Master of Menage Series ~ Lexi Blake & Shayla Black

I just finished all 4 books of Lexi Blake & Shayla Black’s Master of Menage Series and they were wonderful! I absolutely enjoyed them. I found I couldn’t put them down and couldn’t wait till the next book.

I love reading erotic romance and I am new to reading BDSM and Menage Romance. My thing is that I like reading about their romance and sex, not just hardcore sex with no happily ever after. I’ve read even fewer Menage Style books but these covers just caught by attention. I have read other books by various authors with the same theme and they left me feeling dirty when I finished. No love whatsoever or the men treated the women so horribly it was a turn off for me. I have found that I have also felt that way with some just erotic romance. Some people may like that style of writing but I’m all about a good love story. =)

I have found All these books were very well written. With just the right amount of love, sex, danger and adventure!  I loved how the romance played out in each of their stories. They were sweet yet hard and it wasn’t all just about sex. Don’t get me wrong there is HOT sex! Toe curling hot! lol but I just loved how sincere the characters are.

The men are as Alpha as they come but let their women wrap them around their fingers unless its about there protection. Then they won’t take No for an answer. They are tough and some are Ex-Military which I loved. They are a good mix of dark, mysterious, fun and lovable. They all bring something different to their women’s lives.

I love all of the women’s character. They are independent and have their own mind but are lonely and carry to much on their shoulders. Trust me when I say these rich and powerful men take their burdens! 

I Give all the books 5 Stars! If you are looking for a fun, sexy,exciting hot read with some kidnapping by gorgeous, hot alpha males thrown in these are for you!



Their Virgin Hostage ~ Coming Soon!

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