.E. Babin presents The Hunt for Snow, Book 1 of her exciting, new fantasy series, Fairytale League.

Every ten years a convention is held in a neutral location where people from all the realms come together and reunite. This is no ordinary conference, though, because everyone who shows up holds a place of honor in the legends of old. But there’s one person who doesn’t care that Earth is neutral territory. The Evil Queen, Naomi, is out to settle a score, and she’s brought along one of her most talented henchman to teach the one who got away a harsh lesson.

Snow’s past is shrouded in mystery. Mild cryptozoologist by day, private investigator by night, Snow is dead set on one thing — staying far away from the Huntsman who haunts her dreams. When she shows up to the conference with her two best friends in tow, things start going awry right away. Mere minutes after arriving, they find themselves thrust back into the world they’ve tried so hard to avoid. Now, along with the help of her friends, Snow is struggling to stay one step ahead of the queen who wants to destroy her — and the Huntsman who wants to possess her at all costs.

The hunt for Snow is on. But who will find her first?

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I nodded, squared my shoulders and started walking to the devil’s house. As I stood on the porch, the smells of home cooked food and wood smoke made my stomach growl. I really couldn’t get over how much the house had surprised me. Either Rumpel was a master at illusion, or this was how he lived all the time. Maybe it was a little bit of both. I knocked on the door, surprised when it opened underneath my hand.

The inside was just as homey as the outside. Comfortably worn chairs circled the small living area. A small fire crackled cheerily in the hearth. Kitschy knickknacks littered the tables and the shelves, depictions of small town life. Very Thomas Kinkade. And very unlike the man I expected Rumpel to be. I looked into the kitchen area and saw a tall man stirring a pot. His clothes fell on his lanky frame, clean but worn.

He set the spoon down and turned to face us.

I couldn’t help it. I blinked, opened my mouth to speak, shut it, and then blinked again. Rumpelstiltskin was drop-dead gorgeous. I looked over to Belle and Cyndi and both of them had their mouths wide open.

A smirk appeared on his face. “Why is it everyone thinks I’m hideous?”

“Ummm,” I said eloquently.

He shook his head, said something under his breath, and gestured for us to sit around the large circular table in his dining room. It was made out of a dark wood, the surface scarred from years of overuse. We meekly sat down, amongst the disgusted grumblings of Robin Hood. “I swear,” he muttered under his breath, “you woman are all the same. Struck dumb at the sight of a pretty face.”

“Shut up,” I muttered in annoyance. Rumpel was not just another pretty face. He was reminiscent of an ancient warrior, an angular face highlighted with strong cheekbones, and deeply tanned. A thin white scar ran down from the side of his right eyebrow to the bottom of his lip, but it did nothing to detract from his beauty. Instead, it just enhanced it. His eyes shimmered with ancient magic, a maelstrom of pictures and images floating through them. One moment gray, the next moment a haunting tawny gold, they were the most fascinating thing about him. Jet-black hair hung around his face and settled at the tops of his shoulders.

He reached up to one of his cabinets, exposing powerful tanned arms, scarred from his upper biceps down to his lean hands. His face and body told a story of grudges and power plays and ancient feuds. He was both terrifying and gloriously beautiful.


I glanced around at my friends, still struck dumb, then at Robin who was sitting at the table with his arms crossed looking pissed off at the world. I shrugged. “Yes, please. Thank you for your hospitality.”

“Do not thank me yet,” he said, his voice a deep rasp as if unused for years. “We haven’t begun to deal.” He looked over his shoulder at me, those haunting eyes seemingly piercing through my soul and unveiling my deepest secrets. “You are here to deal, yes?”

I swallowed and nodded.

“Good.” Rumpel busied himself with clattering around the kitchen and serving us up some of the stew he was making in the massive pot on the stove.

I sat there dumbly, staring at his powerful frame when Cyndi leaned over. “Close your mouth. You’ll attract flies.”

I closed it and glared at her. “You’re just as guilty,” I accused.

She smiled. “Hard to act normal around a vision like that.” Her gaze roamed over his body in a frank, appraising glance I’d never quite seen her use before.

“Stop staring at me, orphan, or I will tear your eyes right out of your head.”

Oh snap.

Cyndi’s eyes widened and a brilliant, beatific grin spread across her face. I stared at her in horror. “Freak,” I muttered.

“He likes me,” she whispered.


Do you remember the fairytales we grew up with? Well get ready for a new outlook on the story we thought we knew about Snow! Well the author has taken that classical story and gave us the fairytale and our world combination. I thought this would be one ride I wanted to join when I first started to read it and I was not disappointed. I loved that the author did infact keep the main characters the same but decided to play with the story. Snow has escaped from her home with the help of the handyman years ago. Now she is going back. Why would he let her escape and does he have other motives?  The evil queen, I would have loved to see a little more evil in her character but you could still see her hatred for Snow. And the Huntsman, now him I think was my favorite character of the book (not because the reasons you think). He has an tough outer shell with a soft heart that is rarely shown! Will he be there to save Snow or is there a little deeper in his future. I could see it though. Read this novel to see what happens to Snow!  I hope to see more adult fairytales twisted by this authoring the future!

About the Author

S.E. Babin

S.E. Babin has a passion for writing books with a paranormal twist. Whether it’s romance or mystery, she loves turning the norm into the extraordinary. Her early love of reading turned into a curious exploration to see whether or not she could write her own novel. This resulted in her spending way too much time in the library, killing any chance of her becoming a cheerleader or anything even remotely cool. She lives in Texas with her family and a passive aggressive dachshund.


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Blog Tour ~ Aftermath by Sandy Goldsworthy

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Title: Aftermath
Series: The AfterWorld Saga
Author: Sandy Goldsworthy
To Be Published: December 2nd, 2014
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
Page Count: 361
Genre: Paranormal Romance Action Adventure
Content Warning: Adult language, violence, and sexual content
Age Recommendation: 14+
After losing her father, Emma Bennett moves to her aunt’s small town of Westport to finish out her senior year of high school. Emma wants to forget the pain and loss of the past few weeks, finding relief in the company of Ben Parker—a local boy who she has an instant attraction and uncanny connection with. When Ben seems a little too preoccupied with other responsibilities and has no time for her, Emma turns to the town’s hottest flirt—Lucas Crandon—for affection. Unfortunately, she realizes a little too late that, sometimes, bad boys really can be bad for you.

Life as an undercover agent for the Afterworld’s Bureau of Investigation isn’t an easy job. When Ben Parker finds his soul mate, Emma, in a small town, he finds himself forced to choose between doing his job or rekindling a relationship with the love of his existence. After Ben is notified that a notorious immortal is loose somewhere near Westport, he realizes that his love life will just have to wait. There is a criminal to apprehend before he can have his girl.

When lives are at stake and immortals are on the loose, can two soul mates find their happy ever after?


Ben Sees Emma at Lake Bell

Sand crept between my toes, as I stood waiting to rent a Jet Ski.

It was my first official day undercover as Ben Parker. Normally, I was a confident person. Molly called me arrogant at times.

I was never nervous, until now.

Seeing Emma brought back all those insecurities I left behind in adolescence, when I was still alive. I stood at the counter, waiting for the brunette to get approval for my rental. I was under eighteen she told me when I handed her the paperwork and my undercover driver’s license. If only she knew how old I really was. I could have convinced her to release the Jet Ski without the hassle of paperwork, but with Emma standing behind me in line, I was in no rush.

Of course, Brinn, as her name tag clearly read, wanted to stall my application as long as possible. She took her time making the call to my fake aunt, Marty McMann, who worked in the office. Minutes passed as Brinn moved slowly. Her thoughts of me were initially flattering while she hovered, as I completed the form. But after a few overdramatic eye gestures and fake giggles, I had enough and blocked out her thoughts. Besides, they interfered with eavesdropping.

Emma and Matt talked about meaningless stuff while I waited for my rental. How long are you staying? When are you moving? Are you coming back to Highland Park? Topics that made Emma immediately tense up. I felt her pain, as she mentally relived the notification at school and the days that followed. I glanced at her as she tried wiping away her tears before Matt noticed them.

Stupid punk. He didn’t even realize the impact his words had on her.

I turned to face him, locking my eyes with his. I knew what I was doing. He stood paralyzed, his eyes focused and unblinking. I could manipulate him any way I wanted to right now. The power I had as an immortal was far greater than any human could imagine.

I wanted to kill him for hurting her. For being with her. I had the ability.

No one would know.

A simple heart attack or accidental drowning all came to mind, as I held him in my mental grip. I never did anything like that before. My phone buzzed in my pocket, but I ignored it. I never killed anyone for no reason, or without just cause.

But I could.

And part of me wanted to. I wanted to protect Emma and that meant eliminating anything or anyone that hurt her. Getting rid of anyone that stood in my way of protecting her, even if the pain she felt was unintentional.

Ben-ja-min! I heard her screech my name in my head before her hip bumped into mine. “Hey neighbor. Renting a Jet Ski?” Molly said aloud. Her thoughts were less bubbly as she yelled in her British accent, Exactly what the bloody hell are you doing?

My focus was lost, and Matt was released from my stare. I turned to look at Molly.

You can’t possibly think compulsion is the answer, she said firmly.

“I’m just waiting for the paperwork right now, Molly,” I said, pretending we weren’t having a private mental discussion. I wasn’t going to hurt him.

You wanted to. You thought about it.

But I didn’t.

Didn’t your reprimand for that compulsion teach you anything? She was referring to my borrowing of Officer Scott Michaels’ squad car the day Emma learned her father died.

What reprimand?

You’re kidding, right? I thought Commander E would have you doing community service by now. After all, you left that garage manager in a compelled state for hours.

Molly, he was fine. I shook my head.

Yes, but your spell didn’t wear off as quickly as you guessed it would, Benjamin. You overdid it. Your emotions are running on steroids right now, and you need to tone it down.

I looked over at Emma and realized Matt was holding her in his arms. Maybe my subtle thoughts helped push him along. Or, maybe he isn’t so bad after all. Molly’s thoughts crept in. At least Emma felt better. I could sense that.

Marty waved at Molly and me, as she entered the rental office and signed the papers Brinn had waiting for her. “Want to go for a spin?” I asked Molly.

“Maybe later,” she said aloud. Join me first?

I shrugged, waiting to hear what she was talking about.

We need to resuscitate a young boy that is about to choke on a pecan in his turtle sundae at the ice cream shop by the marina. Poor clerk. Some young lady new to the job… Didn’t get her CPR certification yet. Perhaps this will light a fire under her ass, as they say.

I raised an eyebrow.

Come with me. It’ll be rewarding. She smiled, her gray eyes convincing.

Brinn’s expression turned to disappointment as she handed over the key to the Jet Ski.

Fine. But you’re buying ice cream.


The author will have you wrapped around her novel will the twists and little pieces she delivers to keep you on your toes wanting to know how it ends. I enjoyed her style of writing because you were able to follow it but of course you had to continue and read to find out what was going on because she left only details at certain point. The characters were likable and each had their own point of view into the story to keep the story entertaining. This was definitely one of those novels that could fit into more than one genre because you had some mystery, suspense, and romance; along with other things depending on how you take the story. If the author chose to I think it could be considered a standalone OR she could suprises us and bring a series into the mixture. Either way I recommend this for your next read.

About the Author

Sandy Goldsworthy was born and raised in a small Wisconsin town. Her passion for writing began when her high school English teacher inspired her to be more descriptive in her work. Today, Sandy is writing the second book of Emma and Ben’s story. When she’s not writing, Sandy enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike, and two children, Brittany and Kyle, or playing with her English Mastiff, Miles.


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