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Title:  Dreams in Green

Author:   K. D. Fisk

Published:  March 2012

Publisher:  Champagne Book Group

Word Count:   54,000

Genre:  Historical Romance

Content Warning:  PG-13



With the death of her father, Lenna Keith is trapped between a king’s command and a land hungry guardian. Her luck improves none as she flees and winds up at the mercy of the Gunns, the very clan seeking to destroy her family, but, looking into the eyes of their Laird, her heart rebels at the thought that this man is her adversary.


Alax Gunn is intrigued by this spirited woman but mostly by the fact that she mirrors someone who has haunted him since youth. Curiosity and mistrust turn to attraction and desire, but swiftly she becomes so much more to him. What all will he sacrifice to keep Lenna safe and in his arms? Will a love between two destined enemies bring an end to a feud or to two ancient clans of Scotland?


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Excerpt from Dreams in Green by K. D. Fisk:


She let out what may have been meant to be a harsh laugh. “I should have taken you up on your offer of whiskey.”

A tense, tight pain lodged in his chest. “It’s an open offer, lass. Take some now.”

She shook her head. “After. Please. The water.”

He secured the basin in her unsteady hands. She poured slowly over the wound. Old blood washed away and new came in its place. She set the water aside then bent her knee. A sharp cry escaped. He pressed the fresh bandages into her hand, and with eyes tightly shut, she began to wrap. Around and around she wrapped until no new blood showed through.

Finally, she tied it off and collapsed back down on the bed. Eventually, a relieved smile blessed her pale, tense features. Streaks from tears ran down her cheeks. When had they fallen? Alax hadn’t seen her shed a one.

She looked like an exhausted angel, one who’d taken a long tumble. He picked up the basin and knife, setting them aside. He reached to get a spare scrap she’d not used.

Her soft hand stopped atop his. “Thank you.”

He froze, not daring to move. “For what?”

She slowly scooted down more until her head touched the pillow. “For helping me.”

He covered her hand with his other. “Lass, an errand boy could have done what I did. ”

She carefully shook her head. “No, only you.”

He watched her eyes begin to close. Her breathing slowed. A worry suddenly shivered through him. He caressed her knuckles then laid that hand on her chest. “Lenna?” Her name rolled off his tongue like song.

Her eyes fluttered open. “Aye?”

Her silky voice was just above a whisper.

Alax cleared his throat. “No matter what you’re running from, you’re safe with me.”

That soft smile started then she gave a slight nod, her eyelids lowering again. Her mouth began moving and he leaned closer to hear her whispered words.

“…live to see the day, a Gunn could be so kind.”

He felt the corners of his mouth turn up. Cheeky lass, even bone weary and half asleep, she sassed.

His lips flattened and he sat back straight. Could that saucy tongue be why she’d been beaten? He knew women could be killed for less. The thought of how she’d gotten her bruises, the marks on her arm ran his blood cold.

He was drawn to wipe loose strands of hair from her face. “You’re safe here, Hellenna inghean William, but who are you hiding from?”


Do you love reading novels with handsome Highlanders, ghosts, and filled with feuding families? If so then then this is one you will want to be picking up! Lenna is stuck between doing what her stubborn self wants and what her king wants after her father dies. And unfortunately she is given an ultimatum choose a husband in 90 days or one will be chosen, talk about a tough choice. Can you blame her when she runs I would have done the same thing. Of course faith is not on her side because she has one problem after another following her. Lenna struck me as someone who knew what she wanted and didn’t accept anything else. Alax who saves her from one of the mishaps can’t understand why she seems so familiar yet is not, even though they are enemies! When his clan seems to have a traitor within them he will stop at nothing to find out who it is. Alax has a kind heart but is always true to his clan except when it comes in the form of a woman named Lenna. Will this be the barrier that will make his downfall? That you will have to read along with finding out who our traitor is! The author did a great job with all the different variables that was going on to keep her readers entertained, you really have to follow along with the story to understand it. I enjoyed that it kept me on my toes and my mind continuously going instead of wandering. I also liked that the author added a mixture of not just romance but paranormal because they highly believed it more during those times. This was an enjoyable read and I recommend it if you would like one that will keep your mind going!



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About the Author:

Dreams in Green is my first published novel. I’ve always loved the written word, stories and history. I live in Missouri with my soulmate, two overgrown puppies, two insane cats, and a small herd of guinea pigs. My writing has only just begun; the adventure of stories is my never ending addiction.



Q: What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve always felt a connection to Scotland, especially the highlands. I was researching ghost tales and came across the tragic tale of Helen Gunn. I was instantly drawn to expand upon her legend.

Q: Who is your favorite character and why?

Oddly enough, the Gunn Traitor is. Those areas were very interesting to write well.

Q: Are you currently working on a new book at this time? I have another book making rounds for submissions currently, but no steady one I’m currently writing.

Q: Can you tell us the name of the book and a little bit about it?

Seven Days to the Devil is my latest work that is unpublished. It is also set in Scotland and about a half gypsy herion who is murdered just before her wedding. Her restless spirit can’t leave her grieving fiance alone, but her only chance at returning to life involves a deal with the devil. She has one week to discover her killer, but nothing is ever that simple when such a bargain is struck.

Q: Can you share something with everyone that inspires you?

History. History of both sides  of any skirmish. I love to delve deeply in history, but am also very drawn to all things paranormal. My stories often have one or both of those themes.

Q: As a child what did you want to do when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a writer. It was my first natural talent and my parents always encouraged me.

Q: If you could go on a date with one of the male/female characters from a book who would it be (Character name, Book Title & Author’s Name) and what would you do on that date?

I’m not sure, really. Perhaps Garion from David Eddings novel series The Belgariad. He always struck me as sweet and well rounded.Something simple like a picnic, he could show me some of his magic.

Q: Do you have a favorite playlist that you listen to when you write?

oh, my Music choices are varied and many. Usually when writing I try and  have some steady familars playing. They range from country, pop, soft rock and hard rock.

Q: When you aren’t writing what do you do to relax and have fun? Oh, I have a ton of pets, garden, swim, watch alot of animation, anime, a variety of movies,try and get some reading in, play some xbox, enjoy nature, and enjoy my family of course.


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Giveaway is International.

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