Review ~ Her Rocky Mountain Guardian by Margery Scott


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An unforgivable disappearance… Four years ago, Jennie Brooks and Sheriff Brae Colton were engaged to be married—then Jennie disappeared without a word. Leads to a mysterious reunion… Brae hated Jennie for deserting him just as they were set to begin their life together. But when he finds her badly injured in a hit and run accident on a snowy mountain road, he can’t deny the love he’s never forgotten—until she regains consciousness with no memory of her identity, or what they once shared. Where love holds the key to everything… Brae wants to know why Jennie’s come home. Despite everything, she’s still the woman he fell in love with in high school—the woman he’s falling for again. But when the bullets start flying, his first priority is to protect her and catch her would-be killer. And if they can’t find a way to restore her memory soon, they may both end up dead.

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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

What do you do when you wake up from an accident and can’t even remember your name; but you see a sexy stranger. This book caught my attention immediately starting with the cover (which I love covers), and then with the blurb. It is about a women who leaves with no word to anyone and then reappears only to end up being found in a car accident by the same man who has loved her almost his whole life. Unfortunately when she wakes up she does not know her name or anyone in the town she grew up in. Even though Jennie doesn’t remember who she is but she is willing to figure out who she is and why she has appeared in this town, the author has made her a strong and fearless character. While Brae has never really moved on from what happened four years ago, but now has to overcome his feelings to find out what the story is and why Jennie is possibly in danger. I immediately loved the name that the author decided to use for the main male character because it is not one of your normal names that you hear every day. And as you follow the story you are able to get more insight into the history between both of the main characters which takes you on an emotional roller coaster.
Can both Jennie and Brae learn to forgive what happened in the past and figure out what or who caused the accident? I especially love that within this little treasure you not only had mystery because a love story that had to re-find itself. When two people are meant to be and the universe decides to throw a wrench in everything what are they willing to do and overcome to find love again, Margery Scott definitely knows how to write a story. The author did not wait and drag the story she took it and got right into a great plot that flowed continuously in my opinion.

I recommend this story to those that enjoy a good suspense love story that are based in beautiful sceneries (and I do visualize my sceneries). And let’s not forget the twists that will keep you guessing!!

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