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Title: Starstruck
Series: The Jerico Series
Author: Paige Thomas
Word/Page count: 325 pages
Buy link: Ellora’s CaveAmazon


30 Days of Summer - Paige Thomas - Book Cover



The faceless woman who haunts rock legend Jesse Maurello’s dreams is just a myth, a steamy byproduct of his vivid imagination and too many days on the road. Yet something about the green-eyed vision he meets on the plane to New York calls to him, in more ways than one. He will have her beneath him—or on top of him—tonight.

Career-driven graphic artist Samantha Raven has many talents, her psychic abilities among them. But nothing could’ve prepared her for the talents of a sexy rock god who seduces her into his bed—or the obsessed fan who threatens her life. Her sizzling night of passion with the infamous Jerico front man is purely chance…or is it? Betrayal and danger follow their wild ride of orgasmic exploration.

Seems fate had a plan neither Jesse nor Sam saw coming.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave



Sam stared out the window, lost in thought. The comfortable bubble she’d been in since dinner had burst with the slam of the limousine door. Her nerves had reawakened, ricocheting inside her belly like a rogue bullet. What kind of hotel were they staying in and how expensive was the place going to be? If dinner was anything to go by…
I’m screwed. Shit! Abort! Abort!
Sam wasn’t a huge fan of Jerico, but she did like them and was familiar with a lot of their songs. She wasn’t fanatical like Charli, of course, but she had seen them in concert in ’97 and enjoyed herself immensely.
Jesse was a natural front man and the chemistry he shared with the boys in his band was like a New Year’s Eve fireworks display. He seduced the audience with ease. Any girl in the stadium would have gladly chewed off her own foot just to get close enough to touch him. All he had to do was smile, pop his hip or wiggle his cute butt at the crowd and women went wild, some even fainted. So did some of the men.
He shuffled the last inch closer to her, closing the small gap between them, picked up her hand and placed it in his, resting them both on his leg. Sam’s heart skipped a beat…or two…but she didn’t attempt to move away. As nervous as she was, she liked his touch on her skin. Tomorrow she would go back to work and this wonderful dream would end.
Past the darkness of the interior, with only the streetlights flashing through the window, the snow swirled random patterns in the wind before falling to the ground. A feather-light caress along her jawline made her body shiver and her breath quicken. She slowly turned her head and his fingers warmed her cheek. He tilted her chin with his thumb and leaned closer to her mouth. His lips lingered in front of hers as he pushed his chest against her shoulder. His breath whispered over her lips, sent chills up her spine and back down again.
He held her that way for a moment, staring into her eyes. Perhaps he was waiting to see if she would pull away. She didn’t and he gently brushed his lips over hers, once, then twice, before gliding his tongue along the seam of her mouth, urging her to part and let him in.
Her head spun like a Ferris wheel on speed. Her pulse thumped in every part of her body, drowning out the traffic from the street. She let loose a small moan when he tipped her chin up and slanted his head for a deeper kiss. His hand ran through her hair to the nape of her neck, pulling her closer still. She didn’t resist him. She couldn’t. She swam in his kiss and thought of nothing but his lips.
He was tender but insistent and she willingly let him ravage her mouth. Their tongues danced as if they’d tangoed before. They were naturally in tune, meeting and withdrawing in perfect harmony.
Finally he pulled away from her, his breathing heavy, eyes glazed. He slowly leaned back and released a long sigh. “I’m sorry, darlin’. I’ve wanted to do that all night.”
“Sorry? Don’t be,” she whispered, still buzzing from his kiss. “I get pashed by rock stars all the time. No biggie.” She ran a trembling hand through her hair.
Jesse laughed and it didn’t take long for her to join in.
“Pashed?” he asked. “I’ve never heard that word before.”
“Really? It’s how we Aussies describe what you just did to me.”
“Pashed,” he repeated, snorting when he laughed again.
Jesse clasped her hand and held it for the remainder of the drive. Wrapped in comfortable silence, Sam let her head drift down and rest on his shoulder.



Paige has been an avid reader since before she can remember, her mother’s biggest complaint being that she could never stock the bookshelves fast enough. She enjoys romance, thriller and paranormal lines, but will read anything with an interesting character or intriguing plot.

Having escaped a career in I.T, Paige began to write and hasn’t looked back. She describes herself as “down-to-earth” with a touch of Aussie flavor to her sense of humor, and her writing style is reflective of her passions, often choosing to mix elements of different genres within her stories.

Paige is now a multi published author with Ellora’s Cave while living a quiet lifestyle on the central coast of New South Wales with her husband and son.






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