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Rated M for Mature
Due to strong language and sexual content, this material is not suitable for readers under 18+
M/F, F/F, M/F/F, Bondage
Divorced, unemployed and on the verge of bankruptcy, Megan Matthews is desperate for quick cash. When a friend suggests the world of video sex chat, Megan is forced to decide. Can she trade gracious, country club conversations for raunchy innuendos and vulgar requests?
When you’ve spent your entire life playing by the rules, breaking them can be sinfully delicious.

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“I didn’t want to be responsible for stealing your innocence.”
“You can’t steal something I willingly give.”
“I know that now, but more than anything, I wanted to shield you from me, from the industry, from worldly corruption. You’re everything I’ll never be, Megan.”
“But you’re everything I want to be,” she whispered. Scooting closer, she wrapped her fingers in his hair. “You’re generous, kind hearted, loving, and honest. You’re gentle yet aggressive, bold yet secretive. I didn’t tell you how I felt about you because I didn’t think I was your type.”
“You’re too good for me.”
“And you for me.”
His heart cartwheeled. If this wasn’t love, then it didn’t exist.


Megan had her whole life planned for her even down to who she was going to be married to. However, real life doesn’t always happen the way we think. When she was ready to lose everything, but an opportunity showed itself that would take her outside of her comfort zone and would affect the rest of her life she decided to take a jump of faith. Will she forgive those that pushed her into a marriage that shouldn’t have been and destroyed her? They always say that things will get worse before it gets better and in this story it definitely did for Megan to open her eyes up and see what was in front of her the whole time.  That you will have to find out for yourself! Megan does show us that it does take a strong heart and women to keep on moving through life and this was why I think I loved this character the most because I can see myself needing to do what has to be done if it ever comes to a situation like she was placed in. When I was introduced to Tanner in this novel, I thought of a sweet, charming, and the one that has always been in the shadow waiting for the right moment to come out! However, it may or may not have been to late! I do have to say if your not into a lot sexual content, you may not want to get this but you will be missing an amazing book, I loved this book!A couple of these characters I did not care for, not because of the way they were written but because of how they are and what they have done, it does still happen and sad to say they probably thought it was for the best. I loved this book from the cover and the colors that are entwined within each other to the plot and the characters. As the author told me and I have to say she is definitely correct, it is a story of rejection, betrayal, acceptance, and self discovery! I can’t wait for the next book to come out by this author.

I received a complimentary copy by the author for an Honest review.

thenetteaser7 thenetteaser9about the author

 It’s just crazy weird to talk about myself in third person so I’ll keep it real with fun facts.
Things you may or may not want to know:
1.) I live in small town Texas but wish the town was smaller.
2.) If you can make me laugh I’m a friend for life.
3.) I also write under another pen name.
4.) I’m in love with the idea of love but think sex is easier.
5.) I’m a Scorpio.
That’s me in a nutshell. No fanfare, no upsell, just me.

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