Review ~ The Pandora Affair by Tiffany Toto


Title–The Pandora Affair

Author– Tiffany Toto

Genre– Romance/Suspense

Publication Date – October 2, 2013

blurb 2

What happens when a gorgeous girl with a dark past meets the stylish young owner of the Pandora Bar and Grill?

Samantha has a secret. And she is hiding it from the man who has determined that he will win her heart at all costs.

James – The owner of “Pandora’s Bar and Grill”, captivated by Samantha’s beauty and intrigued by her wall of distrust and hatred for almost all men.

Tyler – The guy next door, the ultimate gay friend and the best person to deal with obnoxious people!

Roger – James’ best buddy, the manager of his bar, and also the guy who fought along with him in the Marines.

Alex – The dark and brooding maintenance man for Samantha’s building, he has more than just an interest in her.

All these characters come together to weave a tale of passion, love, friendship and lots of suspense!

Samantha reluctantly was pulled into James life. All seems to be going well when suddenly her past catches up with her. A shadow from long ago creeps into her life and then begins a very terrifying game…all the while, James holds back his stealthy passion for Samantha with all the self-control he can manage…and Alex can’t stop himself from lusting after her…

Samantha is confused…her untrusting heart wants to reach out to James but her mind keeps her away…She wants to feel his strong arms around her and yet when he finally does embrace her in passion…he leaves her behind…why?

review by sue 2

The author has taken a book and turned it into a complete package. She truly amazed me because when I first started to read it I thought it was a love story with a little bit of something else. However, as the story falls into place the characters grabs you and you fall into their world. You right away know that Samantha has a past she runs away from and has found a place she believes is safe. The characters she meets from the place she settles all have their own personalities and even some are hilarious. I will have to say my favorite person in this book is Tyler because he is truly funny and outspoken. And Samantha has a very sassy  attitude that will keep you laughing when she starts off.

While the author gives you little breadcrumbs throughout the whole book, she definitely knows how to keep the suspense going until the end. And the author throws in a special surprise for the readers in the midst of the excitement, but you will have to read it in order to find this out. Even though Samantha tries her hardest you can’t fight love! Great job to the author! This was an enjoyable read and I think you should read it!

about the author 2pandora 2

Tiffany Toto was born February 11th, 1974 in Tucson, Arizona. She is the youngest of five children born to Westley and Patricia Botts. Her siblings are Tom, Tim, Trisha and Terese. Tiffany’s two children are eldest Miranda, and son Jacob. Tiffany has always loved creative writing and has written short stories in the past. She has an incredible love for animals and is a true advocate against animal abuse.

Tiffany is the Author of The Pandora Romance Series. First book of the series is “The Pandora Affair”, Second book “Pandora’s Soldiers” is currently being written.

I have been an avid reader of romance novels for years but they were always the same…just romance and drama, the sex was never enough to blow your mind and the drama…well, let’s just say there is more drama in my dreams. If you are lucky, there may be some suspense. I am one personality that enjoys everything. I have yet to find that one book that made me sit back and go “Wow, that was amazing!” I thought about how great it would be if someone wrote something that incredible…then I thought maybe I should try it.

There are different kinds of readers, there are those who can use their imagination to picture the story and there are others who read the story but would love to have more of a visual. If you read a lot of romance novels, and you make the decision to read my book you will realize that “The Pandora Affair” is nothing like anything you have ever read. It turned out better than I could have ever hoped and it offers everything a creative and hungry mind longs for. The Pandora Affair has Romance, sex, drama, mystery, suspense, murder, humor and a gay best friend! My books cater to all.

I started writing The Pandora Affair in February of 2001 and finally completed it October 2012…why did it take me so long? I am guessing my A.D.D had something to do with……OH look at the kitty……where were we? It also went on hiatus during my divorce. So once it was done, I needed feedback to see if it was worth publishing….a small chosen group that were also enthusiastic romance readers were my guinea pigs. Every single person loved it and told me I HAD to get it published, ever since I have been hounded relentlessly to write another. So, my mind starts churning and the thought process for a new book began. Along with my newfound love and appreciation of life, and my new life experiences in seeking personal growth, new love and desires, and new friendships. My new book “Pandora’s Soldiers” will also be a reflection of my experiences with my very first book “The Pandora Affair”.

I never would have thought that love or even passion would become part of my life again after my divorce, until James was unexpectedly brought into my life. His charm, intelligent personality, handsome face and his extremely sexy physique seduced me into his world and he is constantly challenging me to be a more passionate, inspiring writer than I was the day before.

I really hope everyone enjoys the books as much as I do…

My personal quote ~Without creativity, there is no passion and without passion there is no creativity~

Tiffany Toto

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