Mentally and physically exhausted from his Russian adventure, once again all Scott Maclaren longed for was peace and quiet. However, a frightening health issue and a devastating personal loss soon put paid to that. It’s not long before his Special Forces skills are put to the test again, as he battles new and familiar foes. Conflict, suspense and sizzling action in the bedroom are abundant as the rugged Scot does his best to keep his lady safe and satisfied.

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But what Russian adventure was he exhausted from? You’ve got to read Kilted Desire 2- Russian Roulette to find out!! And to make it more affordable for you to read, it is currently on sale for 99 cents!!


All Scott Maclaren wanted to do was relax. He looked forward to his new life as a family man. But, things never seem to ‘go-as-planned’ for the tough Scotsman. Soon, after his return to the U.S., Scott finds himself catapulted back in to the thick of action. Once again, he is called upon and will need ‘all’ of his Special Forces skills, as he battles new foes. The excitement and drama heat up, both inside and outside the bedroom in this romantic thriller. This suspenseful sequel is filled with even more action, adventure and passion

Where was Scott prior to coming back to the U.S.? Oh, you’ve need to start at the very beginning of the story and read Kilted Desire- Sands of Betrayal! And even better, it is also currently on sale for 99 cents !!


ab3Scott Maclaren, a strong, Special Forces Scotsman, terribly injured during his tour of duty in Afghanistan. His journey begins with a broken heart after his wife leaves him for another man during his time in the hospital. Traveling across the Atlantic to visit family, his story now begins. After years of physical therapy and being alone, things were about to look up. Katie Johnson, a beautiful Ohio schoolteacher, was where his ‘dream’ of passion and love were to become reality. Smoldering embers became a passionate, raging fire between them. A wanting and desire that burned for one another as neither had ever experienced before. Scott’s love for Katie and her two girls would lead him to great lengths to make all their dreams come true, including a six-month security contract in the Middle East. The money would ensure financial security for life. The contract was to secure the safety of a young attractive businesswoman, Britney Parnell, who is accustomed to getting what she wants… and she wants Scott. She wastes no time in making her yearnings known. All can see her motives, but Scott. His only thoughts while in Baghdad are to keep her safe amidst terrorist attacks, shootings and bombs exploding all around them… This sensual, sexy adventure begins with the ultimate betrayal and is filled with action, intrigue, passion and steamy love scenes. Inspired by true events…

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Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjGC4z_dwr8

about the author 2

Who is the man behind these wonderful books? Who is Scott Maclaren? Who is the Author A.B. McKinley?

He is: Scott McKinley Author/ Cover Model

You can find him on his Facebook page at:


Scott is available for interviews by contacting him on his page above or at abmckinley2011@gmail.com

Website: http://www.Kilteddesire.com

Café Press Store: http://www.cafepress.com/kilteddesire

Also has signature fragrance line Sensual or Demure for her


At http://www.evergreencandleworks.com Rugged or Sport for him


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