Book: Rose in Bloom (Sex and the Season #2)

Author: Helen Hardt

Genre: Erotic Victorian Romance



Sex and the Season Book Two

Wiltshire, England 1853

Lady Rose Jameson knows her place—respect authority and convention and marry a suitable member of the peerage. Lord Evan Xavier, the second son of the Earl of Brighton, possesses the necessary pedigree, but though Rose enjoys his company, the spark she craves is missing…the spark she feels in abundance with handsome commoner Cameron Price.

Cameron has accepted his lot in life—to care for his widowed mother and two younger sisters. Instead of writing the music he loves, he’s destined to work the land his family leases from the Duke of Lybrook…and deal with his overwhelming feelings for the duke’s sister-in-law, Lady Rose. When Cam’s sister becomes ill, his fate is further sealed. He must say goodbye to Rose forever.

But circumstances and the appearance of an elderly stranger may change both their fates…


Rose turned. His silver eyes penetrated her flesh like daggers. She felt defenseless. All those heart-wrenching hours spent at the pianoforte with him, fighting her attraction to him and telling herself they had no future, flooded into her like a tidal wave. He had treated her with such disdain, never missing an opportunity to make a snide comment about their different stations. Was it possible he felt an attraction too?

“You’re foxed, Mr. Price,” Rose said, forcing herself not to stammer. “This conversation would be better served if we were both in our right minds.”

Cameron tentatively reached toward her arm and touched her lightly with his finger. A spark shot through Rose at the contact.

“I may have imbibed a bit more than usual, my lady,” he said. “But I assure you, I am in my right mind. I asked you a question. Would you have danced with me?”

“I…don’t know. It wouldn’t really be appropriate.”

Cameron snorted again. “Of course. What would the other peers have thought if you, the daughter of the Earl of Ashford, were seen dancing with a commoner? Pardon, not just a commoner, but a tenant on your brother-in-law’s land.” He turned away from her.
“Good evening, my lady.”

Rose’s heart hurt. She had wanted to dance with him. She had dreamed of more than that. Of kissing him the way she kissed Evan. Of doing…more than kissing. “Wait, Mr. Price.”

He turned. “What is it?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Yes, what?”

She gulped. “Yes. I would have danced with you.”

He walked back to her and brushed back a stray curl. Her skin burned where he touched her.

“Will you dance with me now?”

“It’s nearly time for the meal.” Rose swallowed. “The orchestra is taking a break. I…we should go in.”

“Please. Dance with me.”

Her heart hammered against her chest. “There’s no music.”

He cupped her cheek. “We don’t need music. You and I together have it in our souls.”

Author Bio

Helen Hardt is an attorney and stay-at-home mom turned award-winning romance author and freelance fiction editor. She writes contemporary, historical, paranormal, and erotic romance from her home in Colorado. She’s a mother, a black belt in Taekwondo, a grammar geek, an avid fan of opera and football (as long as her older son and younger son are performing/playing, respectively), and a lover of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 

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Fostering Love

The Soul Sisters Series

 By Victoria Johns

* * * *

A few review snippets I’ve received so far…..

Read it in a day and loved it!  Can’t wait for Book 2!

Mrs A Grinnell, UK Independent Reviewer and lover of chick lit fiction. 


First time I’ve read a book in just over a day in a looooong time

Mrs A Thomas, UK Independent Reviewer and follower of contemporary romance fiction


Finished it and couldn’t put it down. WOW, it should be a huge success!

Mrs J Elkington, UK independent Reviewer and fan of romance fiction


From the very start you’ll fall in love with our dear Dolly and find yourself begging for more from the Soul Sisters.  This new author will not fail to deliver.

Miss J Moss, UK Independent Reviewer and local blogger.



Gotta say I absolutely loved it.  Just what I wanted from a romance novel.  A great story with hot sex!

Miss S Jones, Reader and Supporter of Indie Authors, Kentucky USA


I loved their story, freaking amazing.

Hopeluvsbooks Blog, Tennessee USA


More about the Soul Sisters Series…

The Soul Sisters of Hawkstown grew up together and have formed a bond so strong that they’ve become like family…

Dalton Frobisher is a local photographer and came to live in Hawkstown under tough circumstances, she needed the love and support of a good family and really hit gold when she teamed up with her other sisters from an early age.  She’s tall, curvy and full of sass and attitude.

Aneelia Prince is an educated local girl with city girl brains, she wants nothing more than to grow up and be happy in the community she’s come to love.  She’s feisty and has a personality large enough to keep Dalton and the others in check.

Charlotte Groves is the sister’s resident privileged princess and comes from one of the exclusive Hawkstown family’s.  The girls have become her ‘normal’ family and help her escape from the confines of a country club lifestyle she’s forced to endure.

Florence Smith works at the local high school teaching English, she’s the groups resident dreamer and lives her life according to romance poems and sonnets.  Flo is a firm believer in fairy tales and waiting for your Prince Charming.

Together, they’ve been inseparable since the start of high school and have fought battles like true friends would.  To each other they have become as dependable as true family and need each other more than ever as their lives take on new twists and turns.

Fostering Love Synopsis

Fostering Love is the first book in the Soul Sisters Series, which tells the story of four girls, friendship and their path to finding ‘the one’.

Being “soul sisters” is a way of life for Dalton, Aneelia, Charlotte and Florence.  
Growing up together means they’ve shared all of life’s major highs and lows and managed to survive with a friendship so strong that real blood sisters would be jealous of it.

Dalton Frobisher has loved the same guy since she was a teenager.

It’s just unfortunate that he doesn’t love her back, or rather, can’t.

Growing up around the person you believe should be yours is hard, seeing him with other girls is harder but watching him leave is torture.  It’s a constant state of grief because he’s still in your life and you can’t have him.

Life is full of regrets and not telling him how she felt was the biggest regret she had… so far.  Dalton wasn’t going to miss that opportunity the next time it came around.

She just didn’t expect the fallout to be so… life changing.


About the Author


Victoria Johns is a writer who enjoys sharing a happily ever after and believes that it’s every good girl’s dream to experience a steamy one.  Growing up in North West England in a large family surrounded by love and support she found her Prince Charming many years ago and enjoys living the life they’ve made with their son.

She’s always had a creative imagination and decided that some of the stories bubbling in her head needed to be shared, so she’s created this pen name to give them their freedom to be loved by others.

When she’s not writing she’s overdosing on crisps, Rosé wine, trashy TV and raunchy reads.


Amazon UK/Europe link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fostering-Love-Soul-Sisters-Book-ebook/dp/B00O1H3WQW/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1412060578&sr=1-1&keywords=fostering+love

Amazon US link: http://www.amazon.com/Fostering-Love-Soul-Sisters-Book-ebook/dp/B00O1H3WQW/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1412063797&sr=8-8&keywords=fostering+love

Website: www.victoriajohnsbooks.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Victoria-Johns/864940723534646

Twitter: @victoriajohns75

Email: Victoriajohns75@gmail.com

Hashtags for trending: #fosteringlove #victoriajohns #soulsisters #badassfairystories

Please note, I will be available on facebook and twitter all day on release day, should you or your followers have any questions, I will do my very best to try and answer every question