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TITLE  Devotion

SERIES  The Seductors Series


GENRE  Erotica

PUBLICATION DATE  12th September 2014

LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 60K



Devotion - Book Cover



Falling in love is never easy, but when you’re a Seductor who has fallen for your target, it’s impossible.

Now that Jade has learned the whereabouts of the powercore made by Oliver’s company, her mission is almost over. The chances of being able to stay with him at the end of her contract are slim and she knows that. Would her organization really keep their word? When has a Seductor ever been able to stay with their mark?

When disaster strikes near the end of her assignment, Jade is faced with the biggest decision of her lifeshe must choose between her heart’s desire and doing the right thing for the sake of the world. Her choice may just be the catalyst that sets her free.

What happens when the truth comes out? Will Oliver be able to let her go this time? Or will their love for each other be enough to finally bring The Seductors down?

One thing is for certain devotion will seal their fate




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I loved spending time in Macon with Oliver and his family, but I was glad once we got back to New York. I had him all to myself, and as selfish as it sounded, I loved it when we were alone. New York held the most memories for me with him.

I think your uncle is warming to me, I mused as we sat eating the dinner that Mrs. Davis had prepared for us. He actually wished me a safe trip when we left this morning.

It’s definitely progress, Oliver chuckled.

Now that we’re back in New York, you need to tell me what you want to do for your birthday. It’s only a few weeks away.

Well, we are fucking on my desk at work for sure. You promised me, he winked, licking his lips. Damn him! He was too sexy for words.

You’re sex crazed, I giggled, shaking my head. What about going out to dinner somewhere? We could go away for a weekend, too.

A dirty weekend away? I threw my napkin at him. What?

Stop thinking about sex!

That’s difficult. I happen to have an incredibly sexy girlfriend that I want to fuck all the time.


If you think about it, you’re the reason I’m sex crazed. This is your entire fault, Jade.

Oh, that’s rightblame it all on me, I laughed, taking a sip of wine.

Do you have any idea how happy you make me?

No, but I know how happy you make me.

I’m not hungry anymore. Oliver suddenly had that look in his eyes again. The ‘I’m going to rip the clothes from your body and fuck you’ look. Instantly, I had to hold my legs together. It looked like he was going to try a prove a point.

You’ve hardly eaten. I hope you’re not coming down with anything, I replied, innocently.

I’m not coming down with anything, but I certainly will be going down on something tonight.

Oh, God, I whimpered, choking on my sip of wine.

All this sex talk is making me horny. I’m going to give you a thirty second head start, then I’m planning on making you cum as many times as I can on my staircase. There are thirty four steps total. I’m thinking that’s at least ten orgasms I’ll be able to give you, maybe more, until I throw you on my bed and slide my cock inside you. I couldn’t move. I sat there gawking at him. Ten orgasms. I couldn’t handle that! Run Jade, I mean it. I’ll start on this table if I have to. I stood up and ran. My heart was pounding hard in my chest. Why was I running anyway? I wanted Oliver to catch me.

I managed five steps on the staircase before he caught me from behind. That was a feeble attempt to try and get away. Anyone would think you wanted me to catch you, he whispered into my ear, sucking on my earlobe as his hands moved to undo the buttons on my jeans. I’m going to drive you crazy, Beautiful. I hope you’re ready. I couldn’t answer; his hands had already slipped inside my jeans and I was lost. Oliver began to put pressure on my sex through my panties. Why didn’t he just push my panties to the side? It was so frustrating. Do you like that, Beautiful? I can feel your panties getting damper. How many pairs have I ruined now?

Too many to count, I panted, gripping the banister for support as he sped up the movement of his hand. WWhat about Mrs. Davis?

She’s staying with a friend tonight. We’re all alone. I could hear his smirk as he planted kisses down my neck. Starting to climb already, I knew my first orgasm was quickly approaching. That’s it, Jade, give it up. I want to hear you let it all out. I came, groaning out a string of nonsensical words, trying to hold myself up as I came undone. I’ll give you a minute this time to compose yourself and run.

Are you being serious? I gasped, still clutching the stairs. I can hardly stand!

A minute and a half then, he smirked, tilting his head. You can manage a few more steps, Jade. I wasn’t sure I could. Just put one foot in front of the other.

Alright, Mr. Cocky.

Interesting choice of words. I rolled my eyes and began to take a few unsteady steps, but it was difficult when I was still in a state of bliss. You’re making this too easy, he chuckled, pulling me so I was facing him. He backed me against the railing, gazing down at my chest. With one swift tug, he pulled my top over my head. I’ll never get enough of undressing you, he mused, running his fingertips across the top of my breasts and then into my bra, stroking my aching nipples. While his one hand continued to tease my sensitive skin, his other went south and slid right inside my panties. Fuck, I got you well and truly worked up, didn’t I? He ran his fingers through my slick folds, and I had to bite my lip to fight the pleasure. I had no control over myself when it came this man. Shit, I can’t wait to fuck you. I can feel my cock already leaking at the thought.

Ugh, Oliver, you can’t say stuff like that to me!

Is gets you excited. I know you love it when I talk dirty. He slid his fingers inside me and began another excruciating pace. Do you know what I’m going to do after this? he whispered, biting down on my left nipple through my bra. I couldn’t help but cry outit felt amazing. I’m going to strip you naked and taste you. You know I love eating you out. I wasn’t going to survive the night, but if this was how it ended, death by an Oliver orgasm was the way to go.


Our favorite characters are back in this amazing next installment of the seductor’s series. Be aware this is a series that you have to start from the beginning but trust me you will not regret because this author will have you hooked. Jade, has grown a little soft through this series because she has done the one thing that is broken #1 rule of never fall for your mission. I hate to be in her shoes and cringe every time I think that the choices she has to go through.  Oliver is blinded by his love for her. He is handsome,  billionaire,  sexy and I can’t get enough of him. He has forgiven her once when the truth is possibly unveiled will he do it again.  The author will have you running for the hills in this erotic novel between the mission and the hot sexy scenes I couldn’t get enough of these two characters.  How will Jade get herself out of this mess and not lose Oliver forever?  The plot is exceptionally written and flawlessly from one to the other installment. The scenes are scorching hot! All of the characters are well developed to add extra punch into the story. I seriously love this one and can’t wait to see what the author will do next. If your looking for something with more than just your average erotic novels than this should be in your alley.

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B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories. Fully supported by her husband, she can often be found at her desk working on her next project.

Her journey into the world of erotica began when she started writing online stories over five years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since.

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TITLE  Christmas Confusion

SERIES  Bailey’s Chaotic Life

AUTHOR  Monica Garry-Allen

GENRE  New Adult/Romantic Comedy


LENGTH (Pages/# Words)  50,000


COVER ARTIST  Sweet Simplicity

Romantic Comedy - Christmas Confusion - Book Cover




Bailey Cooper has fallen in love  sadly the man she’s in love with already has a man. Sounds complicated doesn’t it?  

Bailey Cooper is very much attracted to her neighbor, Max Davis. Unfortunately for Bailey, Greg  Max’s lover, is slowly becoming one of Bailey’s best friends. Bailey’s emotions are torn. She adores Greg’s friendship while at the same time she craves Max’s touch.

What’s a girl to do when she ‘thinks’ the man she’s in love with is in love with someone else?

Max Davis and his baby brother Greg Davis are co-owners of the apartment building they live in. Max has fallen for his tenant, Bailey, but she avoid and ignore all of his advances. It doesn’t take long for him to become suspicious of the friendship blooming between her and Greg. He believes Bailey has a crush on his brother, but Max wants his shy little neighbor all to himself. Now he has to think of ways to keep Bailey and Greg apart, which is ridiculous since Greg isn’t even in to women. Time to break that news to his neighbor and hope it causes her attention to swing his way.

Will a holiday weekend full of chaos, confusion and a little bit of charm finally get Bailey and Max on the right track? Or will a few innocent caresses lead to more Christmas confusion?

Romantic Comedy - Christmas Confusion - Teaser 1








Romantic Comedy - Christmas Confusion - Teaser 2




You’re in love with her, aren’t you? Greg said in awe.

Max snorted at the incredulity of Greg’s question.

I just met her. I’ve only known her for three weeks. How can I possibly be in love with her?

Greg sat up on the couch, same shocked expression on his face.

Stop looking at me like that, Max told his brother. There is no way I’m in love with my neighbor.

I can’t believe I’ve been so blind, Greg sighed. I’m supposed to be the Christmas Cupid, how did I miss this? My pupils have fallen in love and I didn’t even realize it. I’m slipping.

What are you talking about?

He was not in love with Bailey. There were a lot of things he loved about her but he wasn’t in love with her. He loved the way she walked, the sound of her voice, hell he even loved watching her walk away from him, because the view was to die for.

He loved that she didn’t balk at the kind of car he drove. He loved the way she smiled shyly whenever he told her good morning. But that didn’t mean that he loved her, he didn’t know her well enough to love her. But he could see himself falling in love with her, if she would give him a chance. If he could just figure out what she wanted, he would give it to her.

It all makes so much sense now, Greg whispered.

Really dude, what are you mumbling about?

The waitress at the Pancake Shack, she was cute, but you didn’t pay her any attention. Last week there was the gas station cashier, who asked you what your name was. She was hitting on you and you didn’t even notice. The only woman you seem to have eyes for is your brown-haired neighbor. Greg tapped his finger against his chin. I think I’ve just figured out what’s wrong with you.

There’s nothing wrong with me, doofus.

See, that right there. You called me doofus, you haven’t called me that in years.

Because you haven’t acted like one in years.

I’ve never acted like one, but you only called me that after I’d gone through your stuff and found out something that you didn’t want me to know.

Max stopped pacing. I’m completely lost. I have no idea what we’re even talking about now.

Let me bring you up to speed, dear brother. You calling me doofus means you know that I am on to you, and I am. I know what’s wrong with you. I know why you’re so cranky.

Please, feel free to enlighten me.

I shall, but first, name one other woman that you’ve been this crazy about, Greg said.

He started pacing again, searching his mind for a name. The names of every woman he’d ever dated and or slept with raced through his head.

There was Bethany…”

She doesn’t count, Greg chimed in. She cheated. You dumped her and never looked back. If you were crazy about her, you would have been heartbroken, but you weren’t. So name someone else.

He tried to come up with another name, but no other woman came to mind, only Bailey. There was no point in denying it any longer.

There isn’t anyone else, only Bailey.

Greg began grinning from ear to ear.

You love Bailey. I can see it in your eyes. Case solved.

Max returned to his recliner and plopped down, defeated. He loved Bailey, everything about her. There was no denying it or fighting it, He was in love with Bailey Cooper.


This was the first time I have read from this author and her writing has swept me away. Christmas Confusion has definitely brought lots of confusion when it comes to Bailey and her thought of Max and Greg. Bailey moves into an apartment building and starts to have feelings for Max BUT she believes that Max is in a relationship with Greg. Talk about a wake up call when she finds out the truth.

 I loved this book because all through this book the author made me laugh at the way both Max and Bailey had the whole tension thing but stop can’t touch thing going on. As a reader you can see that there is some spark there and I wanted to help Bailey and open her eyes up.  The author has given you a whole package in this book because even though for the most part of the book it had me laughing, there were sexual tensions; it also had some heart wrenching moments which just made me want to take the two people (not Max and Bailey) and smack them for the way they think especially since Greg is such a lovable and caring person. Have I made you want to read it yet? When Bailey’s best friend comes for a visit they start to have some fun and truths are let out during a game (lets just say you really don’t want to play this game).

This author has definitely made me want to continue following her with this story. I would highly recommend this and look forward to reading other novels by her.

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TITLE  The Makeover

SERIES  Nerd Girls Love Hard

AUTHOR  Monica Garry-Allen

GENRE  New Adult/Romantic Comedy


LENGTH (Pages/# Words)  60k


COVER ARTIST  Sweet Simplicity



Romantic Comedy - The Makeover - Book Cover




Revenge is a dish best served cold while wearing heels.

April has just learned the real reason behind her boss’ impromptu dinner invitation. He only invited her to dinner with his colleagues to prove a point: that he can show up at an event with a plain Jane and still be considered ‘the man’. She expected better from him and had secretly hoped that one day their friendship would grow into something deeper. Now she knows she will always just be his ‘nerdy secretary’ to him.

But her two best friends won’t let her wallow in her pain. They convince her to give Dr. Stewart a dose of his own medicine. The plan: show up at the dinner looking irresistible and prove to her boss that even nerd girls can be sexy. But first she has to replace her unattractive business suits with something sexier and more revealing. It’s time for a makeover.

Dr. Chad Stewart would never ‘really’ date his secretary. She was too good, to pure for someone as jaded as himself. It didn’t matter that he was half in love with her. But when he needed an ‘average date’ for a dinner party she was the first person he turned to. He thought his secretary was the perfect choice until he arrived to find her looking like his wildest fantasy. But now she knows the real reason for his invite and he can see in her eyes how hurt she is.

Can Chad convince her to forgive him for hurting her or will she walk out of his life taking his heart with her?

Romantic Comedy - The Makeover - Teaser 3








Romantic Comedy - The Makeover - Teaser 2




That’s right. Your plan was to use me to advance yourself.

That was my plan. I admit it. I was wrong. What can I do to make you forgive me?

He sounded sincere. The fact that his eyes seemed to be watering as he stared at her longingly confirmed the sincerity she heard in his voice. But she wouldn’t fall for it. She wouldn’t let him in, only to be hurt by him again in the future.

There is nothing I want from you. There is nothing I want you to do other than to take me home, right now. Those blasted tears were threatening to fall again. Please just take me home. Her voice broke on the last word. Chad held his hands up, surrendering to her demand.

If you really want to go home, I will take you home. Just please answer one question for me?’

She didn’t want to answer any questions, but if it would get her home sooner she would.

What is the question?

When I touch you, do you feel anything?

Where had that question come from?


I’m not finished. When we sip coffee together each morning, do you ever get the feeling that maybe we’re meant to be together? I know it sounds crazy, but even tonight, with everything that is going on, does a part of you feel the need to hold me and never let me go?

Yes, yes, yes, that was exactly how she felt. How did he know? A sob escaped her lips. She put her hands over her face. She didn’t want to look at him. She didn’t want to hope that maybe he really felt those things he’d just said. Hope led to disappointment and she’d had enough disappointment in her life already. She couldn’t risk placing her hope in Chad. He’d already let her down once.

The sound of gravel crunching let her know he was taking a step closer to her. She took a step back, suddenly very aware of his presence. Sobbing into her hands, afraid to look up, she continued to walk backward and he continued to follow her.

Her back connected with something hard. She leaned back and felt the rough touch of tree bark against her exposed shoulders. Chad wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her forward. His hand settled at the small of her back. He used his other hand to massage her shoulders. The feel of his hands on her bare skin made her tremble. Why did she want him so much?

I messed up, April. If you give me another chance, I promise to never do anything like this again. Forgive me, please.

Romantic Comedy - The Makeover - Teaser 1




Monica Garry-Allen has loved reading for as long as she can remember. As a child her mother always purchased books for her at her school’s book fair. Back then her favorite book was The Little Mermaid. Now days she reads and tells stories to her nieces and nephews during her weekend sleepovers.

Monica is a full time Clinical Laboratory Technician. When she is not working in the lab she’s writing humorous love stories and steamy romances. She recently married the man of her dreams, Dempsey Allen, who motivates her to be the best writer she can be. She has a loving family who supports her one hundred percent and friends who can’t wait to read her next story. She resides in the southern part of Mississippi where she enjoys shopping, reading, writing and spending time with her family.



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Tour: Unholy Creations by C. Shell

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Unholy Creations

by C. Shell

The Associates #1

Publication Date: October 14, 2014

Genres: Paranormal, Romance

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Unholy Creations


My name is Kara Radcliff and I’m a witch. Not the pointy hat and black cat kind that you see on Halloween, but a true spell casting, sneaker wearing, party loving, kick-ass witch.

Until two weeks ago, that is all I was and all I ever wanted to be. My expectations in life didn’t soar higher than graduating college and finding a decent job that would help pay off my mounting student loans.

All of that went out the window when I received the invitation.

I’ve been selected to compete for the chance of a lifetime. If I win, not only will I fulfill the newly vacant spot as an Associate, but I will be leaving my family behind to go live and work alongside the four Rulers of our paranormal community. I will be trusted in helping them keep our kind safe and hidden from the humans and those among us that prefer to cause trouble and mayhem. Every society has hoodlums, our kind just happen to cause more destruction than most.

Being an Associate is an honor. The job is dangerous and will require me to go up against Fae, shifters, witches, and vampires that are much more powerful and stronger I could ever hope to be. I love kicking butt and casting spells, but even I have my limits.

On top of everything, I seem to have caught the attention of two of the Rulers. Only I could go from having no men in my life to having one too many. Neither man is used to hearing the word, “No”, and although my mind says the word often, my mouth and body keep saying, “Yes”. What is a witch to do?

Am I up for this new challenge? Yes.

Can I handle the danger? Yes.

Will my heart survive the journey? Maybe.

This is my screwed up story. This is my crazy life, and this is the just the beginning.

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When you become an Associate, your life is no longer your own. You are basically the property of the Rulers. Not that the Rulers are bad or anything. In fact, I hear they are very nice. They have a reputation for being fair and the pay is well worth what you are required to do, but that does not mean I want to donate the rest of my life to them. If you ask me, the few perks aren’t nearly enough to make the job worth it.

The Rulers keep our lives hidden from humans by using connections with those in power, such as Senators, Police, Governors, and even a President or two. With the combination of these connections and magic used from several witch covens, our secrets have remained hidden and our lives told only through stories. Humans like to think of themselves as open minded, but there is no way they would be able to handle knowing that the things that go bump in the night are truly real and living right next door. Knowing that their perfectly painted white picket fence is useless to keep them safe would drive them to do crazy things.

Fawning over a vampire on TV is not the same thing as having one sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of your neck and drinking your life force right out of you. They can do that you know, Vampires that is. The good ones only take enough to give you a light buzz before wiping your memory of it the whole experience, but as with every race, there are a few bad apples in the bunch that get off on stalking their prey. They prefer to scare you, feeding off your emotions and adrenaline before they drain you dry. Playing with your food is frowned upon in our world as it is with humans. Not that humans are considered food to any of us, but vampires do require a snippet of their blood every so often to survive.

The Rulers have their hands full with our kind. We can all be rowdy and the older ones get bored and mischievous from time to time. Keeping a variety of paranormals living together in harmony is not an easy task. Just like humans, our kind can also be racist and bigoted. Some like to think that they are superior over others while a select few crave unlimited amounts of power. Those are the ones to worry about. This stupidity normally ends with them either dead or their faces pasted on a wanted list. The Rulers and Associates handle these big fish, the ones who have the potential to do massive damage.

My hands shake as my fingers scroll over the fancy penmanship on the letter. The script is beautifully hand-written in an elegant font that I am sure someone spent many hours and weeks to perfect. It’s a far cry from the chicken scratch I turn into my professors. The royal crest gleams at me from the corner of the paper. My thoughts run amuck as I absently stroke my thumb over the intricate sparkly green and gold emblem.

My evaluations begin tomorrow.

 I will be matched with the toughest fighters and most skilled within our school. I can only imagine the pain I will endure, the bruises I will accumulate, and the enemies I’m going to make. It’s going to be hell. I could always call “Uncle” and excuse myself as soon as it begins, but that is not my style. I’m a strong witch and know my craft well. I’m not weak and I sure as hell am not a quitter.  

About the Author

C. Shell

I have loved books and romance novels since I was in high school. The happy endings and endless possibilities are alluring and addictive. I currently reside in Texas and when I am not thinking up my next bad-boy character I am working in the community rescuing dogs while being a wife and mother to my wonderful family.

I invite you to ask question, keep up to date with my latest books and give me your feedback.


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