Blog Tour ~ Mistletoe & Kisses (A Christmas Anthology)




Six of your favorite contemporary romance authors bring you six memorable holiday stories. 


**Secret Santa by Jennifer Benson

**Coming Home by Rebecca Brooke

**Christmas Wish: A Holiday Novella by Danielle Jamie

**Christmas Stalkings (Bullet 4.5) by Jade C. Jamison

**Finding Sadie: A Prequel by Brandace Morrow

**Wrap Me In Your Love by Lisa Survillas


Proceeds from the first two weeks sales will be donated to Legacy X where the mission is to create a place where people find their true self, define what their purpose is and a place where we inspire them to leave a legacy they are proud of. Legacy X was founded by Justin Smith, drummer for the Las Vegas headlining group Recycled Percussion.

 **Secret Santa by Jennifer Benson

 Tonight is the night of the office holiday party and Olive Harper, a paralegal for a New Jersey law firm, was put in charge of the planning. To her surprise, a new employee has been hired at the firm and has brought his brother, Murphy, as his guest. When Scott wakes up on a strange couch in a strange house, he is curious and concerned until he is greeted by the beautiful woman whom he met last night at an office holiday party. Instantly intrigued by her long night shirt and knee high socks, neither Murphy nor Olive could know where a chance meeting at an office holiday party could take them, but thanks to a Secret Santa, they are about to find out.




**Coming Home by Rebecca Brooke


Tanner Marano has finally found the girl of his dreams and after lots of hard work and heartache, Danielle is finally his. Now all he wants to do is make her his wife, but with meeting his parents and deployments, Danielle is more nervous than ever.


Danielle Renton went through immense heartache only to be brought back into light by Tanner. He is her own knight in shining armor. Yet there is a secret she’s keeping for fear it will push him away.


When Tanner comes home with everything be as he left it?




**Christmas Wish: A Holiday Novella by Danielle Jamie


Callie Greenwood’s life has never been easy. Her father up and left when she was six and her mother passed away from breast cancer when she was just thirteen, leaving her grandparents to raise her. But since her grandfather passed away and her grandmother was put into a nursing home, she’s been on her own.


Desperate for love, Callie foolishly settled for the cliché bad boy, thinking he would change his ways for her. Sadly, she learns the hard way that life doesn’t care how bad you have it, and that you can’t make someone love you. When Callie needs Jase the most he abandons her, just like her father did sixteen years ago.


Determined to not spend the holidays alone, Callie decides to spend the holidays at her Aunt Ella’s bed and breakfast in Lake George, New York.


Little does she know that everything for her will change when she checks in to the quaint town at Christmas. Callie expected to spend two weeks sipping cocoa by the fire place, listening to Bing Crosby and spending time with her Aunt. The last she ever expected was to meet the handsome but mysterious Brody O’Reilly…


This Christmas heartbreak, secrets, and romance will collide making it a holiday she’ll not soon forget.




**Christmas Stalkings (Bullet 4.5) by Jade C. Jamison


Val, Brad, and the kids decide to take a short but needed winter vacation to get away from it all and enjoy each other’s company, but one thing is stopping them from relaxing like they should. Since fronting her new band Val Hella, Val has discovered the darker side of fame—she has a stalker, one who seems intent upon stepping up his game to get what he wants, and the ruin of their vacation becomes the least of their worries.





**Finding Sadie: A Prequel by Brandace Morrow


**Can be read as a stand alone novella**

*Intended for readers 18+*

A Los Rancheros novella

 At fifteen, I took on the role of Popper out of necessity, forgetting the person I was. That’s when I became the lead singer of a grunge metal band.

Now at twenty-two I’m cocky, a pessimist, and violent. My shrink is even fed up with me, suggesting I try something radical to appreciate the value of life.

She gives me a card that leads me to him, and ultimately I find . . . me.





**Wrap Me In Your Love by Lisa Survillas

 After realizing the marriage to her first ever boyfriend was too good to be true, Isabella files for divorce and leaves their life in California for the home of her youth in Chicago. Upon her arrival, she reconnects with her cousin and best friend Daniel, who has been taking care of her parents’ home since they passed. 


When Daniel enlists the help of his friend Taylor, who Isabella had a childhood crush on, will she be forced to face the pain of rejection again, or will Taylor see what he has missed all these years?

Anthologies are a perfect way to meet new authors! This one I have to say was an amazing group of new authors to me that wrote an exceptionally great anthology. Who doesn’t love Christmas type novels? I know I do.

Secret Santa by Jennifer Benson

Loved the concept of having a secret Santa! You have a little naughty in this story but so much pleasure! The plot that the author wrote will have you laughing and then swooning at the hot scenes. Her characters are written in a way that will make you fall in love with them and laugh at them at the same time, except for the ex of course. Olive is a very beautiful women who needed a little push and when she meets Murphy for some reason they are instantly attracted to each other. There is even a scene where Murphy will make you want to want him to be yours because of how sweet he is.

Coming Home by Rebecca Brooke

This is a sweet story with a bundle of nerves attached! Tanner is the kind of military man that is always gone but when he is home he will wrap you up in his sweet love and show nothing but his affection for you. I loved his character. Danielle is his fiancé and is literally scared of going to meet “THE PARENTS”. Will their love be enough to show their family it is meant to be? Loved the storyline because military life is definitely a hard one to have a family for. The author did a wonderful job with the characters and plot.

Christmas Wish by Danielle Jamie

This story was such a heartbreaking one because Callie has had such a hard life to live. When she thought she would get a happy life something ripped it apart. When she decides to leave everything behind and go to a secluded “me time” she finds out that others are worse off. Brody is handsome, heartbroken, and has an adorable little boy he gives the world to raise. Will these two broken hearted people mend. Even though this is a cliffhanger you still have an amazing story that will have your heart overwhelmed with emotions and you get a touch of what this author is capable of writing. To myself cliffhangers just mean that I will get another chance to enjoy seeing our lovely characters again.

Christmas Stalkings by Jade C. Jamison

Christmas Stalkings or Stalker??? When you become famous you also have the tendency to have have fans and stalkers. After so much they have had to go through Brad and Val now have to face going through keeping themselves safe. This is apparently part of a series that I need to go pick up so you may be a little unsure of everything but it does not take away from this little Christmas story.

Finding Sadie by Brandace Morrow

Even grunge metal band singers need a little help. Who doesn’t like a dark black tight hot sexy man. I know I do. In this little novella who needed a little extra help and when her shrink leads her to the arms of that dark man she is very grateful because he gives her the time of her life. This one was a little darker but still shows you that Christmas can come to just anyone. The characters are well spoken and raw which I really liked.

Wrap me in your Love by Lisa Survillas

This is truly a second chance love during the Christmas season. Isabelle has realized she was young and dumb when she got married to the wrong person at that first love time and it is the perfect time to move on. Only thing is that the pain is so raw she is afraid of taking another step like that again. When her cousin has a mind formed in his head and gets his friend Taylor to help it might tip the world for her. Will Taylor be able to help her overcome her fear of finding love again or will she refuse to take that step again. I loved Taylor from the start and immediately rooted for him to change her mind, now find out if he did by reading this amazing story.

As I said before all of these authors were a perfect match for this complete anthology that will bring you a Christmas feeling! Come and see the love that these stories have and how they will make you feel.







**Secret Santa by Jennifer Benson

 “I really do want to see you again.”

“Well, when you move to New Jersey give me a call.”

“Whoa. You just said you don’t even know me and now you want me to move my whole life here for you? Pushy and a bit too fast for me, woman.” He laughed and I smacked him on the chest. “How about I call you and you answer and we talk and get to know each other. Maybe a little phone sex here and there and see where that takes us.”

“Well, that comment right there just took you a step closer to my porch.” I shoved at him.

“Hey, we can use Skype for those moments if you are more comfortable that way. I’m game.” He laughed, which made me laugh. “Seriously, I really do want to see you again.”

“Then seriously, the next time you are in Jersey give me a call.” I opened the door and he stepped backward onto the porch.

“I’ll need your number.”

“You found out a lot about me by just asking around a room full of people, I’m sure you can find out my number just as easily.” I leaned up on my toes and pressed my lips to his. This time I controlled the kiss and just for good measure I licked the seam between his lips and just as he parted his lips to allow me entrance I nipped at his bottom lip and pulled away with a smile. “And next time don’t be so fucking rude when you wake me up.” I winked and spread a smile across my face. Just as he took a step forward toward me I closed the door. I’m such a bitch, but I’m not going to make it easy for him.

               “I’ll be calling you, Olive.” He tapped the door I was presently leaning against, still holding the stupid smile on my face.


**Coming Home by Rebecca Brooke



Swooping down, he captured my lips in an all too brief kiss, before moving to his knees and lifting me into his arms.

“Well then, maybe I should take my present to the bedroom and unwrap it early?”

“I like the sound of that.”

We reached the bedroom and Tanner slowly lowered me to the ground, kneeling down in front of me and removing my shoes one at a time, before grazing his hands up my legs. Taking hold of both my jeans and panties, he pulled them down my legs. Since my arms were still bound by the lights, he helped me to carefully step out of them. Those baby blues looked up at me from under his lashes, a mischievous smile on his face, and the sight of his tongue slipping out to wet his lower lip did so many indescribable things to my body, there wasn’t a thing I could do. At least until that tongue slid through me, circling around my clit.

“Oh God.”


**Christmas Wish: A Holiday Novella by Danielle Jamie



Wow. I think my brain just short-circuited. Standing before me, looking way too delicious for this early in the morning, is Brody in loose fitting jeans that are hanging off of his hips, his shirt in his hands, and his dark red hair damp from a shower. The ends are slightly curls, and I feel my fingers twitch as he walks towards me, slipping his shirt over his head.

I’ve never wanted to run my hands over every inch of a man so badly in my entire life. My eyes slide from his waist, following his happy trail that appears from beneath his waistband and trickles up his solid six-pack and perfectly defined, wide and muscular chest. My eyes hesitate as they take in his deeply cut V.

Damn, damn, damn.

My pregnancy hormones are in high gear right now. I suddenly feel myself grow wet just from taking in his freaking Adonis-like body. I guess all the woodcutting does a body good!

 “Oh, sorry. I thought you were Ella. You sounded just like her.” He gives me an apologetic smile before slipping his long sleeve thermal tee onto his body. With every step he takes towards me, I feel my heart rate increase and my body flush. I went from being freezing cold five minutes ago to scorching hot, just from looking at this man.

I laugh nervously and tuck my hair behind my ear. “Yeah, sorry about that. She’s feeding your son, who by the way is the cutest little guy I’ve ever met. She sent me out to find you to let you know breakfast is ready…oh, and I’m Callie. I’m Ella’s niece.”

God, I don’t know how I am even speaking right now. He’s smiling at me with this perfectly straight, sparkling white smile. I normally go for the bad boys with tattoo-covered bodies, but for some reason, I’m finding his ink-free, chiseled body to be turning me on faster than anyone I’ve ever met.

His neatly trimmed beard, which I’m assuming he keeps because he either hunts or because he works outdoors all winter, is giving him a rough, dark, and mysterious persona, and I find it extremely attractive.

I blame it on becoming addicted to the Outlander TV series, because I’m crushing like a school girl on this guy, who looks a whole hell of a lot like the sexy Scottish Jamie-dude on the show. All I can say is damn.



**Christmas Stalkings (Bullet 4.5) by Jade C. Jamison


I felt Brad behind me.  The plush carpet didn’t give him away but his body heat did.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled my neck, kissing the skin lightly. “Feeling a little relaxed now?”

I smiled and turned in his arms to face him.  “It’s beautiful here.”

“Anything for you, gorgeous.”

I kissed him and then asked, “What are you wanting to eat tonight?”

“No idea.  That’s why I figured we’d walk around some and see what sounds good.”

“We should have brought Hayley’s stroller.”

“Nah.  It’s good for her to walk, Val.”

“Yeah, I know that and you know that, but when she gets tired…”

“I’ll carry her.  You know I’ll always carry my little princess.”

I laughed.  “Yeah, she’s got daddy wrapped around her little finger.”

He kissed my forehead.  “So does her mama.”





**Finding Sadie: A Prequel by Brandace Morrow



“Jeeze us!” I say loudly and scrape the hair that’s trying to suffocate me from my face with both hands.

His head tilts to the side a bit.  “I scare you?”  I look him up and down.  He’s wearing black jeans that are almost skinny jeans.  They’re tucked into black biker boots that I can definitely appreciate.  His long sleeve shirt has a yellow Batman emblem on it.  It matches his black mask and makes him a character I want to sidekick for.  Hard.

His eyes give away nothing, but I can see they’re a slate grey.  His lips are naturally pouty and my mouth waters just thinking about being able to bite them.

I swallow before I start drooling.  “I didn’t see you there.”

His eyes scan the hall before he looks down at himself. “Kinda hard to miss most days.”

I scoff, thankful I didn’t spray him with spit in the process.  “No shit.”

The way he looks at me makes me feel like he’s taking in my features individually, like he’s cataloging them.  Those eyes stay on my mouth the longest, and I realize I’m smiling.  It immediately drops.

He pushes off of the wall.  “Let’s go.”

I have no choice but to follow.  Okay, maybe a choice, but I want to follow those tight jeans and even tighter ass anywhere he wants to lead me.  His damn black cape is covering it, but when he turned I definitely enjoyed the side view.  Unfortunately he doesn’t direct me to a janitor’s closet, but another patient’s room.





**Wrap Me In Your Love by Lisa Survillas


Daniel walks over and wraps Her in a hug. “It’ll get easier, Bella dear. I promise.”  He places a kiss on the top of her head, squeezes her one last time, and heads back out of the room


Isabella can hear Taylor and Daniel in the other room most of the day. She avoids eating lunch just to keep away from them. She can’t bear to face Taylor right now. Not only is he perfect looking, but he was concerned about upsetting her, making him even more perfect. What would life have been like had she married someone like him instead? Doesn’t matter anyway, she never plans to get married again. Anything to avoid the pain she’s feeling now. 


When her stomach growls, reminding her that she’s barely eaten all day, she lies back down on the bed and attempts to read a book to take her mind off her hunger. It does for a while, and she’s able to lose herself in someone else’s problems. Yeah, she realizes they are fictional problems, but they aren’t hers, and that’s all that matters.






Jennifer Benson

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 Rebecca Brooke


Danielle Jamie


Jade C. Jamison

Brandace Morrow


Lisa Survillas





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