Release Day Blitz for Tempest in Disguise by Riley Bancroft


Tempest In Disguise

by Riley Bancroft

Series: Darkest Faerie Tale, #1

Genre: Dark Erotic Urban Fantasy Romance

Cover Designer: Fiona Jayde

Release Date: November 6, 2014



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Born the only hybrid between two warring factions, Mya’s life is all smoke and mirrors. For twenty four years her true identity has been kept a secret inside the virtuous Seelie Court of the ancient Fae. But that time has come to an end. In one sudden blow, her perception of reality is irrevocably altered and her livelihood is stripped away. A dark and mysterious stranger has set his sights on her to possess, consume and claim her for himself. Mya must keep her wits about her to survive…or surrender to her darkest desires.

As one of the leaders in the infamous Unseelie Court, Cole is determined to seize the powerful and magickal hybrid from the enemy’s court on behalf of his people.  A battle is looming and they’re ready to end the war at any cost, but for Cole it’s personal.  The scar on his face is a daily reminder of the cuts marring his darkened soul and when he goes after the hybrid, a burning need to dominate and master her is far too great. Despite the consequences he faces for touching her, Cole’s dark and twisted hunger is unable to resist her allure. He craves her full submission, but in order to do that, he must take everything away from her first.

Dark, Erotic Paranormal Romance with BDSM Elements…



The Darkest Faerie Tales

There are two sides of me. One is good. The other is bad. Sure, everyone has bad and good in them, but my two halves are constantly at war with each other—I’m either extremely virtuous or terribly wicked—there is no in between.


In ancient Gaelic myth, the gods and goddesses were sent to earth, becoming known as the Tuatha Dé, God’s tribe in the form of a supernatural race. For centuries, as immortals, they ruled on the earth above humans. Then the Great Atonement happened. As people of the mound, they were stripped of the Tuatha Dé title and turned into Aos sí. They became nothing more than magickal human beings who happened to live a little longer than normal mortals.


The Aos sí are divided into two sects…Seelie or Unseelie. Dualities of light and dark instilled at birth. Though they lived in a semblance of peace, everything changed right before I was born and the factions turned against one another.


I’m half Seelie and half Unseelie, the only mixed breed ever to exist. My parents went to great lengths to hide my true identity during the wars.


I was supposed to live a normal life, the whole white picket fence and everything, but it’s all changing now. The Unseelies seek to take down the Seelies and restore themselves into power, back to the way things were on the magickal island of Sitnalta, before the Great Atonement. However, the Seelies only want to pursue balance, harmony, in all things.


And me? I’m stuck in the middle, torn between two worlds.


This is not a faerie tale.


If you are ready to dive into a Pandora Box that will have you hanging by a thread, this is one for you to grab. The cover is beautifully designed and grabbed my attention. I loved how the author started off by giving us a back story to understand what we are going to be reading about and how everything became divided. However, she didn’t give you all of the information so your mind is still open for the plot as it unfolds throughout. I enjoyed the whole interaction that went on between Cole and Mya. Cole came in strong alpha male type but he shows some of his feelings throughout. You slowly find out why he turned out the way he is. Mya, has always known she was different and a bit of a loner. While some see her as weak I saw her as a survivor because of everything she has to go through in the story. All the characters i loved and are written with their own purpose in this story and thats to draw the readers into falling in love with this book. I know I did. The only thing is that this is a cliffhanger however you don’t have to wait long to read the next installment. I know I am more than ready to continue on this journey! With this being a new author to me she has won herself a fan already by this little magical story.




Riley Bancroft grew up in the heart of Texas. Ever since she was little she favored stories on the darker side, not just supernatural, but psychological as well. She penned her first erotic poems in college about the love of her life. The pursuit of her writing career began when she wrote a short story based on the intimate scene missing in Twilight, to share with her friends. They encouraged her to write her own novel. And so, she did.






Book Blitz & Giveaway~ Heart Ties by Em Patrova

Heart Ties - Tour Banner


TITLE  Heart Ties

SERIES  Club Ties

AUTHOR  Em Petrova

GENRE  contemporary biker romance, romantic suspense


LENGTH (Pages/# Words)  Novel 65k words

PUBLISHER  Hartwood Publishing

Heart_Ties-Em_Petrova-1563x2500 (2)


The only thing keeping Ex-Marine Drake from drinking himself into an early grave is his love of leather, horsepower, and his motorcycle club. Battling to adapt to a world where he isn’t blowing everything up, he roams the highways to keep his mind off his past. But after a mission to kidnap the curvy, tattooed goddess, Delta, he finds avoiding the bottle a little easier. Especially since he can only dream of finding solace against her silky body.

Delta would do anything to escape a life where pain and fear control her. She’s lived as a slave and outsider since she could walk. When a scary biker clan storms into her life and introduces her to her long-lost sister, she’s shocked to find warmth and comfort. While Delta knows better than to hope for a life she can’t have, Drake refuses to let her slip back into the hell she knows.

Plunged into a world of gambling, guns, and drugs isn’t her idea of paradise, but hunky Drake makes her pulse pound. Is it too much to believe that Drake can save her from her torment? And what can she do about extinguishing that burning, haunted look in his eyes?




Jamison brought his fist down on the table. You couldn’t have mentioned that you stormed into the Raiders club and took Delta?

Drake stared at his vice prez. He liked Jamisontrusted him. Only Jamison knew how deep Drake had sunk after his tours of duty or how much alcohol he’d consumed. The few who knew about Drake’s leg thought he’d lost it in war, but the truth was, he’d lost it to idiocy.

Jamison was a fool if he believed they hadn’t used force to get Delta. Did you think we’d just parley with the enemy and they’d gladly hand over their woman?

Jamison raked his fingers through his hair, leaving tracks. His face was tense. The MC rules are full disclosure. You fucking tell me everything that happens out there. He pointed at the door and the world beyond. I don’t care if it’s a drug run or you shoot up a club to get back Ever’s sister.

No one fired a shot, Pax said.

Then how the fuck did you take Delta by force? Jamison looked at each of them, probably looking for split lips or knuckles, evidence of a fistfight.

Drake had a bomb.

Jamison met Drake’s gaze. He knew what Drake had done in the Marines. What he’d done for his country. He blew shit up, but he’d lost his leg from driving drunk.

Okay. Jamison’s eyelid twitched. From now on, the club needs to know this shit. Got it?

Yeah. Drake wasn’t concerned with the club at this moment. When the asshole Raiders’ prez had moved, Delta had folded up. An abused woman if Drake had ever seen one.

He clenched his teeth. If this is club business, what the fuck are we going to do to get her back?

Jamison rested his hands on the table. Strother might be president, but they’d all followed Jamison while Strother took care of his own shit. First he’d lost his son to drugs then his wife had gone crazy with grief.

She wasn’t trying to escape the Raiders in the first place, Jamison said.

Drake didn’t agree, but he remained silent.

She has a right to return with them.

Silentuntil now. Do you think for a minute they’ll let her come visit her sister? He had opinions about how free Delta was to come and go anyway. Now they’d lock the fortress around her.

Jamison shook his head. No, they won’t. But do we start another war?

The Hell’s Sons had just battled the local charter of the Raiders in order to get Ever back. Just days ago some of their men had fallen. They’d barely gotten them buried, and now they were talking about another war.

I’ll go alone.

Everyone stilled. In the other room, Ever’s sobs sounded, followed by Ace’s comforting tone. Jamison clenched his fists. They were all protective of Ever, and that had extended to Delta for the time she was here. Both women had something that reached into a man’s chest and tugged at his heart.


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Em Petrova lives in Backwoods, Pennsylvania, where she raises 4 kids and a Labradoodle named Daisy Hasselhoff. Her heroes are hardworking heroesin bed and outand she is known for panty-scorching erotic romance.





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