✴️✳️ Showmance by Bella Bordeaux and A.D. Herrick✳️✴️

  • Bella Bordeaux and AD Herrick come together for the first time to provide the ultimate love story.
  • Dax was after money for his tattoo shop. He and his best friends had goals and it all rode on him winning the half a million dollar prize.
    Sophie was an up and coming chef with dreams of opening her own food truck which would be possible if she could win the competition.

    Dax and Sophie were one of 18 contestants on the newest survivalist reality show Outlast. 10 weeks countless competitions one winner.

    The two A-type personalities come head to head both determined to win. When sparks fly and emotions start entering the equation winning without getting hurt seems to be impossible.

    With betrayal inevitable their love must truly outlast everything that they are dealt with.


  • Bella Bordeaux is an author who loves to write about kinky adventures. She has certainly had her own wild ride in the love department. She is also the sexier and more erotic alter-ego of author Shannon Bell who is best known for her Amazon bestselling vampire romance series The Mortal One.
    Throughout all of the books you can expect Bella to dive into some of the hotter topics regarding swinging BDSM taboo and the alpha men she encounters along the way. Don’t miss Bella’s “autobiography” of The Accidental Escort.

    You can follow Bella on her on Twitter* @BellaBEscort

    *Note content is always graphic and of a sexual nature.

    Stay up-to-date on releases and enter contests by joining the newsletter: http://eepurl.com/2qs9T

  • A. D. Herrick is a crazy kooky girl with not enough time on her hands to accomplish all of the goals she has set but never gives up trying. She gets into a little bit of everything and is always trying out new things writing Romance and fantasy shorts being one of them. Having been born and raised in sunny Southern California she took to globe-trotting and landed in Sweet Home Alabama.
    Eventually through successfully catfishing she landed her now husband. She dragged her gorgeous hubby all the way from California kicking and screaming the whole way to Alabama where they currently reside raising their 3 wild children.

Happy Release Day ~ Q&A & Review ~ Dark Alpha’s Lover ~ Donna Grant ~ Reaper #4


There is no escaping a Reaper. I am an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death. And when Death says your time is up, I am coming for you…
I answer to no one but Death. I am impenetrable, impervious, immortal. I exist to do Death’s bidding and no one–not Reaper nor human nor Fae–can stand in my way. Except for the bewitching half-Fae, Catriona. She swears the magic in her family passed her by, but I know better. This woman is strong. This woman is powerful. And when her abilities surge forth, no one will be able to stop the Dark Fae from coming for her. Except for me. I want to keep her close. I want to keep her safe. I want lose myself to her, again and again…


I absolutely adore Fintan! I just smile thinking about him! I have been dying for his book and finding out why he is the way he is! He is so different from the other Reapers! He is set apart by not only his white hair and red eyes, his life in general. He was the most feared of all the Dark Fae and is still talked about as one of the most deadly among his kind. He was sold to Tarreth, the King of the Dark Fae at a young age to be his slave, trained to be his most lethal assassin, until Tarreth himself feared Fintan and ultimately betrayed him. Fintan never knew what family was until he was given the chance to become a Reaper. They are his brothers. They are the keepers of the balance between good and evil. Together they are battling an enemy set to destroy all that they have fought for.
By chance he meets Catriona Hayes. She is a Halfling. Part human and part Fae. Her family is known for being special because it’s uncommon that three Fea visited her mother and left her with 3 halfling children. Growing up Cat never exhibited any gifts like her siblings had, so why now was she on the radar of an evil Fae named Bran seeking to destroy anything and everything in his path for vengeance. Fintan learned long ago to turn off his emotions and for the first time in his long life, Cat is opening him up. Will their love be strong enough to break down the walls Fintan has firmly cemented around his heart. All the while danger is at every turn and Bran wants Cat for himself. Fintan will do everything he can to keep her alive, but Catriona Hayes may have more power than she realizes!!

Don’t miss this book! It was so good! We also find out more clues that fit into the Dragon Kings and what’s happening in their world!

✦Kindle: http://amzn.to/2llmD1T
✦Amazon AUS: http://amzn.to/2naHOHb
✦Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/2mXxb8k
✦Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2mJp3rb
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✦Audible: http://adbl.co/2ptgrXw
✦Amazon Audio: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y4B1BN9

✦Read an excerpt: http://bit.ly/DALover
✦Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2ne4F4y


Excerpt- Chapter One


Author Bio: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. She’s the author of more than thirty novels spanning multiple genres of romance including the bestselling Dark King stories. The acclaimed series features a thrilling combination of dragons, the Fae, and Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children, a dog, and four cats in Texas.


Where do you get your inspiration? Everywhere. TV shows, music, movies, books, and real life.

How long on average does it take you to write a book? A full length book takes me 5-6 weeks total before I turn it into my editor. A novella takes 3 weeks.

What is your writing Kryptonite? I don’t really have any. ::knocks on wood::

What books have most influenced your life? I believe that every book I have ever read has influenced me in one form or another. They’ve shaped my thoughts and my actions. I’m one that believes a book comes into a person’s life when they need it the most.

What is the first book that made you cry? I can’t remember the title, but it was a western where the heroine was kidnapped by Indian’s and she fell in love. It wasn’t a romance because there was no HEA, but I bawled.

What was your hardest scene to write? It’s different with every book. Mostly its the sex scenes because there is so much more emotion that goes into those scenes than in others, and I like to get it right.

What did you edit out of this book? lol. I write “that” a lot. I edit most of those out. And the use of names. I don’t realize when I’m writing that I do it, but when I read over it, I do.


Website: http://www.donnagrant.com/
FB Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDonnaGrant
Twitter: https://twitter.com/donna_grant
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1141209.Donna_Grant
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/donnagrant1/ 
Tumblr: http://donnagrantauthor.tumblr.com/
Audible: http://www.audible.com/search/ref=a_search_c4_1_2_1_srAuth?searchAuthor=Donna+Grant&qid=1432841454&sr=1-2

Tantor: https://tantor.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=donna+grant

Firestorm ~ Now Available ~ Happy Release Day to Donna Grant! Hot Highlanders & Dragon Kings! Book 10!



Dimitri lives to protect the secret of the Dragon Kings from the human race. Bound by a bond stronger than blood to the Kings, Dimitri uses his strength and prowess to defend a thousand-year-old secret. But when an oh-so-sexy, slightly absent-minded archaeologist wanders into his midst, Dimitri will have to give up his rules, and give in to desire…

When Dr. Faith Reynold stumbles upon an ancient skeleton that appears it comes from a dragon, she’s completely taken aback. A woman of science, there’s no way in her mind that this mythological creature can exist. But when a devilishly handsome man named Dimitri intercepts her path to uncovering the truth, Faith’s curiosity turns into all-consuming passion. She’s never felt this way about any man before. But when Dimitri reveals his biggest secret, can she learn to love the man―as well as the dragon within, in Firestorm, the next Dark Kings novel by New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant.

My mind is going in so many different directions right now and I love it! You know you are hooked on a series when you can’t stop theorizing about what all could happen and what you want to happen! Things are never boring in the ever-changing world of the Dragon Kings and boy are they changing! Faith and Dmitri are off the charts! I’m not kidding they were combustible! They made a perfect couple! I love Faith and her silly laid back attitude! She even gives him a nickname! Dmitri, the serious Dragon King of the Whites, Dmitri a nickname!

Faith Reynolds is an archeologist and was drawn to the Isle of Fair, where she discovers the skeletal remains of a dragon hidden in a cave! The Dragon Kings are surprised because they destroyed any evidence that they existed eons ago when they were forced to send away their dragons. So Dmitri is sent to destroy the bones before they get into the wrong hands. They have many enemies that would love to use them against them by proving to the world that Dragons exist! Dmitri wasn’t expecting to find the beautiful Faith. Even though he has a dislike for humans, there is something about Faith that is different. He doesn’t just desire her body but her mind, her soul. He wants it all with her. As they grow closer a new enemy emerges with the destruction of the Kings in mind that will make you rethink everything that’s happened from the very beginning! Their fight with the Dark Fae and Ulrik may be nothing compared to this enemy!
The Kings are in for the battle of their lives!


✦Read an Excerpt

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2biDa1L
Amazon Aus: http://amzn.to/2h2k5CS
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/2gQ6S0q
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2h7ElqF
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Kindle: http://amzn.to/2bOBEqY
Nook: http://bit.ly/2boQS4Q
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2brqWY2
iBooks: http://apple.co/2gD68ON
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2lfjxyI

Author Links:
Website: http://www.donnagrant.com/
FB Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDonnaGrant
Twitter: https://twitter.com/donna_grant
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1141209.Donna_Grant
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/donnagrant1/ 
Tumblr: http://donnagrantauthor.tumblr.com/
Audible: http://www.audible.com/search/ref=a_search_c4_1_2_1_srAuth?searchAuthor=Donna+Grant&qid=1432841454&sr=1-2

Tantor: https://tantor.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=donna+grant

Blog Tour ~ The Hero by Donna Grant ~ Now Available!



Owen Loughman is a highly-decorated Navy SEAL who has a thirst for action. But there’s one thing he hasn’t been able to forget – his high school sweetheart, Natalie. After over a decade away, Owen is returned home to the ranch in Texas for a dangerous new mission that puts him face-to-face with Natalie and an outside menace that threatens everything he holds dear. He’ll risk it all to keep Natalie safe – and win her heart. . . .

Natalie Dixon has had a lifetime of heartache since Owen was deployed. Fourteen years and one bad marriage later, she finds herself mixed up with the Loughman’s again. With her life on the line against an enemy she can’t fight alone, it’s Owen’s strong shoulders, smoldering eyes, and sensuous smile that she turns to. When danger closes in, she holds close to the only man she’s ever loved…


Donna Grant took paranormal romance by storm with several of her one of a kind series, like the Dark Warriors and Dragon Kings. Let me tell you she has done it again with her new contemporary series Sons of Texas! The Hero never slows down, so many twists and turns that weaves an intoxicating tale of love!
Danger lurks at every corner. Government conspiracies and secret organizations. A bioweapon that if in the wrong hands could destroy the world! Russian Hitmen. Second chances not just for love, but for family. Non stop action, keeps you on the edge of your seat and reading late into the night! You are going to fall in love & lust with the Loughman men!

Owen Loughman has devoted his life to being a Navy Seal. He has risked it all to bravely fight for his county. His only regret was leaving behind his high school sweetheart Natalie. As fate would have it he may get a second chance if only he can keep her alive because his father has dragged them all into a fight for their lives.
Natalie Dixon has never forgot about the boy who broke her heart. Even after all the years apart, the feelings she thought she put behind her surge to the surface and the man he has become takes her breath away. How will she stand a chance of resisting his seduction. He is also the only thing standing between her and certain death. There is one thing she knows for certain, that she trusts him with her life. Now can she learn to trust him again with her heart.
I can’t say enough how fantastic this book was and I am so excited for the next one!



Excitement or dread? She wasn’t sure she knew.

This wasn’t the first time she’d been on the ranch since her breakup with Owen. In fact, she’d been there several times since discovering Ragnarok, but this time was different.

This time, Owen could be there.

“I’m close,” Callie said.

The line disconnected. Natalie didn’t see the black fence that lined either side of the drive, or the cows and horses that grazed peacefully.

Her gaze was locked on the white house that drew closer with each second. By the time she parked in front of the two- story ranch home with its wide, wrap- around porch, all she could think about was the dinner she’d had the week before with Callie, Virgil, and Charlotte.

She put the car in park and glanced around. There was no sign that anyone else was there. Since she expected someone to come out at the sound of her car, she assumed Owen and his brothers hadn’t yet made it to the house.

Or perhaps, luck was on her side, and those choppers hadn’t been bringing the brothers.

She got out of her car, but it was more difficult than she imagined making herself go up the steps to the porch. She might be involved in all of this, but she’d never witnessed a murder scene firsthand.

Frankly, she didn’t want to.

But Orrin’s life was on the line. Everything she and Callie could discover only helped their chances of learning who took Orrin and where Ragnarok was.

She reached the front door. At least she wouldn’t have to see Virgil’s and Charlotte’s bodies. They had already been taken away.

That was her last thought as she walked through the doorway and found herself fl at on her back. Natalie knew the instant the large hands grabbed her that it was Owen.

Her heart skipped a beat, even as she instinctively reacted and used her momentum to pull Owen over her head. She got up, but in the next heartbeat, he had her pinned to the wall.

The heat of him was the first thing she felt. Then it was his hard body trapping her. She felt herself softening, needing to feel him after all these years.

She thought he would threaten her. Instead, he knocked off her cap. His dark brown eyes widened in shock.

How she wished her heart didn’t feel like it was about to explode out of her chest. He was . . . breathtaking. She drank in the very sight of him. Sharp, chiseled features that looked as if they had been fashioned from granite stared back at her. Gone was any hint of the teenager she’d known. Before her stood a man in all his masculine glory.

He’d always been tall, his muscles honed at an early age from working on the ranch. Now, however, Owen filled out his wide shoulders. His light tan tee stretched tightly across his chest, molding to every ripple of muscle in his arms and shoulders. The shirt was tucked into camo pants she imagined were for the desert by their sand and khaki color. His hair was longer, the dark strands shoved away from his face in long waves.

Her surprise at having Owen against her was quickly hidden. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted two more figures. How she wished she would’ve waited for Callie.

“Hi, boys,” Natalie said. It was the only thing she could think of. Owen frowned, the irritation clear in his sensual chocolate gaze. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“She’s looking for me.”

At the sound of Callie’s voice, most of the apprehension left Natalie. Now she wouldn’t have to face the Loughman men on her own.

She barely paid attention to anything going on around her. She was too intent on staring into Owen’s eyes. It was obvious that he was irritated to find her there, but he had yet to release her.

And she didn’t remind him of that fact.

Her allowing him to keep her pinned was an indication of how long it had taken her to get over him. And how she hated herself for it. After all she’d suffered, she should be shoving him away.

Her body had other ideas, however. With her blood burning through her and her nipples hard, she ached for his touch.

Yearned for it.

His eyes dropped to her mouth. Her breath hitched, caught in her throat. Yes! She wanted his kiss. It didn’t matter where they were or who was around.

Dimly, she heard Callie and Wyatt talking. Much to her annoyance, Owen released her. She was more hurt than she wanted to admit.

Perhaps it was for the best. She’d sworn off all men. Especially Owen. She quickly moved to stand beside Callie.

“Someone please tell us what’s going on?” Owen demanded. Callie shrugged. “I work here.”

Natalie looked at Owen and said, “I came to help.”

Owen’s breath locked in his lungs as he stared at Natalie’s long, brown hair streaked with strands of copper.

He wanted those deep green eyes of hers to land on him again, to fill with desire . . . again.

She was even more beautiful than he remembered.

The years had transformed her into a seductress who left him breathless and needy.

The girl had become a woman, and what a woman she was. He knew the weight of her breast in his hand, knew how it felt to sink into her body and hear her scream in pleasure.

And yet, the woman before him now held a hint of wariness that hadn’t been there before. What happened to her to take away that lighthearted girl he once knew?

Copyright © 2016 by Donna Grant and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Paperbacks.


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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28220643-the-hero

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1RJjfJS
Kindle: http://amzn.to/25dv8jI
BN: http://bit.ly/1WiqBWU
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Add The Sons of Texas Series on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/series/177989-sons-of-texas


The Protector ~ Book 2
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29875933-the-protector
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2cJXnzE
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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. Her latest acclaimed series, Dark Kings, features a thrilling combination of dragons, Fae, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children and an assortment of animals in Texas.


Author Links:
Website: http://www.donnagrant.com/
FB Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDonnaGrant
Twitter: https://twitter.com/donna_grant
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1141209.Donna_Grant
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/donnagrant1/ 
Tumblr: http://donnagrantauthor.tumblr.com/
Audible: http://www.audible.com/search/ref=a_search_c4_1_2_1_srAuth?searchAuthor=Donna+Grant&qid=1432841454&sr=1-2

Tantor: https://tantor.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=donna+grant



Halloween Treats ~ Alexa Riley ~ Now Available ~ Only .99 Cents!






It’s Halloween and we’re bundling our wickedly dirty books together just for you! And BONUS… We’re including a brand new shorty to get you in the spirit!

Raven Treat is an elementary school teacher with a secret crush on the uncle of a student. She’s been lusting from afar, but little does she know he’s been taking steps to make her his.

Jack Bates has been obsessed with Raven since the second he saw her. The Halloween school dance is his opening to make her his and make sure she never gets away.

Warning: Their story is fast, hot, and sugary sweet! Grab some candy corn and throw it in the trash… Then get some chocolate and snuggle up with this adorable read!

Bundle includes: Buy Me 3, Riding Red, Taking What’s Wicked and Halloween Treats.


AP new -about the author.jpg
Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.
They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!
Author Links







By: Cassidy K. O’Connor, Gracen Miller, Louisa Bacio, A. D. Roland, Sheri Lyn, and Lia Davis

Releases July 26, 2016

Pre-order today at Amazon: http://amzn.to/29Fl1wm

Add it on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30977248-wickedly-twisted

A collection of six wickedly twisted tales from classic fairy tales by six of today’s hottest authors.

To Steal a Prince’s Heart by Cassidy K. O’Connor is a twist on the fairy tale Robin Hood.

No self-respecting girl starts out wanting to be a thief but that’s what happens when war takes the King and all able bodied men off to war. Robin Hood and her merry band of women steal to feed their village, she never expected the Prince to steal her heart. When her true identity is revealed will the Prince stand by her or will she be forced to rescue herself?


“Remember ladies, er, gentlemen, as soon as the job is done, you scatter to the rendezvous point then we’ll head home together as heroes. Any last words, fearless leader?” Will Scarlet looks to me as she jumps down from the rock she was standing on to address the group. I jump up and look out to a sea of scared but determined faces. “If anything should happen to any of us, know that I am proud of what we have accomplished so far. We were a scared bunch of girls on the brink of starvation. We learned to hunt, to fight and starting now we will not be slaves to anyone else’s generosity. Tonight we take back our rights as humans.” Tears burn my eyes, we are risking everything but it’s worth it to feed our village. I have helped comfort the last starving child in our village; held the last child while they begged for food. One of the younger boys whistles, gaining our attention. “That’s our cue, riders are coming.” I jump down from the rock I was standing on and silently pat myself on the back for having the idea to let them be scouts. “This is it, gentlemen, tonight we feast.” My palms sweaty, I rub them vigorously against my trousers. I didn’t expect to be so nervous.

Celia’s Connection by Gracen Miller is a twist on the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Celia Goldilocks just wants to live her life in peace, but when her past comes calling, her life is upended. With a bounty on her head, she escapes to a cabin owned by three bear shifters. Unfortunately, they’re her father’s biggest enemy, but can they be her salvation instead?


Curled up on his bed, buried beneath his covers, with her head resting on his pillow, lay the missing Goldilocks heiress. “Goldilocks and the three bears.” Dex’s amusement teased a grin from both Simon and Nick. “The fairytale comes to life.” Nick stared at her. “Ironic.” The fairytale of it all is that she’s our mate. His bear reacted with a violent lurch forward, while the sizzle along his twin flame mark alerted him to the greatest truth of them all… “She’s our twin flame.” Simon walked straight to the bed and swiped a black lock of hair off her cheek. In person, she appeared younger than on the wanted headshot. Pink streaks feathered throughout her hair, a color that hadn’t been in her photo on the news. A rebel judging by her hair and the tattoo sleeve on her right arm. Our kind of girl. Celia jolted awake. “Oh, shit.” Sitting straight up, she rubbed her thumb along her wrist as she gaped wide-eyed at them. “Please don’t eat me.” Simon grinned, and Nick chuckled. Dex’s bear glowed in his eyes, verifying to Simon that his brother recognized her significance to them too. Deadpan, Dex said, “We’re damn sure gonna eat you, sweetheart. You smell too sweet not to devour.

The Brothers Ménage by Louisa Bacio is a twist on the fairy tale Two Brothers

Who says all fairytale princesses are cursed? 

As time runs out, the brothers from the wrong side of the tracks must weigh if a lifetime with Daphne is worth sharing their own secret, and if it’ll make a difference.


Never had he been so close to a nude woman. Never had he seen one as beautiful and alluring as this one. He lived isolated in a cottage, deep in the woods with his brother and foster father, the man who’d taken them in and protected them. Danger lurked outside the forest. For one moment, his thoughts flew to his twin Jacob. They shared everything together. To share this experience—a first touch, a first kiss, whatever was to come next. He’d been around animals his entire life. He knew the ways of relations. He’d just never experienced it. He felt it, being on the precipice of something grand.

Bearskin by A. D. Roland is a twist on the fairy tale Bearskin

A dirty hobo who claims he’s wearing the Devil’s magic jacket befriends a slightly skeptical nurse. Can he convince her he’s telling the truth in time for her to break the curse?


Val seemed more human every night he showed up at the little park with Zinnia. She caught him up on TV shows, movies, books, and whatever celebrity gossip she deemed important, even though it was obvious he had no idea who half the people she talked about were. She told him about her friends, her job, and her struggle to put herself through nursing school without having to take out student loans or ask her dad for help. Every night, she fell a little more in love with him. She tried to talk herself out of it. He was homeless. He had the insane idea that he couldn’t change his situation— despite his apparently magic money jacket—until seven years were up. This was a guy who would have another breakdown as the date approached and find a new curse, a new excuse to remain as he was. She’d seen enough patients do the same thing when deadlines approached. On her nights off, they spent hours on the playground, shuffling back and forth in the swings or sitting on the waist-high platform under the big wooden play structure. “What are you going to do when the seven years are up?” she asked. They were stretched out on the grass near the back of the playground, staring up at the stars. The neighborhood was far enough from the main part of town that the streetlights didn’t obscure the sky. He shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve got more money saved up than I know what to do with. Maybe I’ll buy a house out in the country somewhere. Write a book about my experiences.” He chuckled softly. “I’ll have to market it as fiction, I think.” “I’d buy it,” Zinnia said. You should make it a romance, she thought. And at the end, you shed this skin and we run into each other’s arms and live happily ever after

Pan’s Curse by Sheri Lyn is a twist on the fairy tale Peter Pan

The race is on. A jealous fairy has put a curse on Peter Pan, and it’s up to Captain James Hook and his crew to follow the clues and save him before time runs out, or he’ll be gone for good. If she can’t have him, no one will. Can James and Peter have their Happily Ever After?


“Yes, James, it’s true. I really am here. Open your eyes and talk to me. Hear what I have to say. Let me explain, give me a chance to ask your forgiveness.” A bitter laugh rolled out of James at those words. “Forgive you? You really ask for the impossible with that request.” “You think it hasn’t been hard on me to be away? I left my whole life, my existence, and the man I was falling in love with. There wasn’t a day that went by I didn’t question my reasons for leaving. Thankfully, my love was stronger than my weakness. I toughed it out, because I knew in the end my reward would justify the years.” “Hard on you?” Hook bellowed as he slammed his hand on table. Bottles shook and fell, some crashing with a clatter of breaking glass. “I woke to the news you had left with that shrew and her brothers, never to be seen again. I waited day after day for some sign of you returning. Eventually I had to face it, I was alone in this hell. Everything was gone, my will, my desire and my heart.” James looked into Peter’s eyes and could see the boy he once knew in the stunningly beautiful man before him. Wavy brown hair that wouldn’t stay tamed and fell slightly over one bright blue eye. A mouth that begged to be kissed and taken. James could feel his body instantly betray him at the sight of the ruggedly handsome man. He ached to run his fingers over the stubble upon his Peter’s face.

His Big Bad Wolf by Lia Davis is a twist on the fairy tale The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Neal turns to Shannon for help to track down the rogue wolf, but working together stirs emotions neither of them expected, and a fiery passion that makes it impossible for them to stay away from each other. But is Neal ready to learn all of Shannon’s secrets



Shannon stopped in his trek across the living room. He studied Neal with a raised brow. The rush from his earlier shift had his wolf on edge. Ron being in the area didn’t help. Then Shannon had run into Neal in the forest. His scent alone drove both the man and the beast wild.

Hence the cold shower moments before the ranger had showed up at his door. Aroused.

It was all Shannon could do to keep from dragging the other man to his bed. So for the moment, Shannon would plant his ass on the sofa and enjoy the view. “Would dinner be before or after the hunting party?”

A light shade of blush colored Neal’s cheeks as he stuck his hands into his jeans pockets and glanced around the room. “I…um…before, I guess.”

The corners of Shannon’s lips tugged into a smile. Damn, the man was hot. His short brown hair had streaks of golden blond, most likely a result of the ranger being outside all the time. Shannon didn’t think Neal wore a hat. At least, he hadn’t noticed him wearing one in the time Shannon had been in town.

When Neal lifted his grey eyes to lock gazes with him, something unfurled inside Shannon. Unable to stop himself, he rose to his feet and closed the distance between them.

The first time Shannon had seen Neal was the day he arrived in town. They’d met outside the realtor’s office where Shannon had gone to rent his house. Neal had worn his ranger shirt tucked into a black pair of jeans that fit perfectly, giving Shannon a great view of the man’s ass. Using the man’s employment as an icebreaker, Shannon had told him he used to be a ranger. Shannon left out the reason why he’d had to quit—he’d been bitten by a werewolf. An instant connection had formed, and Shannon’s wolf clawed at him, wanting out to meet the ranger. However, Shannon couldn’t let the beast out. Introducing the wolf to the man he wanted to pursue wasn’t an option. At least, not until he was sure Neal wouldn’t run or shoot him.

Shannon wanted to seduce the male, and thankfully, it appeared Neal had the same plan.

Stopping inches from Neal, Shannon cupped his head and kissed him.

I love the way that anthologies give you a variety to ready so you are able to see what each authors work of art is about. As you can tell in this set they have given the fairy tales we all grew up with a new makeover and I have to say each of the authors did a fantastic job. I was able to find a story that I had actually never learned growing up and also a couple new authors who I will be looking up for more of their work at a later time.

Bearskin by A. D. Roland was a new one for me. Not only was the story a new fairy tale but also the author. I will have to say I did enjoy it because it brought a new perspective to what a person will overcome to have a new beginning. Especially after you thought you had lost it all.

Pan’s Curse by Sheri Lyn

We all know what this fairy tale is after. However, you have not read a true tale unless you have delved into the story behind Peter Pan and James Hook. Once you read this you will wonder if you can ever go back to the hate behind these two.

To Steal A Prince’s Heart by Cassidy O’Connor

We always hear of how the Prince finds his love and they live happily ever after. However, you don’t hear exactly the true descriptions of between. The author gives you a complex yet seductive insight of how the prince’s heart was truly stolen and by who the real Robin Hood was.

Celia’s Connection by Gracen Miller

This one will make you come back for more because the three bears are definitely not what Goldilocks from your childhood remembers. Once you read this authors version trust me you will have wanted to be not just in between the three bears but seek out more of what this author may have in her works.

His Big Bad Wolf by Lia Davis

What is not to love about an adventure of a possibly wolf, seduction, and the hopes of finding love in the mean-time. This is a story of true love in the end.

The Brothers Ménage by Louis Bacio

I enjoy ménage novels because it is about trust and usually the triangle between the three characters are very seductive and passionate. The author even in this short did not keep back with the two twins as they seek out the one.

This anthology was filled with six different short stories that will tempt any readers. I enjoyed each one because while some was true love, others carried more of a seductive and heavier feel of ménage. The twists that the authors gave to the all-time classical fairy tales enticed them more for the adult settings. I would definitely recommend this set and will definitely be one that I would enjoy reading each one again. 

Find out more about the authors:

Cassidy K. O’Connor

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/CKOConnor_auth

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Gracen Miller

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Louisa Bacio

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A. D. Roland

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Sheri Lyn

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Lia Davis

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Sailing to London, Sophia Braighton only hopes to escape certain ruin. But when she arrives, her Great Aunt Daphne has other plans for the American-born beauty.  Determined to marry off her niece to a man of means, she propels Sophia into London society, not knowing that the young woman’s trust in men is shattered. In fact, Sophia never expects to ever feel anything for a man. Then again, she never expects to find herself in the company of the dashing earl of Marlton….


From the moment he sees Sophia, Daniel Fallon feels alive in a way he has not since his broken engagement.  Though the vulnerable beauty shies from the passion burning bright between them, Daniel is determined to court her and make her his bride. When he learns of the painful secret she harbors, he is equally determined to take revenge on the man responsible. But will the quest destroy him—and his future with his beloved?


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Most young unmarried women spent the entire dance trying to impress him with all of their accomplishments. Sophia didn’t look up and bat her eyelashes or smile and try to press closer. Her warmth seeped through the thin fabric of her gown. The newest fashions left little to his imagination. He was on fire. She sparked in him feelings he’d sworn never to entertain again. 
She cleared her throat. “What did you mean when you said you are an admirer of my aunt?” 
“She is unique. I like someone who is not a sheep in the crowd and Lady Collington is an original. Some call her the cruel countess and perhaps they have some cause. She can be quite biting if vexed. She can also be a fierce and loyal ally. I quite like her.” 
“The cruel countess. I suppose I can see why she’s gained that moniker.” 
“Is she unkind to you?” 
“No. Aunt Daphne has been very kind and thoughtful in her way. I just wish she would not have to be disappointed.” Sophia sighed heavily. Her breasts swelled over the low neck of her gown. 
“Why would her ladyship ever be disappointed in you?” 
She shook her head and her silken curls swished from side to side. 
“You will not tell me? Then I’ll guess. You are not the woman you appear to be. You are really the scullery maid from the Braighton house in America? No? You are her nephew, not her niece?” 
She giggled. 
He shook his head. “No, that cannot be it. You are already married?” 
She watched him and as he guessed, her mouth and eyes grew wider until she burst into a fit of giggles. She was adorable. “Enough.” 
The sound had his heart beating so rapidly, he might have an episode, as if he was one of those horrible characters from a bad novel. 
“I’ll tell you, if you promise to keep my secret.” 
The dance ended, Daniel took her arm and walked swiftly to the veranda. His hand on her elbow left only his white glove separating skin from touching skin. The idea of actually feeling her flesh was heady. The cool night air helped to cool his desire. 
She breathed deeply, causing her breasts to lift dangerously close to the edge of her gown’s neckline. 
So much for the cooling effect of the night air.
She leaned over the veranda wall and looked out into the shadowy gardens, lit only by torches. 
There were a few people lingering on the veranda—ladies getting away from the heat of the crowded ballroom and a few couples hiding behind Greek statues and Roman pillars. 
“Are you cold?” 
“No.” Her voice was small and far away. 
He yearned for her thoughts. “You were going to tell me a secret.” 
Heart-wrenching sorrow filled her eyes and they glistened though no tears fell. She straightened her posture and raised her chin. This woman held herself as if she was a queen. 
He wanted her more with every second spent in her presence. 
She spoke for his ears only, but her whisper shook with intensity. “My secret is I shall never marry. I should have told my aunt, but my mother made me promise to try to enjoy the season and not ruin it with such thoughts.” As she said the last words, her voice had dropped into a lush Italian accent. 
He supposed the accent was her mother’s. Thomas had said her mimicry was amusing, but there was no joke here. 
Her face was open and she absolutely believed she wouldn’t marry. Of course, it was ridiculous. She was beautiful, smart, funny and quick-witted. He had gleaned all of this in only a short time in her presence. She had the body of a goddess. She would marry and probably well. He was sure she would have offers before the end of the month, if not sooner. 
“I think you will marry.” Regret dripped from his voice. 
“No.” Her eyes filled with tears and she moved away to hide in the shadow of one of the pillars surrounding the veranda. 
His mind screamed at him to apologize and walk away, but his body disobeyed and he followed her into the shadows. He tugged the glove from his hand and gently caressed the soft skin from her elbow to the cap sleeve of her gown. He dropped his hand. 
She turned, only a breath away. The warmth of her body reached him though they didn’t touch. 
“Please do not cry.” The soft tone hardly resembled his voice. She moved him in a way no one else ever had. 
“I won’t. I’m sorry to make such a scene.” She dabbed at her eyes. Once again, the tigress returned, sad, fierce and distant. The tears made her seem even fiercer, somehow making her even more perfect. This was no stuffy debutante, with little thought for anyone but herself. She was soft, emotional, filled with life and he wanted nothing else in the world but to pull her into his arms, to watch her tigress’s eyes close as his lips covered hers.35 

A.S. Fenichel adores writing stories filled with love, passion, desire, magic and maybe a little mayhem tossed in for good measure. Books have always been her perfect escape and she still relishes diving into one and staying up all night to finish a good story. Originally from New York, she grew up in New Jersey. She now lives in the southwest with her real life hero, her wonderful husband. When she is not reading or writing she enjoys cooking, travel, history and puttering in her garden.









In this story you found two characters so alike yet so different who have been hurt by those that they thought they could trust most. Sophia, who is giving up what she has known her entire world to forget and run away seeks out a new future of unknown. She holds a secret dear to her heart and throughout the novel you can tell it bothers her to a point of breaking down.  While Daniel who has decided that the woman race is pretty much the same and even though he decides to brick up his emotions you will see what truly lies behind the real him. I had some mixed emotions about his character because at times I was searching for a more tough character due to his history but at the same time the author did bring the tender side of him out. I really enjoyed the description that the author brought of the characters and secondary characters to enter them into this novel. They each brought a peace of the puzzle that took the readers into a historical romance of pain, unknown love, mystery and possibly refinding yourself. The plot at times had a slower pace but other times made up for it, this happens in many romances to get us ready for what is to come. Overall I enjoyed it and look forward to see what the author may have instore for her next work.