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Title: Healing the Bayou

Author: Mary Bernsen

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: May 2, 2014



Twenty year old Eliza discovers her roots in Voodoo royalty, but claiming her throne means giving up her soul mate.

After learning that she is adopted, Eliza begins her search for her biological family and is propelled into an underground world of witchcraft, seances, and sacrifices where she is worshiped as the descendant of the last great Voodoo Queen of the bayou, Marie Laveau. From her great, great grandmother, she has inherited the ability to heal the souls of others by a

simple touch of her hands.

Eliza is expected cultivate this gift and learn her craft in order to use it and her rightful title as Queen to return the Voodoo community and religion to glory. A task not so terrible if it could be lived beside the devastatingly endearing Samuel Mueller. But Samuel is her Keeper; his chargeis keeping her safe and according to tradition he is not permitted to mingleromantically with his ward. The two struggle to smother the flame that grows between them while Samuel meets his demands as Eliza’s guardian, keeping her from those who would sooner have her killed than let an outsider rule the bayou.  And the enemies are much closer than Eliza could have ever imagined.

The author has created a world of paranormal aspects that does not get mentioned in many books, which intrigued me to want to read. The cover is what first made me want to read this novel because of the vibrant color schemes and the mystery that you can see lies within. Always feeling like there was more to the life than what she is Eliza finds herself thrown into a whole new world of secrets that she must uncover to find out who and what she truly comes from. Apparently though she has had someone watch over her from afar and not even realize it, Samuel. His character seems a little mysterious to me at first but as the story starts to develop you start to realize that faith has built a path for him also. The plot in this story is one that will have you want to keep reading because it flows smoothly and has some mystery as it folds together. The characters are well written, some I would have liked to know a little more about just to get a better a picture, but there is always room for another book because the author is able to branch off with the way she ended it. I love that this is considered one of those that are standalone and complete novel but can also possible have another one in the future. Overall, I enjoyed this and recommend it because it is a new touch to the paranormal world that is very rarely breached in the world of voodoo!




Mary Bernsen is a southwest Florida native currently living in Punta Gorda with her two beautiful children and a third, much larger child that she affectionately calls husband. She is a stay-at-home mother and spends her days creating characters on the good side of twenty-five because she is in serious denial about the fact that she is now on the bad side of it.  She has a passion for fantasy of any kind and she reviews every book she reads on her blog Read It Write.  If she isn’t having conversations with the friends in her head, you can usually find her clipping coupons or out on the boat enjoying the muddy waters of Peace River (as long as it isn’t below 80 degrees).


1.      I’m a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful chilets, a seven year old boy and a four year old girl.

2.      I married my husband at the tender age of 21.  He is still the love of my life, and the primary reason I totally believe in soul mates.

3.      Between my mother and father, I have 4 sisters and a brother.  I was second to youngest.

4.      I’m an extreme couponer.  The cashiers at my local supermarket know me…and fear me.

5.      As a child I 100% believed I was Peter Pan.  My brother fed this delusion by convincing me he kept my pixie dust safe.  It was baby powder.

6.      Growing up, I wanted to be a paleontologist.

7.       My highlight of said career:  to be the first scientist to successfully clone a T-rex.

8.      I was adopted by my grandparents, and I will be forever grateful for the love they showed me.

9.      I skipped eighth grade.

10.  My eyes change color based on my mood.  It’s a genetic trait shared by at least two of my siblings.

11.  I’m one of the quietest people you will ever meet.  I’m not shy, I just legitimately have nothing to say.

12.  In other words, I’m severely socially impaired.

13.  I’m terrified of birds.

14.  But even more afraid of frogs. *shivers*

15.  Once Upon A Time is without a doubt my favorite television show ever.

16.  Frozen has become my new favorite movie.  Yeah, I’m a mom.

17.  I have a dreadful sweet tooth that rules me.

18.  Vegetables should go back to Hades where they came from.  They have no place on my plate.

19.  Sweating disgusts me.  So, obviously Florida is the perfect place to live, right?

20.  I love to fish, but I can’t remember the last time I caught anything.


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