Cover Reveal ~ Captive No More by Thomas Hunter Dillon

Below is the front cover of what stands to be the debut novel from author Thomas Hunter Dillon, writing as T.H. Dillon.

It is entitled Captive No More, and is

the first book in a thrilling trilogy.

Author: T.H. Dillon
Title: Captive No More
Series: The Jack Savage Trilogy
Volume #: 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense, blended with elements of Contemporary Romance
Length: TBD (Approx. 325 – 375 pages)
Expected Release Date: May, 2014
Content Rating: Mature (17+)
Availability: Paperback initially. eBook format to follow at a later date.
Pre-Order: Yes. First-run production copies can be reserved for $15 (US) or $25 (Int). Prices include S&H. Copies will come to you signed & inscribed by T.H. Dillon, with a serial # denoting the copy as a first-run production copy. If interested in reserving a copy for yourself, please contact Mr. Dillon directly via email:, to receive payment instructions. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received, so the earliest orders get the lowest available serial #’s.  BONUS: Pre-orders of Captive No More, will receive a special limited production TJST promotional item, also signed by T.H. Dillon!

Back Cover Text:
The Jack Savage Trilogy, from author T.H. Dillon, is his debut trilogy chronicling the journey of a young man, Jack Savage, as he struggles to accept responsibility for his actions with past love, accept the truth about a present love, and fix himself for the sake of any future love.

In Captive No More, Jack is confronted with the accountability he faces for some horrendous decisions he made with two past loves. To make matters worse….Jack has no memory of the tragic events as they unfolded.   Now, facing the threat of life in prison, Jack is relegated to a mental health facility to be evaluated before he can stand trial. Distraught by his lack of memories surrounding “the event”, Jack is pressed to keep a daily journal in hopes that it might jog his memory…..and help to solidify the impending case against him.

When an unexpected encounter inside threatens to rip his heart out all over again, Jack must decide if he will own up to his crimes…or continue running from his own personal demons.

Synopsis: Jack Savage was not raised to be the sort of man that would want to hurt people. In fact, he was raised to be quite the opposite. But when he finally ventured out into the world as an adult, he began to experience just how truly cold and cruel the world could be. What should have been a fairly normal existence as an adult, began to decay into one of a dysfunctional nature. And it all began to unravel for Jack because of a love he never should have pursued.

Fast-forward several years and Jack finds himself waking up strapped to a bed on the 13th floor in a local institution named Effingham. With no memory of how he arrived at Effingham, or why there is a fair amount of blood on his clothes, he struggles to come to gripes with the reality that he has been committed to the psych ward for evaluation.

Along the way, Jack is told to begin a journal in which he should record his thoughts. The hope is that his daily entries will at some point jog his memory about the actions that led to his arrival on the secretive 13th floor at Effingham. But before he can recall those horrendous actions, a chance encounter with a female resident has Jack thrust into an entirely new romance in his heart.

In time, Jack’s memories slowly start to return to him. But as the memories are slow to return, his heart is quick to be given away to the distraught beauty whom he shares a perpetual emotional suffering with. Jack’s desire to be her “Knight in shining armor” may not mesh with her plans for them though. As he finally starts to receive glimpses of his breaking point, Jack faces the even harsher reality that he may never get the chance he so desperately wants to be happy.

When it becomes apparent Jack must choose between facing up to his actions, or risking everything for love once more…..Jack is unsure of who, or what, to trust. Most of all, he questions whether or not he can trust himself and the feelings he has for a woman yet again.

With vicious memories haunting him, and life inside of a psych ward starting to become the new reality he never wanted, Jack must become that part of him that he hates if he is to survive the 13th floor of Effingham. No one is safe in the mind of Jack Savage. And he’ll do whatever it takes to make things right in his mind.

Only Jack knows what Jack is capable of…

**Author’s note: Although Captive No More is the first book in an exciting trilogy, it is also intended to serve as a stand-alone story. As such, it is the intent of the author not to incorporate the common “cliff-hanger ending” technique. All of the titles in The Jack Savage Trilogy will seek to follow this mantra.**


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