Blog Tour~ Taming The Wulfe by Tammy Jo Burns

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Taming the Wicked Wulfe

by Tammy Jo Burns

The Rogue Agents #1

Publication Date: July 14, 2014

Genres: Historical, Regency, Romance

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Taming the Wicked Wulfe Cover


Rebekah is forced into a proxy marriage to a man she despises for the sake of her orphaned niece and nephew. Her new husband, Thorn Wulfe, holds the key to all the secrets of her long-buried past.

Thorn, considered the Wicked Wulfe by many of the ton, operates one of London’s most notorious gaming hells, the Lady Luck. When his brother is killed, he finds his life turned upside down with a wife he does not want, and two children to care for.

When old secrets come to light and enemies make themselves known, Rebekah and Wulfe are going to have to decide what is more important…the past, the present, or the future? Will they be able to learn to trust and love one another along the way? Or will their secrets keep them apart forever?

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I always love how these genre of novels have amazing covers and this one is another one of my favorites. This is a start to a new series and let me tell you I am already in love with it. Apparently the main characters are from another series as sub characters so I will have to go check out the other novels by this author. Lets talk about the book! Straight from the start you are pulled into by being introduced to Thorn Wulfe and his world. He’s sexy, runs a gaming hell called Lady Luck & is about to have his world turned upside down when he meets Rebekkah again. Rebekkah has had her niece and nephew trusted to her with one implications she has to marry Thorn Wulfe. The twists that are thrown into this book will keep you guessing until the end when they are finally revealed. I loved the plot the author created to bring together this amazing novel! How can you not love the life of the ton! The tension & fighting between Thorn and Rebekkah are great and it is not to much but just enough to keep the attention of the readers. Overall this is one that everyone should be picking up! It has it all, amazing characters, exceptionally well written plot, bantor, twists, mystery, and lets not forget the romance! Love the novel and will be be looking for more by this author.

About the Author

Tammy Jo Burns

From a young age I could always be found carrying around books to read while watching my grandmother’s soap operas with her. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on and even made up skits and stories for my friends and me to act out. Once I outgrew the children’s and YA books, my mom introduced me to an entirely new world – contemporary romance. Upon discovering I had a love for history I began devouring historical romances. One day, sitting in a college British History class, something the professor said made me think, I wonder. I quickly called mom (also a writer) and ran the idea by her. After being told, “Of course you can do it, you’re my daughter,” the rest, as they say, is history. I currently share my love of reading with the next generation as a high school librarian, and share my personal life with my demanding dog trapped in a cat’s body, Ajax.

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