If I Were You ~ Lisa Renee Jones ~ 5 Stars!

Lisa Renee Jones ~ If I were you

This book is a MUST READ! I can’t wait until the next installment Being Me releases in June! It kept me on my toes from page one. I found I didn’t want to put it down and stayed up late into the night reading.
Teacher Sara McMillian lives a unfulfilled life. Just getting by and not living her dreams. She comes across a erotic journal that her neighbor finds while cleaning out a storage unit bought from an auction. The journal bares this other women, Rebecca’s soul. Her Wants. His needs. Her inner thoughts and dark secrets as she submits to her demanding lover. Sara is intrigued. She feels connected to her. She finds herself drawn into Rebecca’s world and wanting to find out what happened to her. She is surrounded by Art, Money and two domineering men. World famous Artist Chris Merit and Art Gallery Owner Mark Compton. They both have secrets and they both want Sara. She is looking for answers but finds more questions. Sara is finally living her dream but at what cost. This is her journey.

Chris is Hott! He is a rich, bad boy alpha male. What more can you ask for. His and Sara’s chemistry sizzles off the page. I love them together. I want more! The ending will shock you and leaves you with more questions. Lisa Renee Jones has outdone herself. It flowed beautifully. The story is great, the sex is HOT and I can’t wait for more!!

Five Stars!! Do not miss it!


One thought on “If I Were You ~ Lisa Renee Jones ~ 5 Stars!

  1. Zita R says:

    I loved this book too! Great series!


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