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Title:  The Billionaire Banker

Author: Georgia Le Carre  

Published:  October 1st, 2013

Word Count: 55,000

Genre:  Erotic Romance

Content Warning:  Explicit Adult Content

Restricted Age:  18+

blurb 2

When Lana Bloom learns the devastating news that her mother is dying, she is faced with a terrible dilemma.  The one thing that can save her is the one thing she does not have.  For young and innocent Lana, the unthinkable becomes her only choice. But when she walks through the door of that exclusive restaurant she has no idea of the seismic shift her life is about to take, for the highest bidder will not be the rich man she has accompanied.  Fate drops her at the feet of the deeply mysterious and dazzlingly gorgeous American banker, Blake Law Barrington.  Throbbing with raw masculinity and arrogance, this is a man who owns all that he pursues. And now he wants her. Lana cannot deny she is both intrigued and intoxicated by the world Blake inhabits and the smouldering passion he stirs in her body, but she is also fearful for this man is addictive, and right now she is very vulnerable.  She knows she should focus only on the arrangement, but how can she…when he has opened a door that cannot be closed?  

excerpt 2

Lana closes her eyes.  She has drunk too much champagne.  The whole situation has become farcical and impossible for her to deal with in her present condition.  She feels the sting of defeat in her bones.  ‘What do you want from me?’ He leaves the door and walks towards her.  Again that sensation that he is predatory animal.  ‘Well for a start…’  He reaches her and suddenly jerks her towards him.  She falls forward and is pitched against his hard body.  Shocked she is filled with the scent that Rupert called old money and establishment.  Difficult to define, but it reminds her of rosemary, not because of its smell, but because it is so clear and distinct.  Nothing wishy-washy about it.   Everything takes on an unreal appearance.  The fabulously wealthy interior.  The man outside that door that wants to rape her for money.  The frighteningly remote man in front of her that brings into her body sensations she has never experienced
before.  A pulse at the base of his throat is throbbing.  She watches it curiously.  She has never seen it in a man before.  And then an arm comes around her, a fistful of hair close to her nape is grasped and tugged so her face is tilted up towards him.  ‘This,’ he says and his mouth swoops down to possess hers.  His breath smells like brandy or whiskey.  Wicked, anyway.


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review by sue 2

This story had me curious at the title and description of the book. I love reading about billionaires and romance so this is a plus where my opinion counts. What will you do to save the one person whom you love most in the world like your mother or father. The story-line starts off with Lana who is trying to find a way to help her mom who is  deathly illness and her chances of surviving longer than a few months are slim. So when Lana hears that her boss has a history of paying for extra services outside of work, she takes a chance. Only she doesn’t expect to meet a dark and mysterious handsome stranger who will pay double to get what he wants. She immediately learns the difference between the life she was living and the life of what it means to be someone’s mistress who is a Billionaire.  Will she be able to hold onto the professional level or will her heart be lost?

This book did not leave my fingers until I finished reading it. I loved it and didn’t want to put it down. The way that the author described the different parts and also characters makes you seem like your right there besides the story. The author has an amazing writing style that is unique to her, she not only tells you about the main characters but she also leaves room for other characters of the book which brings more pleasure into reading this. The story also explains on how these families became rich and remained this way. Even though you do get details the author gives you enough details so you understand enough about the book and the way their society work but not too much to bore you.

However, when I was at the end I felt at a love hate relationship because now I have to wait for the second book to come out. This is one Cliffhanger you will want and is worth waiting for, some authors cuts the story off at a bad part; however with the Billionaire’s Banker the way she left you hanging is a perfect ending to the first book. It gives you just enough where it has  you on the edge of the chair status and then you fall because you see it is at the last page for right now. 🙂 I hope to see more books form this author in the future~Loved Loved Loved it!!!

Interview with the Author

1. Did you always want to be a writer? If not what did you want to be?

No, I didn’t always want to be a writer.  When I was very, very young I wanted to be a glamorous airhostess and fly all over the world and when I was older I wanted to be a businesswoman!  But I’ve always loved books so the next logical step must surely be writing and here we are.

2. When did you first consider yourself a “writer”?

When I started waking up late and not having to go to a proper job, I guess.  

3. How long did it take to get your book published?

Surprisingly fast.  That’s the magic of publishing on Amazon.  Press the publish button and the book is live!  

4. Do you do another job except for writing and can you tell us more about it?

No, but my dog thinks differently.  He thinks I’m his slave  

5. What is the name of your latest book, and if you had to summarize it in less than 20 words what would you say?

The Billionaire Banker in less than 20 words?  Here have a picture of the very gorgeous Blake Law Barrington instead – worth a thousand words.    


6. As a self-publisher, do you have any plans to submit to a publish company?It is my understanding  some authors prefer to stay as a self publish author because of flexibility.

No, no plans currently.  

7. How long does it usually take you to write a book, from the original idea to finishing writing it?

If I was writing a book that was research rich then I guess it would take a long time.  The Billionaire Banker took about 3 months.  

8. What can we expect from you in the future? ie More books of the same genre? Books of a different genre?

For the moment I’m lovin’ this genre so I’m sticking to it.  

9. What made you decide to write that genre of book?

Romance is fun to read and write.

10. Do you have a certain routine you have for writing? (ex. write better at nights, with music, etc)

No, I put off writing for as long as I can.  Eventually when I can no longer justify my lazy day I get down to some work.

11. Do you choose a title first, or write the book then choose the title? How do come up with the titles?

I start off with a working title but that rarely survives to the end.  The Billionaire Banker started its life as Until You Came.    

12. Are there any hidden messages or morals contained in your books?

Maybe… but you have to have the eyes to see it.  

13. Your favorite food is?

Grilled cheese on toast.  

14. Your favorite singer/group is?


15. Your favorite Author is?

At the top of the list?  Easily, Cormac McCarthy  

16. When you aren’t writing what do you do to relax and have fun?

I like walking.  I’ll happily walk for miles.  

Thank you for taking the time on answering these.

No, thank you for having me on your lovely blog.  The pleasure has been all mine.

about the author 2billionaire

About the Author: Georgia Le Carre lives in England, in an old 19th century romantic cottage surrounded by a magical garden filled with fruit and walnut trees.   When she is not feeding words into her laptop, she is either curled up in bed with a box of chocolates and a good read, or lost in a long walk in the woods. Especially on moonlit nights.  And often with the man of her dreams.  

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Giveaway Details: There is an international tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:

Love Heart Handbag Charm

$30 Amazon Gift Card

1oz Silver American Eagle coin from the Barrington family vault

& a signed print copy of The Billionaire Banker (INT)

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