**Hot Review & Excerpt** Wicked Flames by Sharon Kay

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Gin Bonham lives with a dark secret. Born with an ability she never wanted, she builds her life around science and logic, running from the terror she is capable of causing. When sexy stranger Mathias spots her on a dance floor and cuts in, he leads Gin in a sensual rhythm that continues long after the music stops. But Mathias hides the fact that he knows exactly what she can do: in the deepest recesses of her mind lurks the power to manipulate fire. Destiny is coming for her and it doesn’t care if she’s ready or not.

Mathias possesses tracking and espionage skills so extraordinary that his fellow Lash demons call him The Hunter. Pursue and interrogate. He never fails. When he is tasked with coaxing Gin to work with the Lash demons against a common enemy, he relishes the challenge. But meeting her awakens a new, primal drive that pulls him toward her even as his tactics break her heart.

Failing to win Gin’s cooperation is not an option. But she is determined to flee, putting thousands of miles between her and any other supernatural creatures, including Mathias. Can she cool the charred embers of her emotions enough to forgive Mathias and embrace what she was meant to become? Or will her ability explode into something more than she can control?

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The distinct buttery smell of pecan instantly hit his nose. Gin stirred the hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks, further intensifying the olfactory barrage.

“This smells way better than the Coffeehouse,” He walked up behind her, admiring the view of her perfect ass in that tight little dress. Her hair hung long and loose down her back, and he threaded his hands into it, wanting to touch every inch of her.

She sucked in a breath and turned to face him, eyes huge. Cradling one mug in her hands, she offered it to him. “Taste.” Her voice was a strained whisper, a question and an offer combined.

He toyed with the ends of her hair. “Not first on my tasting list, Ginger.”

Her pulse ticked frantically at the base of her throat, and her chest rose and fell with uneven breaths. “Not…first…?”

He took the mug from her and set it on the counter. “No.” Fuck, she was so gorgeous, standing here all dressed up for him. Dim light or sunlight, silk or jeans, she glowed with a fiery sensuality. He planned to explore every nuance of her heat, starting when he was buried inside her.

Holding her hair to the side, he kissed her shoulder. Her arms slid up his shoulders to clutch his biceps and a breathy moan escaped her.

Nipping, he moved to her collarbone. Her neck. Anywhere but her parted lips, where he knew she wanted him. He wanted her pliant, defenseless, and begging.

She gave a full-body shudder and tilted her head.

Pliant, defenseless, begging. He gripped her hips and traced circles with his thumbs. “Can you guess what’s at the top of that list?”

“Um…” She blinked, but couldn’t hide the hunger in her eyes. “List?” Her hands dropped to grip the edge of the counter behind her.

He brushed his lips across her ear. “We’re gonna play a game.”

Her eyebrows raised. “What kind?”

“A guessing game.”

“Hmm.” She bit her lip. “Like twenty questions?”

“Only two questions.”

“What am I guessing?”

“I have something of yours.” He swept his hands up and down in the air in front of him. “On me.”

Her mouth dropped. “What? When did you—? Where?” her eyes darted over his chest and arms, and down to his open hands.

“You get two guesses. For each wrong guess, I kiss you.”

She folded her arms, pushing her breasts up and giving him a cock-hardening view of her cleavage. “That doesn’t sound so bad. How do you know I won’t guess wrong on pur—”

“After two guesses, you have to find it. Without talking. And you have to keep your eyes closed until you do.”

Her eyes widened. “What if I don’t find it?”

“You get spanked.”

review by sue 2

So if you have kept up with this amazing series you will know that this is one of those that has kept you on your toes and once it is over you will be impatiently waiting for the next one. Well when this one finally came out I was extactic because Gin has been the sister that has never wanted her gift, unlike her sisters, and always looked at it like a curse. She knows it exists and due to her sisters telling her everything she understands what is going on but up until this point she has always looked the other way.  My main question was how was the author going to play this character into the story line without it seeming odd. Let me tell you she definitely outdid herself in my opinion, and that is big because I seriously loved the second novel.  When Mathias or “the hunter” is sent in to go and try making her understand the urgency that the sisters need her help. Things start to flame up quite literally between these two. You begin to understand why Gin decided against using what she was giving through this novel! I loved how these two had such a tension between themselves that it was humorous and sexy at the same time. And yes the scenes are sexy and hot!!!

The author has built her characters with such an appease to her readers that they will be coming back for more just to find out what is the next installment. Now that I am done reading Wicked Flames I am anxious to see what else she has in store for the future. Each of the Lash demons are sexy, hardcore, loyal to the cause, but have a sensitive side when they find that one firecracker that they fall for. If you haven’t already noticed her covers are perfectly based off what the novel entails including the hot demon. And each of the Solsti sisters have been a handful that these poor demons have had to turn over time and again (trust me they are a stubborn bunch). They are all unique and have their own personality that adds more to each of her characters and storyline. Overall, I have to say this series is definitely one of a kind and has been one of the best series I have read!  After reading all three of this series I have to say that it is flawless in the flow of the plot and you don’t feel like your being left out by a gap. If you want to pick up a hot paranormal romance with something more than just sexy hot scenes but some adventure and action trust me this series has it all!!! Don’t forget to check out Wicked Wind and Wicked Waves!!!

 about the author 2

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Sharon Kay writes award-winning fiction and can never get enough reading time. She loves paranormal romance, with romantic suspense following close on its heels. She loves winter and black coffee, and is endlessly inspired to write kick-ass heroines and the men strong enough to capture their hearts.

Sharon lives in the Chicago area with her husband and son, and didn’t expect to write one book, let alone a series. But WICKED WIND and the Solsti series formed in her head one weekend and refused to stay quiet until she put pen to paper. Her characters tend to keep her up at night, as they banter, fall in love, and slay endless varieties of power-hungry demons.

She loves to hear from readers! You can find her at:



Twitter: @sharonkaynovels

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/sharonkaynovels

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