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Buffalo Rocker Series: Travis

By N Kuhn

Publisher Nevermore Press

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Lots of people want to be Rock Stars, but the question is, can they handle it? Travis Dane has never wanted anything more than to be a Rock Star. He dreamed of being just like his father, Marcus. What the idol in his life never told him, is that the road to fame is paved with self destruction. Music, drugs, drinking, fighting and crazy stalkers all battle for his attention. Throw in an uncaring mother and Paparazzi following his every step is disaster waiting to happen.
Brittany Landers has never loved anyone like she did Trav. But his temper and drug use drove her into the arms of another man. Finally getting her life on track, striving for her law degree, can Aiden Bland take her mind off of Travis and what he’s going through? Or is he just Mr Wrong Right Now? The emotional rollercoaster of fame is never a Happily Ever After.

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Tossing her one of my shirts, so she can clean up, I pull on a pair of boxers. A red thong happens to fall out of the shirt in her hand. Holding it up with one finger, she stares at me.
“Who’s is this? My ass isn’t this big.” Running a hand through my hair, it’s pointless, as it just falls right back into my eyes. Turning to look at the naked woman in my bed, she is beautiful, even when she’s angry. Maybe this is what I need, Britt’s a handful right now. She will only drag me down and I have to focus on music. Now that we have the Battle of the Bands to get ready for, and we have gigs almost every night, Death Polish is on its way. We will be the next Poisonous Love. I’m going to be just like my dad.

“I said whose is this? Are you screwing around on me Trav? What the hell? Some groupie skank I would assume,” Brittany pouts, snuggling back up under the sheets.
“Britt, you need to go. Bas and I have to go practice. I don’t have time for this shit. Get dressed and run back to mommy. Go get your nails done or something.”
“You know what Trav? You’re a loser. Fuck this. I’m done. You treat me like crap, and I don’t know why I put up with it. I can get a better lay anywhere else, from guys with more money than you. You will never amount to anything. You’re just a wannabe loser with big dreams that won’t come true. Sticking your dick in anything that comes along. Why can’t you get a real job? A real place, instead of this shit hole? Time to grow up and be a man. We aren’t in high school anymore.”

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This was a different type of romance than what most people expect but you know what I enjoyed most about this is the fact that it had every day real life risks, struggles with drinking & drugs, distrust and sex.  In the end you as a person has choices to make just like the main characters did in the book and you find out who your friends are and who are the ones that used you to further themselves.

The cover shows you a couple who seem to be in a perfect relationship between Britt and Travis.  Travis has had a hard life and has had to grow up without a father figure (his dad being a rocker); meanwhile, only having his mother who was so far into religion it overcame her love for her son and pushed him away. He still wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and live the life of a rocker with the fame and fans. Then you have Britt who comes from a well established family that is not broken, but who does not like Travis.  And has no problem showing their feelings for him. One incident pushes Britt to move on even though her feelings run deep for Travis. During the early chapters you find out what has started Travis’ downward fall towards self destruction, and why Britt decides to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a lawyer. Throughout the book you meet the “friends” of Britt and Travis, some will only be your friends when they need something while others are more friends and will stay with you forever. This is definitely in our everyday lives too. Who is willing to actually help Travis from his wrong decisions and who is trying to further help him self destruct?

The author has clearly done her research in giving you a well thought out story of the effects that is involved with not just those that are directly affected by but also the ones that love them while they are in these struggling times. Even though this was not my normal read I did enjoy this because of the real life aspects of a person who is struggling with fame, drugs and alcohol.  This is a very easy and quick read, but it will keep you wanting to read more with the lives of Britt and Travis. N. Kuhn to me has left a message with this book that everyone should deserve a second chance because we are only human and can make decisions that we will later regret. I recommend this book for those that understand in order to find love you will have to struggle and question is how far are you willing to help in order to get what you want! Great Job with the book N. Kuhn

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N Kuhn was raised in a small town, in the middle of nowhere. Small town life is something she cherishes. Having spent her afternoons outside or with a book, she grew up with a love of reading and writing. Her mother and grandmother fully encouraged this in her. Many years later, after a husband and children, she made a promise to her dying grandmother to fulfill her dream of being an author. Her grandmother lived to see Nicole’s name in print. This was a turning moment for her. Driven by ambition and a promise made, she has since published her first trilogy (The Mohawk Series). N Kuhn has also signed on with WheelMan Press for Tucked In (The Hollywood Files) series as well as Nevermore Press for the much anticipated Buffalo Rocker Series, and Parlor Tricks.

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