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Red Wife Tour

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Title- The Red Wife

Series- The Without Rules Series # 2

By- Tyffani Clark Kemp

Publication Date- February 6, 2014

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Mariss Red is wholly devoted to her husband, Holden. Despite her fling with Sebastian Boaa few months ago, her husband has her heart. But Holden knows about Mariss’ little indiscretion. Now, the three of them have a whole new set of rules.

Their sex life isn’t the only thing making waves. Things are further complicated by the return of people Mariss hoped were gone from her life for good. When dark secrets from Mariss’ past surface, it puts everyone in her life in danger. The loss of the one thing that means more to her than life itself turns Mariss’ life upside down in a way she never thought possible.

As The Red Wife struggles to put her life back together with pieces from a different puzzle, she must decide which picture she wants to paint.





review by sue 2

The Red Wife follows Mariss Red and her struggles with the love of her life Holden and her guilt with the fling she had with Sebastian Boa. This book is more from her side and yet the way the author wrote it your not left wondering what is going on with the other characters in the book. The author took the first book and second book and made it flow from one straight into the second one without any blank spots or little black holes to make you wonder if you missed something. Each of the characters  are unique and she knows exactly how to bring secondary characters into the story to make it exciting and keep you coming back for more. I loved the first book, but will have to say this one was just as good. I do have to say that a certain part of this book seriously broke my heart and made me cry, especially since through the first and this book your able to understand the true feelings of Mariss, when the author said her life gets turned upside down I felt like I was right there and could feel her pain. With each book your able to know that the author puts her passion in her writing and to me that’s probably the one thing that makes me love these books. I would recommend this series to anyone!

about the author 2

Tyffani Clark Kemp (1)

Tyffani Clark Kemp has been writing since she discovered in the sixth grade that it wasn’t enough just to read about fantastic places, but she could create her own. She weaves small bits of herself into everything she writes whether it be a science fiction piece about aliens or a dramatic romance fraught with conflict and love. She lives in South Carolina with her family and her fluffy shii tzu-mix dog who thinks he’s a Saint Bernard.







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Siren’s Sweet and Sexy Valentine’s Day Tour

Banner - Siren s Sweet and Sexy Valentines Day Tour

en’s Sweet and Sexy Valentine’s Day Tour: The Makeover + Yours For Now

Author: Siren Allen

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

the makeover

Book Description – The Makeover

Revenge is a dish best served cold… while wearing heels.

April has just learned the real reason behind her boss’ impromptu dinner invitation. He only invited her to dinner with his colleagues to prove a point: that he can show up at an event with a plain Jane and still be considered ‘the man’. She expected better from him and had secretly hoped that one day their friendship would grow into something deeper. But her two best friends won’t let her wallow in her pain. They convince her to give Dr. Stewart a dose of his own medicine. The plan: show up at the dinner looking irresistible and prove to her boss that even nerd girls can be sexy. But first she has to replace her unattractive business suits with something sexier and more revealing. It’s time for a makeover.

Dr. Chad Stewart would never ‘really’ date his secretary. She was too good, to pure for someone as jaded as himself. It didn’t matter that he was half in love with her. But when he needed an ‘average date’ for a dinner party she was the first person he turned to. He thought his secretary was the perfect choice until he arrived to find her looking like his wildest fantasy. But now she knows the real reason for his invite and he can see in her eyes how hurt she is.

Can Chad convince her to forgive him for hurting her or will she walk out of his life… taking his heart with her?


Book Description – Yours For Now

The question: “Would you like to try BDSM with me?”

Elizabeth Kemp never thought she’d ask friend and colleague, Preston Lancaster to be her submissive. Even more surprising, he agrees – on one condition: she has to return the favor. Her two weeks as his Domme ends with a dramatic climax she wasn’t prepared for – she’s hopelessly in love and terrified he’ll break her heart.

Dr. Preston Lancaster has been in love with Elizabeth since the day they met. His two weeks with her are more than he ever imagined, but when the tables are turned, she refuses to make good on her promise to reciprocate. Preston isn’t giving up without a fight, but he’s not fighting for two weeks of dominance anymore. He’s fighting for forever.

Can Preston convince Elizabeth that her heart is safe with him – or will two weeks be all he has?


Review by Sue Ellen:

What happens when your asked by your best friend for a deal of a life time? Well thats exactly what happened to Preston over lunch with Elizabeth, little did she know he had secretly loved her for a while now and plans to play for a lifetime!

The way that this author is able to take a novel no matter if its a longer or a shorter book and can keep her readers entertained is what makes me want to keep reading a book. This novel grasped me immedietly from the beginning with one opening question! This little package kept me engaged from the beginning to the end! The plot was exciting and your able to tell that the author has passion in the stories that she writes. This erotic romance is one for everyone who enjoys a short BDSM writtin with love!

About the Author:

Hi, my name is Siren Allen. I’m a writer and lover of all things erotic and romantic. I reside in southern Mississippi where I write steamy romances that are guaranteed to make you blush. When I’m not listening to the characters in my head and jotting down their adventures, I am busy working as a Clinical Laboratory Technician.

I love to travel, preferably with my husband, so he can do all of the driving. I enjoy time with my family, who are just as silly as I am. I have no children…yet, wish me luck! My hobbies are reading, writing and shopping, though I hate trying on clothing. If I wasn’t a writer or a Laboratory Professional, I would probably be a Secret Agent. But that’s the beauty of being a writer; you can create your own world and be whoever you want to be. In my imaginary world, I am Queen and my siblings are my minions.

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-Yours, For Now

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-Christmas Confusion

-Christmas Fantasy

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Happy Release Day ~ Bared ~ Stacey Kennedy ~ Review & Giveaway!!



Prepare to be BARED…

Publisher: Loveswept
(Random House Publishing Group)
ISBN: 9780804178884
Release date: February 10, 2014

“Bared is a seductively haunting tale of control and surrender that will tantalize existing fans of the series, while enticing new readers into the passionate world of Club Sin.” ~Eliza Gayle, New York Times bestselling author of SUBMISSIVE BEAUTY

“A hot blend of raw sensuality, this is an author to watch!”
~Eden Bradley, author of THE DARK GARDEN and DANGEROUSLY BOUND

In a novel that’s perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, Stacey Kennedy returns to Club Sin with another wicked and wild tale of submission, seduction, and love.


At Las Vegas’s exclusive Club Sin, Aidan Knight is the Master, unleashing the erotic yearnings of his submissive lovers. But his dominant façade conceals a devastating loss—something he instantly recognizes in his personally trained submissive Cora Adams. Sworn to unearth her secrets, Aidan uses his seductive skills to ignite her wildest desires until Cora yields to the pleasure she can find only with him.
Cora came to the BDSM club to act out her sub-and-dom fantasies without ever revealing the heartbreak that haunts her. But Aidan’s masterful touch is bringing her closer to the edge . . . and deeper into a world of control and surrender. He refuses to allow her to submit to any other man—nor does she want to. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing. For as they give in to passion, they must lay bare their souls for a love that could heal—and free—them both.

Bared is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.


I loved this book! Loved it so much I read it in one sitting! I just couldn’t put it down and had to find out what happened next. Stacey Kennedy, just has a way with writing and drawing you in. She is an author I don’t even have to read the back of her books to know what they are about. All of her work is an easy automatic One Click Buy! They are just always so awesome!
I couldn’t wait for Cora and Aidan’s story in Claimed and I wasn’t let down. My heart broke for Aidan and all that he had endured with the death of his first love and submissive. He is not the same man he once was and is hiding so much guilt and pain it is controlling his life. Cora has been in love with Aidan for years. She hides her feelings because he has never let go of his past. He is her Dom and she feels his desire for her as his sub but how can she compete with a ghost. She wants more but opening up to him could ruin it all. Their journey is filled with love, desire and a passion that will melt your heart. You will laugh, cry and just want to read more about these sexy, Doms. Did I mention there is a dungeon? WOW! Some hot stuff going on in there! =) Don’t miss out on this heart stopping series!
I received an ARC from Net Galley for an honest review.


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About the Author:


USA Today Bestselling Author, Stacey Kennedy is an urban fantasy lover at heart, but she also enjoys losing herself in dark and sensual worlds. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, who gave her a happily-ever-after. Together, they have two small children who can always make her smile, and who will never be allowed to read Mommy’s books. If she’s not plugging away at a new story, you’ll find her camping, curling up with the latest flick, or obsessing over Supernatural, True Blood, Lost Girl, and Sons of Anarchy.
Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –!/Stacey_Kennedy
Loveswept website –
Get CLAIMED with the first book in the Club Sin Series:

Goodreads –
CLAIMED - Final Cover

“Claimed sucked me in! Stacey Kennedy weaves together the intense BDSM lifestyle with the soft touch of a sweeter, more traditional love story in a novel with an engaging heroine at its heart.”—J. Kenner, New York Times bestselling author of Release Me
A novel of erotic discovery and forbidden desire that goes beyond Fifty Shades of Grey.
Presley Flynn is ripe to experience her secret fantasies . . . and Dmitri Pratt wants nothing more than to fulfill them. Once inside the elite Club Sin in Las Vegas, Presley is nervous but excited—and determined to surrender to her every desire. Dmitri is her Master, and his touch is like fire. With each careful, calculated caress, he unleashes her wildest inhibitions, giving her unimagined pleasure.
Presley is different than the other submissives Dmitri has mastered. The BDSM lifestyle is new to her, and so are the games they play at Club Sin. From the start, Presley stirs emotions in Dmitri far beyond the raw purity between a dom and the perfect sub. For the ecstasy they share goes beyond the dungeon, igniting a passion that claims the very depths of the heart.
Claimed is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.