Review ~ In the Arms of a Stranger by Virginia Kelly


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“A perfect blend of action, romance, and heart-pounding suspense.” –New York Times Best-selling Author Cynthia Eden

A dangerous man on the run…

Wounded and accused of treason, CIA operative JP Blackmon is on the run from his own agency and desperate to clear his name. When he finds out his old partner is dead, he’ll do anything to get to the truth…including using his partner’s widow.

A vulnerable woman looking for answers…

Abby Price wanted nothing more than a family and a safe home. But her late husband kept big secrets from her—secrets that got him killed and have government agents watching her every move. Fearing for her life, it seems the only man who can help her is a mysterious stranger who suddenly appears out of nowhere. But can she trust him?

Together they discover a passion worth dying for.

As danger stalks them at every turn, unexpected passion flares between JP and Abby. But the last thing either wants or needs is more complications. Romance? No. Way. That would involve trust—something neither is willing or able to do. But in the end, sharing their deadly secrets is their only hope for survival…their only hope to hold onto the love they’ve just begun to share

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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book was amazing. I started to read this knowing it had to do with some suspense and romance but did not forsee the action that came along with it. JP has been running for almost a year now due to the accusation of being treason, he claims he is innocent. When he goes on a mission to find his old partner not only does he find out that he is dead but the widow Abby. Together they set out to prove innocence and who set them up. Will they find out who is behind it or will it hit close to home and the guilty person is the dead husband or JP. This book is definitely a must read for the turn of events that the author takes you through. There are twists and turns through this action pack romance novel, when you think you have figured it out another clue is brought forth to pin-point it to someone else. When you think you have known someone for a long time, what happens when the story starts to unravel and secrets start to be found. Do you really know them? I did not foresee the ending, so it was definitely a great turn of events.

I was not able to put this book down and read it until I was done with it. This was the first time I read a book by this author and her story had a great flow to it. Trust me you do not want to miss out on this book, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future books by this author.

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