Their Virgin Captive ~ Masters of Menage ~ Shayla Black & Lexi Blake


Their Virgin Captive ~ Masters of Menage ~ Shayla Black & Lexi Blake ~ Book 1

I really enjoyed this book! It was fun. I really liked the characters. I loved the brother’s personalities. They were very HOT! What I really liked is that it not only had Great Sex their love was believable. The story line was great. It had depth. It wasn’t all about sex and only sex and how many ways they can do it. If you know what I mean? lol I personally like reading this type of book but I find that a lot of them are that way. They don’t have much of a story line and the love aspect is not there. I can’t wait to finish this series!

Oil executives and brothers Gavin, Slade, and Dex fall for their secretary Hannah Craig. They have watched her and yearned for her from afar afraid of what she will think about there dark life style. Hannah has longed for the brothers since she first met them… All three of them!? Her love for them just keeps growing as does her dark desires they have awakened in her. A stalker leaves them no choice but to take her captive to keep her safe. They will do anything to protect her. They take a journey of friendship, love, devotion, lust, and desire, but one brother could change it all if he doesn’t let go of his past and learn to accept her love. Its all or nothing.

Don’t miss this series! A Must Read!

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