Power of the Moon series; this is book #2

Dark contemporary/paranormal romance



Blurb/Book Description:

Mia Starr is now a full agent working for Sector 13, a secret division of the FBI, which monitors and controls all paranormal activity. Her main objective: keep humans safe and the paranormal hidden.  Fresh out of human training, Mia is looking forward to learning all things paranormal and working with Cole, her deadly and sexy vampire lover. Before she has a chance to settle into her new life, she’s abducted. With her powers unfolding, an ancient enemy is revealed, and a powerful lineage to rival all others.

Cole Barnett will stop at nothing to get Mia back. Pushed to his breaking point when old ties surface, the vampire within him claws at his restraint leaving him with one choice—let it rage! Cole leaves a trail of blood and broken rules he’ll have to answer for in his wake to find Mia. Once he does, he also uncovers a connection between them that could shift the world of the undead. Now the one he covets is the one he needs to let go—her survival depends on it. But his stubborn human has set out to prove him wrong in a battle for love and her own life.

Sometimes you have to unleash the beast…




John’s decision to come to the turnpike station first had Cole’s fangs edging out. “We should go to the scene, to confirm—” He couldn’t finish the thought. Without his blood inside Mia, he couldn’t be sure, and his entire body was conflicted with doubt. His jaw tightened, and the tip of his fangs poked at the inside of his lip. Removing his clip from his belt, he flicked his thumb underneath the first bullet and ejected it from the clip into his palm. He closed his eyes as the silver burned its shape into his flesh and eased the glow he felt creeping into his eyes. Taking a calming breath, he slid the bullet into his pocket and reattached the clip to his belt.

“Stay calm,” John said, as they walked through the doors to the turnpike substation. Cole responded in a low growl that put John on alert, making his jaw muscle tick.

A young man leaning back in his chair with his feet propped on the table looked up from a set of monitors. “Can I help you?”

“Do you get pictures from the road cameras?” John asked.

Naw, that’s illegal. The whole Big Brother” argument. We only monitor them. We get an alert from the radar units on the other poles when a vehicle’s speed registers too low or high and then we check the monitors for trouble.” He smacked his gum with an open mouth chew and turned his attention to Cole as he walked behind the counter. “Sir, you can’t come back here,” he said.

“Are these today’s turnpike tickets?” Cole asked, his jaw set in a tight line.

“You can’t just come back here…”

“Answer the question.”

“I-I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” The young man stammered as he reached toward the phone. Cole’s hand covered his, quickly replacing the phone in its cradle.

“We’re going to have a problem if you don’t answer my question,” Cole said, filling in the space between them. He leveled an assertive gaze at the man.

“Barnett. Back off,” John commanded.

“You-you need some type of warrant or authority to come back here.”

Cole ignored the man and grabbed the tin box from the counter. Pulling out a stack of tickets, he held them to his nose. With a frustrated growl, he threw the stack down and grabbed more from the box. With each stack, he grew more agitated. Picking up the fifth stack, he paused as a familiar scent reached his nose. He breathed deeper and tore through the tickets to pull out the one with Mia’s aroma. It was faint, but it was her scent.

“I need the license plate and the photo of the driver this came from.” Cole held out the ticket to man.

“I can’t do that. I need permission and—”


“Sir, you don’t have the authority…”

Cole snatched his badge from his belt and slammed it on the table in front of the man. “How’s this? No?” Arching a brow at the man’s hesitation his gun followed, slamming down with the same force as the badge. “How about this?”

The man locked into Cole’s deadly gaze. When his eyes widened, Cole knew it was from the glow that had started to appear from behind his irises.

“Still not enough authority for you? How about this!” Cole’s fangs jetted out like a switchblade.

“Holy shit! What kind of cops are you?”


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Loved it!!!!This is the second novel in the series, I recommend reading Power of the Moon prior to Covet the Moon. And just like the first I have to give the cover another amazing job because that is what captures my attention when wanting to read a book. Also the fact that your able to see appreciate the link with the storyline and the novel through it. Our favorite characters are back again but this time Mia seems to have found herself on the force. The author immediately grasped my attention and pulls you into the novel with Mia being kidnapped, and of course we know that Cole is a domineering over protective vamp, so as a reader I knew I was in for a wild ride with this read. This couple definitely knows how to keep it together with everything going on. I loved how the author throws in new twists to keep you wanting more and on the edge of your seat. Trust me you will not know what is going on until the author has made you want it because the breadcrumbs lead you astray, I know it did with me a couple of times until it came to that turning point in the story. Who is this person that kidnapped Mia? Why? These were questions that I asked while reading and of course the past never does stay in the past. Trust me if you aren’t hooked yet on this series then once you read Cove the Moon it will have you on your toes wanting the next in the series. From the characters to the plot this is one of those stories that I will re-read because it has more than just one basic genre in it. My next question is what will the author think of next to bring us higher?




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If you haven’t read Power of the Moon, book 1 in the Power of the Moon series, you can download if NOW for a limited time at 0.99!!!

Cover Artist: Tincar Creations


The cover is one that seemed to capture my eyes because of the vibrant colors it gives off and something about the way the moon and the women pulled me to want to know more about it. After reading it I was happy I ventured into this paranormal adventure. Do you want real vampires and not your girly vampires! Well this is one that will give you just that. The characters in the novel in my opinion are original and have their own unique characteristics. You have Mia, who has special abilities but has no idea how to use them. I think the author wrote her for people not to like her but I did enjoy the way she played out because she is very independent and strong willed. Cole on the other hand is your handsome drop dead or undead in this case vampire who is called to a scene to question Mia. He literally will do anything for the one if asked to do so. Can you say sparks do fly at first sight! Only problem is one of these lovely characters does not follow the rules and plays hard to get. Can you say lots of tension building up, I do and trust me you will feel it too as you read it. The novel will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout it wondering what will happen next and if Mia will ever come around. Find out to read how long or if Cole gives up. If you have never read a P.O.V. type novel you have nothing to worry about because this one is one that will be easily followed. I loved how you were able to keep up with the changes of P.O.V’s. I think the author did an amazing job with her plot line and being able to keep her readers entertained. Start your journey now with this series I highly recommend it.

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