Lisa Renee Jones ~ Rebecca’s Lost Journals

Lisa Reene Jones ~ Rebbeca’s Lost Journals
The Seduction
The Contract
His Submissive
My Master
The Master Undone ~ August 2013 ~ His point of view!


If I Were You ~ Book 1
Being Me ~ Book 2 ~ June 11
Revealing Us ~ Book 3 ~ September 10

If you fell in love with Lisa Renee Jones’s If I Were You then you don’t want to miss out on Rebecca’s Journals. The Mystery continues. You really get into her head and what was going on with her. When I was reading them, I felt like I was right there beside her along for the ride. Her journey has its ups and downs. She is losing herself in this man and she has fallen hard but is he even capable of love? She wants to hope but he can be so cold and then on rare moments he is hot and passionate. She longs for when his control slips. He takes her to dark places she never thought she could or would go. She is torn and confused. Her head says run but her heart won’t let her.
She has to make a decision. She has to be her again. Is what he is offering enough? Can she live with what he wants and desires. Or will she find the strength to leave? Will he let her?
I love all of them and couldn’t put them down! I can’t wait for more!
I highly recommend these Journals!
5 Stars!

Reviewed by Kristin