Vertigo ~ Gwenan Haines

Veritgo by Gwenan Haines
I really enjoyed this book! It was fast paced and kept me reading. It was fresh and new! The story line was great. It had murder,mystery, suspense, romance and a ghost story all wrapped up in one. If you like to read romantic suspense then this book is for you.
Blake is an independent women, she gives up the high life of New York to pursue her dream of cooking and buys an old house and lighthouse in a small town in Maine. She had no idea that it is haunted. She gets more than she bargains for.
Declan is a mysterious man. A man with a lot of secrets. He is an undercover DEA agent working on a case. Blake wants to trust him but knows if she gives him her heart there’s a good chance he will break it but first they have to survive a killer that has set his sight on getting rid of Blake.
This was the first time I have read a book by Gwenan Haines and I look forward to reading many more!

Reviewed by Kristin