Review ~ Runaway King by Nicole Clark


Title–Runaway King

Author– Nicole Clark

Genre– Romance/Paranormal

Publication Date – November 13, 2013

blurb 2


There are always things in a marriage that cause the couple to place distance between each other. But, what happens when you try to fix that marriage, you end up having to try and save yourself and your friends instead?

Josh is trying to fix his marriage all because he let other things come between him and his precious wife. The closer he comes to making things right with her, he finds someone is out to stop him from not only fixing his marriage, but continuing to live all together—someone who is close to him, but only for the simple purpose of making sure that Josh isn’t caught off guard. His life is in danger and so are the lives of his best friends. He’ll stop at nothing to get his marriage back to how it was before, even if it means using a little violence.

**Contains some adult situations and violence as well as language.**

excerpt 2

Josh’s blood boiled with each word that came out of Logan’s mouth. When he mentioned Clarisse, Josh snapped. Standing up, he slammed his hands on the table. “Get. Up.” He managed to grit out.
“Excuse me? I’m the one with the gun,” as if to prove his point, he waved the gun around.
“Put it down and face me like a man. You want this seat so bad, well prove it. Right now you’re only proving that you’re a coward.”
Two shots were fired and hit the wall behind Josh. Lunging at him, Josh knocked him and the chair to the floor. The gun fell from Logan’s grip and slid across the floor. While Logan was temporarily stunned, Josh began to pound his fists into Logan’s face. Each punch was harder than the last.
While Josh continued to punch Logan he gritted out words. “…for Steve…Jon….Matt….” he couldn’t see straight as blood began to coat his knuckles. Logan’s pleas for mercy were drowned out by the rage that was screaming in Josh’s ears. He’d put up with shit from Logan for so long that it had built up into this.runaway 2
Logan threw punches back at Josh but none of them seemed to find their target. Tears were streaming down his face as he gave up defending himself and covered his face with his arms trying to keep the blows to a part of his body that was more manageable pain wise. Grunts and strangled cries escaped his throat as he tried to push Josh off in between punches. Nothing seemed to be working for him. The more he fought back, the angrier Josh got and the harder his punches fell. Several bones in his face crunched as Josh’s fists continued to rain their fury down on him. When the one next to his eye cracked, he screamed at the top of his lungs.
Matt and Jon ran into the conference room and pulled Josh off Logan. As soon as Logan was free, he scrambled away and looked at Josh horrified. Tears were mixing with his blood that was running down his face. His left eye was swollen shut while the rest of his face was cut up from the sharpness of Josh’s knuckles and the various rings he wore.
As Josh examined his work, his breathing was erratic. Fury was still surging through his body and mixing with the adrenaline rush he’d gotten from attacking Logan without warning. All the anger that had built up over the past few months had been unlocked and unleashed on its intended target. When he’d heard bones crack and crunch under his fists, the demon that he’d suppressed inside had awoken and demanded more. He whispered the snide comments that Logan had made over the past few months as well as the words that he’d spoken against Clarisse.

runaway 4

review by sue 2

I saw this cover and wanted to see what was behind the women in leather on a motorcycle. When I started to see these teasers and excerpts popping up on my news feed I knew I had to buy it when it immediately came out. This is a quick read and the price is great for all the magic the author will bring to you.

You are drawn in with a mixture of romance & paranormal. What do I mean by this? Well the author has managed to bring to you demons who has decided to leave their life style and come to earth and live as humans and whats best is that she has inputted real life situations  and added danger. Trust me when I say after you read this little book of surprises you will definitely be hooked and be wanting more from the author, I know I do.  I look forward to reading more from this amazing author and will be following her in the future.

about the author 2


runaway 3

I’m just like anyone else. I have everyday problems that never seem to go away and I bury myself in a good book when I need an escape. My second escape would be writing. I love the paranormal and everything I write seems to revolve around something paranormal. Some of my best ideas come from sitting and just talking to a friend (or two) and then they just pop up. Never underestimate the ability to get an idea from an everyday situation.



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