Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Surrender by Jennifer Burrows

Katherine Anderson was living a dream life. She came from an influential family, had a successful career as a food critic, and was about to marry the man of her dreams. Her life suddenly takes a change for the worse when she finds her fiancé in the arms of another woman. Her dream wedding now cancelled, she tries to find herself in Italy, on a trip she was supposed to be taking as the just married Mrs. Michael Gibbons.
Massimo “Tony” Bertalucci has had his life destroyed by a cartel known to be trafficking black market olive oil out of Italy and around the world. While the cartel thought the entire Bertalucci family was dead and buried, Tony remains very much alive and determined to find a way to get his life back.
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When Tony and Katherine’s worlds collide, she is Tony’s only hope of escaping Italy alive. What Katherine doesn’t realize is that this charming, unassuming Italian man is using her to save his own life. Will she be able to get back to the states safely, or will she be subjected to the same fate as Tony’s family? Will Tony find a way to stop running? Or will he have to surrender his life to the cartel?
When I first started to read this I immediately noticed that this was not going to be just your everyday sweet romance because this was in-fact going to turn out to be A women’s worst nightmare! The main characters comes home to find her fiancé in bed with another women and takes it a lot better than I would have. Instead of self-pity she ends up going to the dream honeymoon to Italy; however, not everything is perfect when she gets there either especially when she meets a hot guy by the name of Tony. Tony has had a lot of things happen to his family and right now his number one agenda is staying alive and looking out for himself. The characters I thought were very well thought out and each were well written and unique, they each had their own background to fill in the story and build up to the final epic scenes. The world that the author created is filled with romance,  mystery and twists throughout, oh and lets not forget about the deception because there is a lot of that trust issue throughout. Lets just say this story will have you sitting on the edge of your seat because you are given bread crumbs to follow. I love how the author has given her readers twists to follow without knowing immediately what is going on. I highly recommend this novel to you and it was a blast to read!
I was am a retired Registered Nurse. I am the author of A shot in the Dark and the Sequel Into the Light. I worked in the emergency department and critical care for over 15 years which provided me the experiences to write my books.
I am an avid reader and love to talk about the latest story I’ve read. I hope you will enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.
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