Review ~ Her Desert Treasure by Larie Brannick

her desert treasure

Title: Her Desert Treasure

Author: Larie Brannick

Genre:  Country/Romance/Suspense

Release:  April 14, 2014

Availability: Kindle & Nook

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Inheriting her grandfather’s ranch is the perfect opportunity for Meg Reynolds to begin again. The land is her only chance to hold onto the last bit of family she had. But Jake Matthews has other plans. He says her grandfather wanted a horse refuge on the land, and despite the heat blazing between them, Jake will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

What Jake realizes he wants is Meg, but someone’s threatening her and seems willing to kill her for her land. Meg doesn’t know who she can trust. When she’s kidnapped, it’s up to Jake to help rescue her before he loses the chance to tell her that he cares more for her than the land that stands between them…

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review by sue 2

Who could say no to this novel when you look at this cover! This novel has a country romance with a suspense twist to it in my opinion. Brought back to where she was raised due to an unfortunate situation has caused Meg Reynolds to take another look into life. Only this time she will be take what her grandfather always wanted to do and also her life long wish into one. However, she runs into one problem when she steps into her hometown, there seems to be a claim holding up her inheritance. They will stop at nothing to keep her off her own land. When she comes face to face with handsome Jake Matthews, sparks start to fly and even though she is stubborn and hard headed. The feelings that the author has put into this book is heartwarming and sweet, I loved these two characters. But its a slow and growing together feeling, just like in real life.  However, the author throws in a few twists and turns at us that spices up the relationship, could their newfound relationship overcome this?  Will they be able to get Meg’s inheritance or will someone close die? Pasts start to reappear in lives even though they are unwanted. The author has definitely hooked me on her with this debut novel and I look forward to reading more in the future. So open up this treasure and see what you uncover!

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I love love.  And romance.  I read it.  I write it.  Hell, I live it!  I married my high school sweetheart (after loving him since the 7th grade) six months after graduation and we haven’t looked back.
My hopeless romantic streak took me completely by surprise.  I was such a tomboy as a kid.  I couldn’t be bothered with dolls or dresses.  My world consisted of riding horses, fishing with my grandfather, doing chores on our small farm, and reading.  Always reading.  While I loved getting lost in books, I also found myself wandering off in my own stories from time to time.
At some point, my sisters’ influence started rubbing off on me and I became aware of boys.  Not as buddies or competitors in kickball, but you know…boys.  And then my sister let me read Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.  I was a goner.  I read that book every couple of years and it’s just as wonderful now as it was the first time.  I have since branched out into other genres of romance, but the common thread of the wounded Alpha male hero and the beautiful, tough (though she might not always know it) heroine hooks me every time.



Title: Red the Were Hunter
Author: Rebekah Ganiere
Genre: Fantasy Romance – A Fairytale Retelling
Publication Date: May 1, 2014


Red The Were Hunter is being published on May 1, 2014. Red is a Fantasy Romance which took 2nd place in the Hook, Line and Sinker contest and is a current finalist in the Great Beginning Contest. It is the first novel in the Farielle book series.
What if you were the key to an ancient prophecy that would begin to heal your lands, but fulfilling your destiny meant you had to turn your back on everything you’d been taught to believe in?

Redlynn of Volkzene, member of the Sisterhood of Red, is heartbroken to discover another girl kidnapped and her best friend slain by werewolves. Defying the head of her order, she sets out to kill the beast she believes responsible.  The King of the Weres– But there are worse things inWolvenglen Forest than the wolves.

Adrian, reluctant heir to the throne of Wolvenglen, and his band of wolf brothers are bound to protect the humans; especially the Sisterhood. Finding Redlynn unconscious in his woods, awakens in him a passion he’s never before experienced and a protective instinct that has him ready to turn on his own men. Problem is, a female is the last thing Adrian needs complicating his life.

But all is not as it seems in Wolvenglen Forest and to save the missing girls before time runs out, Redlynn and Adrian must move past their inner demons and learn to trust each other. Perhaps finding the happiness they both so desperately desire.

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Review by Sue Ellen
If you enjoy fairy tales with an adult twist you will enjoy this novel. I knew from the cover and blurb I wanted to read into what was going to be in this story. With never having read anything by this author it was definitely one I would read again.  The world she has created, including the characters are filled with such description that your mind knows exactly how the author wanted it to look like. Red has always been sort of an outcast in the village she grew up in but didn’t know why even though she was part of the sisters. With an agenda of going after the Were King she doesn’t realize that there is a deeper force that has her future layed out. Also, everything that the villagers been told may have been a lie! Adrian has been fighting his destiny for so long but when a beautiful women with red hair is brought to him, things starts to change. The romantic scenes that the author has written are with good taste and sweet. This is an amazing start to a great series that I look forward to keeping up with, it can be a stand alone novel but trust me you will most likely was to read the next one when it comes out. I highly recommend this to paranormal lovers!!!!

Adrian reveled in the feel of Redlynn in his arms. It felt so natural for her to be there. It had been too long since he’d felt the touch of a woman. She looked up at him and licked her lips. Adrian’s heartbeat quickened. He told himself that he needed to get her into her own room. But his body didn’t move.

“Your heart is racing,” she murmured.

He couldn’t speak. Her sweet breath fell lightly on his skin, cooling it.

“Why did you save me in the woods?”

Because you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and probably the one I am meant to take as a mate. “Because you were hurt.”

“But you don’t know me.”

Adrian’s eyebrows drew together. “Does that matter?”

“Most people would have left me for dead.”

Anger soured his thoughts. Is that what had become of the Sisterhood? Were all males outside of Wolvenglen so callous? How could someone not stop and help a female in need? “Well, I’m not most people.”

“No. You’re not,” she slurred. Her gaze shifted to his lips. She touched his cheek and then ran her fingers through his long hair. “Your hair’s soft.”

Adrian didn’t dare breathe. A flesh and blood woman with golden eyes, and the mark of the wolf was in his arms. It went against everything he’d promised himself he wouldn’t do. All the other females he’d said no to. All the years spent burying any desire to find a mate and settle down. All the times he told himself he wouldn’t end up like his father. Bending his head, he breathed her in. She lifted her chin. Their lips were inches apart and he tasted her breath in his mouth.

“Adrian,” she whispered.

He plunged down and closed the distance between them. The moan that escaped her was enough to send his wolf howling for more. Tangling his hand in her hair he guided her mouth to his more fully. Her lips parted and their tongues mingled in a soft swirl. His mind went numb. Adrian pressed closer to her and her arm twitched. He pulled away quickly.

“Are you alright?” He searched her face for signs of distress.

“It’s my shoulder.”

Dammit! He shouldn’t be doing this. It wasn’t fair to lead her on. Especially with her medicated. “You should rest.” He laid her on the pillow.

“Yes.” Her eyes held desire and resistance. “I’m sorry for taking your bed again.”

Me too. “It’s fine. I can stay somewhere else.”

“You can stay.”

Adrian swallowed. It had gone too far. She wanted him to stay. Part of him wanted to say yes.

Rebekah R. Ganiere is an award winning author and member of the Romance Writers of America, her local LARA and OCC Chapters, as well as the VP of Communications for the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter.  Rebekah is a moderator for the SCV Writers Group and on Savvy Authors. Her debut novel Dead Awakenings hit Amazon’s Top 100 list in its genre right out of the gate and has received top review pick on several sites.

Rebekah’s love for stories began as a child with Shel Silverstein. She began writing her own poetry and short stories in junior high and high school and then went on to study theater in college. Ultimately she ended up going back to writing so she could stay at home with her kids. Rebekah is a member of Romance Writers of America as well as member of the board for her Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal and local Los Angeles Chapters. She is also a member of the Orange County, and Young Adult RWA Chapters.

When she isn’t spending time telling the stories of the characters constantly chattering inside her head, you can find her hanging out with her husband, four children and menagerie of pets. A dog, a rabbit, 2 bearded dragons, 1 Russian Tortoise and 2 Leopard Tortoises. The escaped snake has yet to be located.

Released on May 1!!


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