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So after reading her novel Key of Solomon and absolutely loving it I wanted to pick her brain so we decided to do an interview with Cassiel Knight! While your at it I would recommend checking out some of her other novels on her amazon page! She was more than happy to help answer some questions for us so please give her a warm welcome!

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In the job that pays the mortgage and allows her to indulge in her real passion, writing, Cassiel Knight works in the beautiful state of Oregon. Crazy-passionate about the romance writing industry, Cassiel has a paranormal romance series featuring fallen angels and demons from Samhain Publishing, an urban fantasy through Lyrical Press and a Egyptian mythology/archeology series with Champagne Book Group. She writes paranormal romances with kick-assitude that blend archeology and mythology – just a few of her favorite things.

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1. Did you always wanted to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?

For the longest time, I thought I wanted to be an oceanographer. I’ve always loved the ocean since very young. However, interestingly enough, I’ve always been a writer and have enjoyed writing and reading. I loved English composition and writing essays and was involved in Journalism in High School. But none of that really pushed the idea of writer into my head. Until AOL and I joined a romance writers group. From then on, being an author is what I wanted to be.

2. When did you first consider yourself a “writer”?

I just can’t remember anything specific. But I guess if I have to pick a date, it would be when my first book was published with a digital publisher back in 2007. Being published by them just felt MORE real. Very silly since being published doesn’t make one a writer but that’s how I felt.

3. How long did it take to get your first book published?

LOL, waaayyy too long. Seriously way too long. But then, that was for a reason. I wasn’t ready. I had more craft to learn, more of the business and really to learn and trust my voice. You know, to have faith in what I wrote and in myself.

4. Do you do another job except for writing and can you tell us more about it?

Yes, I have a day job that pays the way for me to attend conferences and do all the fun writing stuff I like to do. I’m a records manager at a sewer utility department for the county. Been with them for six years. I’m the sole person that does what I do and I get to work with lots of paper and documents. I love what I’m doing and love the people I’m working with. While there are days I wish I didn’t have to work, I’m content and as I said, it gives me the money to do things I enjoy.

5. What is the name of your latest book, and if you had to summarize it in less than 20 words what would you say?

Do you mean published or not? If published, my latest book which releases in May is book 2 to Key of Solomon and can be summarized as A fiery fallen angel partners with a sexy Texan to recover the Mayan Death Skull before it falls into the wrong hands. Oh, that’s 22 words. Sorry. <grin>

6. As a self-pulisher, do you have any plans to submit to a publish company? It is my understanding some authors prefer to stay as a self publish author because of flexibility.

I didn’t answer this as I’m not a self-published author. <grin>

7. How long does it usually take you to write a book, from the original idea to finishing writing it?

Sigh. Much longer than it should. I have writer’s block all the time – usually of my own making and a fall-out from being a pantser. I just keep pushing and pushing and writing and writing until stuff comes out. And if you’ve ever heard, “The more you write, the easier it is”?, it’s true, so true. I try to write something every day related to storytelling. If I don’t, if there is too many days between writing, it’s like starting all over again. That’s where writing block (for me) comes from.

8. What can we expect from you in the future? ie More books of the same genre? Books of a different genre?

I love Egyptian mythology and archeology so I’m working on book 2 of Mia and Harrison, the Lost Children of Egypt series. Plus, I want to finish my series with Samhain and am working on Kat and Ash’s story that follows The Death Skull. Another book I’m hoping to actually self-publish (maybe) is a science fiction romance. Plus, I have another science fiction romance that is more than 2/3 done. Basically, I expect to stay in the paranormal genre but what I’d really love to do is write a horror romance. I love creepy.

9. What made you decide to write that genre of book?

Well, as much as I love paranormal romance, my absolute favorite is science fiction romance and I’m actually, among working on my series, writing two science fiction romances. Taking my characters into the stars, for some reason, really excites me. I blame it on Janelle Taylor’s Moondust and Madness and Dorchester Publishing for their LoveSpell books in the nineties. J

10. Do you have a certain routine you have for writing? (ex. write better at nights, with music, etc)

Not really. Mostly sitting on my reclining chair with one of my Shih Tzus curled up on my left and the other curled up on the reclining part. Because I don’t want to disturb them, they often keep me locked there for a couple of hours. J And with that, I like to have, go figure, spooky movies going in the background so I’m usually on the sci-fi channel. Something about that background keeps me going.

11. Do you choose a title first, or write the book then choose the title? How do come up with the titles?

Well, it’s kind of at the same time. Because I write quest books, I usually need to know what they are going after. So, Key of Solomon is the title of the book the story is about—the item my heroine and hero need to find. Blood on the Moon I took from, believe it or not, the bibliography of a book on vampires I was researching for another story. It works perfect given the nature of the story. It does take me a while to settle on a title–like it often does for me to settle on character names.

12. Are there any hidden messages or morals contained in your books?

I’m supposed to have one of those? J Really, I write for entertainment but I do tend to have a similar message in both stories. It’s that giving up control doesn’t make someone weak – it can add more strength then one things possible. Also, faith in friends and a higher authority (this is NOT an inspirational book but all mine tend to have a faith element).

13. Your favorite food is?

Food. Oh, that’s not a specific food? <grin> I just love to eat. But my favorite, I guess, is steak.

14. Your favorite singer/group is?

I don’t have one.

15. Your favorite Author is? ?

I really have two – Jim Butcher but for his Harry Dresden series only. I tried to read his fantasy series but after Dresden, well, I can’t read him as anything else. I just love the world he created for Harry, and I’m in awe of his imagination. My second favorite is Stephen King. Seriously. He’s so wickedly scary and such a genius at creating terror on the page. I’ve read his On Writing book a number of times. It’s quite inspirational.

16. When you aren’t writing what do you do to relax and have fun?

Cuddling with my shih tzus, gardening and reading. I also love going to conferences and doing other writing-related stuff. It’s not a business to me – it’s truly my passion and gives me great enjoyment. I do it as much as I can.

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Book Two in the Fall Series by Annica Rossi!A MUST READ! 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!

Lauren St. John was about to do the unthinkable. Parker Blackwell already had. The moment Parker agreed to return to The Grandview Inn for old time’s sake, he knew his days of carefree no-strings attached sex were numbered.
Just the thought of seeing the girl that he’d spent the last seven years trying to forget had him completely off his game. After two short days and one long hot summer night together, the hard line he’d drawn between sex and love was officially blurred, and he found himself doing the unthinkable. Falling in love with her all over again.
Parker knew that the stubborn and independent Lo would never admit it, but she needed his help now more than ever, so when she accepted his less than honorable deal to help save her family business it was game on. He had five days to earn a second chance, and he was prepared to do anything, even if it meant revealing secrets about his life that could cause him to
lose her for good. Was he crazy to hope that the free spirited girl he used to know might meet him in the middle? In his world love had never been neatly defined. Maybe they could redefine it together. There was only one way to find out…
 On a plane to Las Vegas and determined to save the only life she’d ever known, Lo was hell bent on meeting the demands of Parker Blackwell’s twisted offer then leaving him in the past where he belonged. But she had to be careful. The dangerously sexy man that walked back into her life wasn’t the same boy she used to know, and every time she was near him her
whole body reminded her.
A fateful reunion. An indecent proposal. Two lives changed forever… after what happens in Vegas.
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Lo and Parker are back again in the second novel Falling Free in the Falling Free series and boy do they make a comeback. The author did an awesome job on picking up right where the first one left off, so your not left to wonder what has been going on during time lost like some books do. I loved Just Fall and Falling Free to me is just as much if not better. Parker has given Lo a way out of not losing the only thing she has ever loved but the proposal is a bit indecent you could say. She is considering it but will she actually go through with it? Especially when things from the past comes back to haunt them and is possibly threatening to tear them apart. Can these two truly overcome and possibly strive through to maybe have a future in the end? That you will have to read or we may have to wait on because the author loves to leave you bread crumbs. But that is what makes this series one of my favorites. This author knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat while making you falling in love with the characters; meanwhile she knows EXACTLY when to end it and keep her readers hooked. The scenes in this second novel where amazingly HOT to where your reader might melt! 
Just to let you know this is a cliffhanger, but trust me when I say the author has made it where you are itching to find out about the next one. I know I want the next book now!!! I HIGHLY recommend you read the both the first and Falling Free trust me you will not be sorry that you did!
Book 1- Just Fall by Annica Rossi
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About the Author:
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Michigan debut author, Annica Rossi, describes herself as a “serial mompreneur”. She spends her days creating customized gifts for those who have found their real life Happily Ever Afters, and by night she entertains her overactive imagination by penning sexy escapes that pack plenty of heat.

Her writing features smart, strong-willed women and their equally determined male counterparts whom they just can’t help but love.

“Just Fall”, the first novel in her Fall Series, is a seductive page-burner that’s kept her awake countless nights with only her faithful canines to keep her company.

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